Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Yet Another Black Hole!

It would seem that Council Tax bills are set to rise, if a report in the Daily Telegraph is correct.

"Councils typically hold £26billion in cash on deposit with banks, generating around £1.5billion in interest every year. The cash is held as emergency reserves to fund local authority services.

However, a Local Government Association survey, which will be released next week, has found that town halls are forecasting a 44 per cent fall in income after interest paid by banks on deposits halved to 2.6 per cent.

This equates to a £642million fall in council cash........The shortfall, which could continue for several years, is likely to be far worse than the £900million local authorities lost on their cash deposits in collapsed Icelandic banks in September.

Obviously something else Our Great Leader, Saviour of the World, The Greatest Chancellor That Ever Lived, forgot to factor into his answer to our ills.

On the Greatest Chancellor That Ever Lived - Tony Blair has just shot that little epithet to shreds.

On the 'Saviour of the World' bit - anyone got a Hammer, Nails, Cross and Crown of Thorns - then he really could play the part!

Compulsory Health Care?

A report in the Daily Telegraph states that the government is considering introducing compulsory health care charges to cover care home fees in later years.

The Telegraph article states "It is widely agreed that it would be far too costly to provide free personal care for all, so a compulsory insurance plan is one of the favoured options for a long-overdue Green Paper on adult social care due to be published in the new year".

Why? It is already provided, for instance, in Scotland - courtesy of the English taxpayer. 

Perhaps, if we stopped paying heaven knows how much to the European Union each year it would more than cover the cost of free health care - after all, is not National Insurance what the payment is for -health care in life, especially if one lives an 'illness free' existence and many do.

Maybe we should dispose of some of the 'managers' whose only contribution to the NHS would seem to be their justifying their own existence?

And, the report states, spending on health as tripled to £110billion under this collection of idiots (sorry government!).

Maybe politicians should stop treating the NHS as a 'sacred cow' and start doing a 'Frank Field', ie thinking the unthinkable?

Surprise, surprise - not one of the 'spokesman' quoted queries the 'waste of money' paid to the European Union - 'Heads In The Sand' syndrome yet again!!

Treat Criminals With Respect & Dignity?

An article in the Daily Telegraph reports that Minister for Prisons, David Hanson, has stated that prisoners should not be referred to as 'inmates' as it may cause 'offense!

Well Mr. Hanson, Prisons Minister or Idiot Minister (take your pick), it may have escaped your notice that these people are convicts and as such, having broken the laws of society, have forfeited any right to respect and dignity; as have you by such a stupid, politically-correct suggestion!

And if that is hard to swallow Mr. Hanson - then choke on it!

Snowmen Are Racist & Sexist

Courtesy of Mark Wadsworth we hear:

In a 15-page paper on "Representation of snowmen in Christmas cards" art historian Dr Tricia Cusack (someone actually PAYS her to do this job? - No doubt with our money!) says that because they are always white and male, snowmen are both racist and sexist.

I won't bother to ask what said Doctorate is in, but at a guess - Idiocy?

The Truth Will Out - Gordon Brown's Record Shot Down!

Courtesy of the Adam Smith Institute:

"It is true that we had ten years of record growth when I was prime minister. I have, unfortunately, come to the conclusion that it was luck".

Tony Blair, in a lecture to Yale University

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Gordon Or Mr. Brown?

Exclusive interview with the Mirror.

"When things go well people call me Gordon. When they're bad they call me Mr Brown. At the moment they are calling me Gordon"

Wrong again old chap, try something else - clue: origin as a result of unmarried parental liaison?

Government Like The Sight & Sound Of Themselves?

Courtesy of the Evening Standard we find that the government spent £320,000 on flat screen tvs, dvd players and stereos.

Listen you guys, if you want to watch or hear yourselves - try buying a mirror or tape recorder, both a damn sight cheaper.

By the way - are you not all supposed to be working for us - not watching tv etc etc?

Nice To Know Who Employs Who

A story in the Daily Mail highlights what is wrong with local democracy in this country.

When asked to respond to a plan for the possible provision of 'traveller camps' in their neighbourhood, 3,000 respondents found their replies 'not acceptable' due to 'racist comments'!

When will these bureaucrats realise that they are employed by the people, who pay their wages, to listen to what the people want and to then act in accordance with their wishes?

Not much different really to MPs and the question of the Lisbon Treaty?

