Friday, 26 November 2010

Political "Stitch-Up"

The print edition (no link) of the Daily Telegraph has an article by Rosa Prince (not a princess - or prince - amongst the journalist elite) on the "spearheads" of the No2AV campaign. These giants of the political world include, Margaret Beckett, John Prescott, David Blunkett, Falconer and John Reid. On the Tory side are William Hague and Ken Clarke - nothing like injecting some humour into a campaign! Clarke complains that AV would: "produce disproportional results", while John Reid is quoted as saying: "no credible or intellectual case could be made for AV".

Back in May this year, I made my views known on the matter of the "AV Referendum" here - and those views have not changed. It is disgraceful that our political elite can decide to allow the people a referendum on voting reform and only provide two choices - in any event, with what authority do 'they' allow 'us' anything?

For some time I have also maintained that the political elite and the media are 'hand-in-glove' and are both guilty of feeding mis-information to the British public. With the connivance of the media the Lib/Lab/Con have managed to stifle the message of smaller parties, parties whose policies are, in some cases, more in tune with public demand. What Ken Clarke complains is "disproportional results" would result in a situation that means the Lib/Lab/Con would have some opposition to their "one-party-consensus" that exists in Parliament today - witness the results of the European election results!

To use a favourite word of IanPJ on Politics, the people are being "nudged" into a decision that they don't want to make; that is skewed in favour of the political elite and, by means of which, the Lib/Lab/Con - again with the compliance of the media - are able to maintain their iron grip on the political scene in the UK!

Yet another example of "democratised dictatorship"!

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