Monday, 3 January 2011

The Liberal Conservative Party

"It might not always be easy, convenient, or politically correct to stand for truth and right, but it is the right thing to do. Always."

Regular readers will be aware that I have posted on this subject on many occasions, each time repeating my belief that David Cameron is intent on taking his party further to the left and, as a result of the coalition with the Liberal Democrats, creating a Liberal Conservative Party.

The subject has again reared its head with two articles by Fraser Nelson, on on the Coffee House blog and the other in the Daily Telegraph as an op-ed piece - both pieces basically repeating that which I have been arguing.

The waters have been stirred even more with the publication, on Conservative Home, of an article by Roger Helmer MEP which categorically states that should such a new party be formed he will have no part of it. At the time of writing, the comments in favour of his decision far outweigh those against, one of which labels Helmer as a 'dinosaur of the past'. One of the commenters, Peter Lloyd, makes the point that should this planned shift actually happen then a 'new' Conservative party will appear and lists 6 policies - perhaps Peter Lloyd should go take a look at UKIP's manifesto?

Other than Mark Pritchard to whom I linked yesterday  - although he only went as far as to condemn any possible merger of the two parties - Helmer is the first Conservative politician to my knowledge to publicly denounce such a move by Cameron and threaten to leave the party.

Following Helmer's stance, the most obvious question now raised is will the likes of Carswell, Hannan, Cash, Philip Davies, Philip Holobone and Bernard Jenkins do likewise? It would seem the time has finally come whereby 'honourable principles' are about to be shown in the full glare of publicity - or silence!


eddyh said...

I thought they had already formed the Liberal/Conservative party. What i doubt is that any of the worthys you menyion will be wiiling to risk their sinecures.

TomTom said...

Cameron is prisoner of the incompetent Steve Hilton who set out to deny the Conservatives outright victory because he made Cameron - Heir To Blair - believe he could re-align politics as Blair thought he would do with Ashdown but failed because his 1997 Majority was too large.

The Hilton-Cameron stunt is to destroy the LibDems by splitting them as in 1931 and turning it into an Australia/US style Two-Party System.

It will probably fail because the public is truly irritated and the regional aspects mean Conservatives cannot win seats outside the Home Counties - so the country will disintegrate into Regional Parties

WitteringsfromWitney said...

eddyh: I suppose they have, they just have'nt officially announced it yet. I have been saying that this is on the cards since about July/August last year.

Tom Tom: Agree with your views, actually although not about the regionalisation bit as I feel before then blood may well be spilled.

Anonymous said...

I think that if Cameron has the AV vote and it comes into being, then he sees the Lib/Con alliance as the only way of ever winning another election. However, it will be a disaster for politics if he continues down the lib/con route, as there will be no real difference between any of the parties

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anonymous: If Cameron does succeed, I can't see it making much difference as whether there are two or three separate parties, the choice is nil as they are all the same!

All AV and a continual coalition would mean is no government at all, coupled with the facade of an auction between Lab and Con as to who can concede the most to the LibDems, resulting in the latter always holding the balance of power!

Anonymous said...

all the parties are the same, which is why a small band of independents occasionally try to infiltrate parliament and get voted in. However, this is statistically almost impossible, apart from the man in the white suit, all those years ago. You are squashed almost before you begin.

Anonymous said...

I think that what most people don't understand is the reality of the LibLabCon (and its quite frustrating). It really doesn't matter if the Conservatives form a new party with the Liberal Democrats. What we have had for a long time now is a gang of criminals in all parties conspiring together to make their lives cozy, at the expense of ours. They lied to us to keep us from noticing too much, but most of all, to make us think our expectations will be met. The collaborators you mention are part of that trick.

There is now a valid alternative to the LibLabCon, and a place to go for any MPs who reckon themselves not to be criminally-minded. Have they defected to UKIP? No. Neither will they do it when the LibLabCon turns into the LabConDem. They will just make noises. They will try to convince us that they are reluctant, but that such a development is inevitable and must be supported. I only wonder how the stupid Conservatroidic robot people will react at the crunch. Will it finally be enough to disabuse people of their illusions?

We have the chance to create a new ear of constitutional democracy, and people have to get radical. In that future, the LibLabCon criminals only have the gallows to look forward to.

TomTom said...

From Guido.....You Tube delivers an insight into Modern Conservatism from Cameron-Clegg Productions:

Oldham Bye-Election

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Tom Tom: Fascinating in that Cameron denies he is changing his party!

Should you return - and to other commenters - please note new URL for this blog:

Anonymous said...

What happened to Labour in the 70 to 80s, is happening to the Conservatives. Foot etal took Gaitskell's party far to the Left, causing Owen and co to depart to the Libs. This ended the Liberal party and gave rise to the LibDems. Labour ended up in the wilderness for 18 years.

Now the Conservatives are cohabiting with the same faithless Liberal tart, leading to a possible exodus of mainline Conservatives - more years in the wilderness for the conservatives.

As a consequence of foolish leaders, it is the main body, us, who have spent most of the time in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change till we leave the EU. Our government is bound hand and foot by its own hand, and in so doing they have bound us as well.

Since we joined the EEC in 1973, bamboozled and lied to by PM Heath, and then consistently lied to by a succession PMs, we have been in the wilderness. Lets hope its only forty years in the wilderness i.e., another 2 years more (40 years are up). Hopefully the coalition falls apart in the next two years, and we then have the sense NOT to vote for any combination of LibLabCon.

So I predict, by 2013 or 2014 latest, we will be out of the EU.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Heavens DP, you're 'trawling back..!

Can only hope you're right with your last prediction!

Anonymous said...


It was the word "wilderness" that kicked off my thoughts.

All the travails that have bound us hand and foot, started from the time we joined the EEC. Step by step, like the Israelis in the desert, we have wandered in a political and social desert of our own making - muttering, moaning and complaining, just as the Jews did in the desert. I hope though, that 40 years is a long enough punishment for us for abandoning our own culture and political traditions, for the mishmash of the EU.

2013 or 2014 - that is my prediction, or if we stick to Biblical notation, my prophesy. If nothing, lets work towards it, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

PS: Please do watch the video that I posted on another thread. More and more in people in Europe are beginning to see that "Direct Democracy" is the way forward. The EU model of government, where people have no say, is not the way.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP: Yes it is a good analogy and yes I have the video scheduled to watch.

Anonymous said...


One of the interesting fallouts of Swiss Direct democracy is that the Swiss vote heavily in referenda, but hardly bother to turn out when electing parties for parliament. This has been shown in poll after poll.

When one thinks about it, it is obvious why. All policies are in the hands of the people. Politicians are merely appendage, they do what they have been told to do by referendum law – in reality, it is the civil service that implements the law as defined by the people, period. No one gives a hoot for who is to be in “power” as they do not have the power. In such a situation, I would not mind even Tony Blair/Gordon Brown to be our leaders - again. Ha Ha.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP: Nice comment and one that I have used the bulk of in my latest post today.

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