May all such bureaucrats and MPs get their just rewards come election day!

Telling Comment

On the subject of the Israeli vs Hamas altercation.

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit: 

The Israelis have been warning you that this was coming if you continue your cross border rocket attacks. Egypt has been imploring you to stop firing rockets into Israel, but you ignored our words. We have been urging you to renew the cease-fire with Israel, but you refused. You have brought this upon yourselves. You are responsible for what is happening to the people of Gaza.

Note that Ahmed Aboul Gheit is the Egyptian Foreign Minister - not American nor British.

Mind you - it could not have been said by our Foreign Secretary as Miliband does not do plain, simple statements. As an afterthought, perhaps he should go to the Middle East - they excel in 'hot air'!

Plain English

It is reported in the Daily Telegraph today (no link) that David Lee, the Leader of Wokingham borough council, has decided to banish gobbledegook from his council documents.

Examples: network model - map or plan; incentivising - motivation; predicators of beaconicity - good ideas.

Perhaps when David Lee has finished with his council he could turn his attention to MPs? How nice it would be if MPs spoke in plain English, told the truth - ie ceased using 'spin', stopped using 'selective statistics', etc etc.

Perhaps We Could Recycle The Bureaucrats & Politicians?

The Daily Telegraph today recounts the recyclable waste that is 'wasting away' due to the collapse in the recycling industry.

Leaving aside the point that this whole exercise is as a result of yet another ill-thought out European Union law which we in this country have to follow, the bureaucratic mind excels itself with a quote by Paul Bettison, chairman of the Local Government Association's environment board. "The recycling market is very immature; no-one foresaw that, in terms of a recession, it can be extremely volatile."

Ye Gods! It may have escaped your notice Mr Bettison that the recycled material is dealt with by private companies - and what happens to private companies in a recession?

Sorry, I forgot - you're a public sector employee at management level (first requirement - lack of brain cells).

Motorist's Health Checks

So the proposal is for those drivers over 70 to be cajoled into taking a health check-up (for a fee of course - £80 according to the Daily Telegraph).

As one approaching his 70th birthday in the next few years, might I possibly suggest that those of us of 'mature years' are more circumspect on the road than the young, that we may just not be as reckless?

Forgive the cynicism, however I suspect this is another excuse for an increase in bureaucrats to monitor this scheme, should it come to pass - even the creation of yet another quango?

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Gordon Brown's Santa List

Reproduced from the Daily Telegraph 24th December - Just brilliant!

Dear Santa,

First of all can I thank you on behalf of all the people of the UK for the great work you do each year in bringing joy, happiness and satsumas to my loyal subjects. In a global world we need global figures prepared to act selflessly distributing hope and happiness around the world. With your help I am confident I can continue to fulfil this role and it is with this in mind that I draw up this list.

1 A new Chancellor of the Exchequer.

2 A new Chancellor of Germany (Merkel's failure to understand my Grand Plan is getting irksome).

3 No change to the Shadow Chancellor or his boss, please.

4 A decent biography. I'm rewriting history, isn't it about time some wise scribe did the same?

5 An extra £100bn to help pay for next year's public borrowing requirement would be helpful.

6 On a personal note is there any chance you could, perhaps, change the colour of your suit when you come down the chimney this year? I'm afraid red is starting to play on my nerves.

Santa, as usual my list has been drawn up with the public good in mind. I know we are all struggling in the current economic climate, so I would like to extend my support to your retail and distribution business. In case you are unable to meet my request I am sure a period of temporary public ownership of Father Christmas & Co can be organised - for the public good, of course.

Yours in anticipation

Dear Gordon,

Thank you for your letter and kind offer of help. As a not-for-profit organisation which operates with volunteer work from Santa's Helpers and the reindeers, we have so far been isolated from the worst of your – sorry – the economic crisis. However given the unfortunate incident that took place between your government and a neighbouring country to my own North Pole, it would put my team at ease to know that you won't be using anti-terror legislation against us if any of my clients are disappointed with this year's presents.

I hope that will be alright because I am not sure you have been a good enough boy to have all your presents this year.

1 On the new Chancellor of the Exchequer – you hired him, you fire him. However I wonder whether a pair of Santa's Own Superwhite Eyebrows might at least disguise the problem?

2 You obviously don't know about Ms Merkel's wish regarding you in her list – very painful. I think it best if I turn both of you down.

With regards to George, you pushed your luck far enough last year with the request about his summer holiday by the sea.

4 I think a new biography is a good idea. However as I'm still enjoying reading Vernon Coleman's book Gordon is a Moron: The definitive and Objective Analysis… I think I'll leave this one for another year.

5 More financial help? Last year you asked for the same and I gave you five banks. Make do and mend my boy.

6 On a personal note, I will change my suit when you stop watering down the sherry. Don't think I haven't noticed.



Alcohol - Good For You Or Not?

Not so long ago I seem to recall an article in the press that a glass of wine a day was good for you and your health. Now today, in the Daily Telegraph, we have Dr. Rachel Thompson of the World Cancer Research Fund, telling us that a glass of wine, or a pint of lager, a day increases the risk of cancer by 20 per cent.

Will all you 'Health Gurus', those of you who live in your smoking-free, limited alcohol, pleasureless world, get your acts together and sing off the same hymn sheet - please?

You people make so pleased to be one of the debauched, sinful, pleasure-seeking members whose taxes, somehow. pay your wages. Please go and have a drink and a smoke and SHUT UP!

Censorship - New Labour Style

In an interview published today in the Daily Telegraph Andy Burnham, Minister for Culture, Media & Sport, pontificates about regulation of the internet.

This is no more than censorship of free speech. Mr Burnham makes much of children being able to access material to which they should not be privy and states that he does not allow his children unsupervised access to the internet. Well Mr Burnham, good for you as you are acting as a parent should do and we do not need you to create yet another quango to monitor how other families act!

If websites (and I could name one or two in particular) wish to take you to task and in so doing describes you in the most unflattering terms using adjectives and/or nouns of questionable taste, then that is their right of free speech. If you don't like it - then sue them, or are you saying that, in effect, you intend stopping free speech by means of censorship?

Like the rest of your ilk in government today you are nothing more than a control freak. So now sue me for my opinion - Oh, we are not allowed to have an opinion now?

Red Ink Denigrates Children!

The Unelected, Unaccountable in our society are at it again! Nothing, but nothing must make children feel 'second class' whilst they are being educated.

Do read this story in the Daily Telegraph, which beggars belief in its reasoning!

Attending school is not just about education - education as in academics - but it is also part of the 'growing-up' process in that you learn life is 'not fair', that some are more 'gifted' than others and that we can't all succeed!

In my opinion it is about time these 'PC Correct', 'Do-Gooders' and their like were sent back to school!

1984 Has Arrived!

Much as I hate the European Union and everything it stands for, I can ignore most of its own self-publicist outpourings. What I cannot ignore is the attempt to 'brainwash' the minds of children, leaving aside it has no grounds to, as yet, interfere with our education system.

A story in the Daily Telegraph today however shows that the EU will stoop as low as is necessary to control the future thought of its citizens - aka slaves. The story states that the EU's 'information campaigns' has a bigger budget than that for Coca Cola and that they are far from being fair in presentation.

One such campaign relates to free milk for school children.  Open Europe, a think tank has published a study showing, amongst other examples that the EU's School Milk Scheme comes with propaganda strings attached. "The scheme requires schools to display a European school milk poster which must be 'permanently situated at a clearly visible and readable place at the main entrance' of the school," finds the study. "It even specifies that the poster must be 'A3 or bigger, with letters 1cm or bigger'."

Orwellian indeed!

The Smoking Con

Courtesy of Dick Puddlecote I came across this item which I urge you to read.

Speaking as someone who does smoke and has no desire to cease, it highlights the hypocritical attitude of ASH who according to their accounts are a government funded organisation, even thought they present themselves as a 'charity' (See my post of 13th December - Smoking: Scare or Scam).

One wonders if ASH have shares in Johnson & Johnson and SmithKlineFrench?

Friday, 26 December 2008

Can I Be Ennobled Please Mr. Brown?

Courtesy of EU Referendum which highlights a story in the Daily Telegraph.

It would seem the current bill for the House of Lords is £305 million in the last financial year. In 2002-2003, the total cost was £110 million. The most expensive peer is a Labour, ex trade unionist, peer - naturally.

Mind you, in their defense, they have been busy little bees. Parliament and the House of Lords have created one new imprisonable offence every four days over the past ten years.

Statist? Control Freaks? You bet - and I also wager its all Balls too!

Boxing Day Humour

Hugo Rifkind, writing for the TimesOnLine, has a quite humorous article, but so very true too.

He asks the question how did he manage to survive without the Nanny State and points out that previously we had a duty to avoid injuring ourselves but now, in view of the intervention of the Nanny State, we now have the right not to injure ourselves.

Well, I have the right to enjoy the occasional cigarette and you, Nanny, have a duty to 'butt out'!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Topic Over Turkey

Local government has become, in many respects, little more than a
local administration tasked with implementing central government
policies in a prescriptive manner, which in turn leaves local
government in a tight regulatory strait-jacket. No different really to
that of Parliament, viz-a-viz the European Union.


Goodwill To All Men

As it is the time of goodwill when we all are supposed to be magnanimous to our fellow men (don't worry lasses, I include you too!), I will refrain from posting about Gordon Brown (Our Dear Leader, Saviour Of The World, The Greatest Chancellor Who Ever Lived) and his apology of a government; David Cameron and his apology for a part-time Shadow Cabinet; and the other minor collection of fools (sorry, Liberal Democrats), until 28th December.

Unless of course - behaving as they normally do, like complete brainless idiots - they act true to form (in which case I will be back earlier).

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Cost To Society Today

Picking up on a post by Burning Our Money, I highlight some items in the media today.

Violence in schools - "Police are being called out to deal with 40 violent incidents in schools every day; a survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers found that one in 10 state school teachers has been injured by a violent pupil.

Plague Hospitals - "Sir Richard Branson, who was recently appointed vice-president of the Patients Association: It feels like they have tinkered rather than really got to the heart of the problem. The hospitals are there to cure people. They are not there to kill people... In the airline industry if we had that kind of track record we would have been grounded years ago.

Non-Policing - "Police are failing to investigate almost four in every ten crimes... Victims' groups have condemned this practice of 'screening out' offences - but it is alarmingly widespread. The Met, the country's largest force, decided that 51 per cent of crimes were not worth full investigations as there was little chance of catching the culprit. It said that in the 2007/8 financial year it screened out a total of 437,888 offences. These included 26,709 offences of violence, 338 sex attacks, 5,562 robberies and more than 60,000 burglaries. For burglary, the Met only investigate one in three cases reported to them. In Bedfordshire, which last year screened out 42 per cent of crimes, one in three burglaries doesn't get a full investigation.

Taken together, these three underperforming services - schools, health and police - now cost us at least £180bn pa, or £7,000 per household.

The really frustrating thing is that we know what needs to be done. Teachers need to be put back in charge of classroom discipline. Nurses need to be put back in charge of hospital hygiene. And policemen need to be put back in charge of policing. Plus of course, schools, hospitals, and police all need to be made directly accountable to their customers, not to the commissars.

The fundamental reason that the  Virgin Airline works so much better than the NHS (or Aeroflot) is because unless it delivers what the customer wants, it goes bust. Whereas our state schools, state hospitals, and state police don't. Even when their customers get annoyed they take their business elsewhere, they still have to pay to maintain the dysfunctional state service.

I have nothing to add to the above other than to say: The three main parties all talk about 'local government' but their policies are empty of any real practicality or intent. People, when are you going to wake up to what is happening under your very noses?

Health & Safety Lay Down The Law

A class of 45 staff from Lancashire Police were forced to complete a two-hour course on climbing ladders, even though they were only 3ft above ground, according to a report in today's Daily Telegraph.

It would seem that although working at less than one metre above ground the staff needed to be sent on a ladder training course as "the risks associated with working at height were not fully appreciated initially". Not only were these staff taught how to climb a ladder, but they were also taught how to carry equipment safely.

As the report details, courses have involved the Police, Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Fire & Rescue, the latter being the body which manages the course. A total of 82 Parish council volunteers and two private contractors have also been on the course.

On the basis Health & Safety Officials advise that prior to any physical activity a Risk Assessment is carried out, do they adhere to their own advice prior to the activity of procreation?

Nine Children - Two Heart Attacks

A story in the paper today relates how one mother has managed to produce a son after having nine girls. Having been pregnant for 10 of the last 17 years, Mrs. Laycock finally achieved what she hoped for, namely a son.

Mr. Laycock, who worked as a chef for 20 years, has been forced to give up work after suffering two heart attacks in the space of 6 months.

Not surprised Old Chap - all that 'horizontal jogging' is more than enough to cause one heart attack, let alone two!

Wrap Want Us To Wrap Up

Only yesterday we were being told by the government how we should behave over the Christmas period to avoid accidents and now we have the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) telling us that we should not use wrapping paper for our presents but we should copy the Japanese and use cloth.

Apparently, as a nation, we send 10,734 tons of wrapping paper to landfill each year and a great deal of this contains 
non-paper additives such as gold and silver glitter. This means any put in the recycling bin results in the whole lot being contaminated and increasing the landfill figures.

Two points:

1. I wonder how much it cost to ascertain the amount of wrapping paper being discarded by the nation at this time of year and could not that money have been better spent.

2. Perhaps the Waste and Resources Action Programme would like to 'wrap up' (aka shut up) and just disappear out of our lives!

Governments And Data

Oh dear - the bureaucrats have done it again!

Reported in the Daily Telegraph today is the fact that Neath Port Talbot council has launched an internal investigation after an employee allegedly lost the data on a memory stick, believed to contain confidential information about vulnerable children.

In the same article it is also reports on the fact a primary care trust in Lincolnshire lost two memory sticks containing details of 26,000 smokers.

And the government asks us to trust them that all the details on a national ID card scheme will be 'safe'? Personally, I would not trust them with my Christmas card list and there is only ten names on that!

Crime Statistics

Much is made of crime statistics by Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, in presenting a picture of government competence in reducing crime levels together with police detection rates.

However take a look at this blog by a serving police officer. It details his surprise at seeing an offender, who in July 2007 was sentenced to three years imprisonment for 'distraction burglary', back in the custody suite of his local police station.

So now we are in December 2008 and this apology of humanity has been set free 17 months later? - Why?

Maybe the prison authorities needed the space, maybe this criminal had assured them he had 'turned over a new leaf'? I do not know, however what I do know is that it is no wonder crime statistics keep rising, along with police detection rates, when we let out serial offenders before they have served their sentence.

Charities Corruption

On 13th December I touched on the subject of government 'control' of what are thought to be independent charities in the post entitled 'Smoking: - Scare or Scam'.

On this topic of government 'control' I commend to you an article by Libby Purves in the Times today. Libby Purves makes the point that government insists on so much complex regulation and statistical reporting. This bears out my point about 'control', as they are in effect 'controlling' how these charities work. 

A more important point is that the government is using 'charities' to deal with social problems and, in so doing, it is also funding these charities with 'grants' (refer back to 'Smoking: Scare or Scam). As a result the charities are constrained from criticising any government policy and, as Libby Purves states in her article, some of the charities actions and publicity stunts are of a questionable nature.

In other words, would you bite the hand that feeds you?

Monday, 22 December 2008

The Largesse Of The European Union

At a time when much has been made of the fact that for the 14th year in succession the auditors of the European Union failed to 'sign off' the annual accounts, when everyone is being hit by the economic crisis, this news story really takes the proverbial biscuit.

To say I am speechless would be an understatement!

Spain & UK Have Something Similar

Courtesy of Mr. Eugenides and I quote:

Amazing how the same word can have similar but subtly different meanings in different languages.
Spain is expected to come to a halt as millions of people stay glued to their radio and television sets as the world's richest lottery is drawn.

Known as El Gordo, meaning "the Fat One", it has a total prize fund of $3.2bn (£2.14bn; 2.3bn euros) split into thousands of cash prizes.
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? We have our own "El Gordo" in this country as well. Just like the Spanish version, it takes money out of the pockets of ordinary mugs like you and I and splits the proceeds among a few lucky beneficiaries.

Brilliant - just brilliant, Sir!

Possible Introduction Of Censorship?

Courtesy of Guido Fawkes, I came across the following story.

Bridget Prentice, Justice Minister, has stated the government will publish in the New Year a consultation document on defamation and the internet. Well Bridget baby, you publish what you like, enact what law you like; but on this, as with ID cards, I can but quote a well-known phrase - Go Whistle!

I fail to see that, for instance, pointing out this government appears to comprise a collection of 'amateurs' with very little 'working' experience in the fields within which they attempt to legislate, is libelous.  Likewise, to point out that politicians, in general, do not tell their electorates the truth, fail to discuss matters that are embarrassing to their Party, mislead readers of newspapers, remove or restrict peoples freedoms without any mandate so to do is in any way libel.

But hey, who am I to complain - after all, I am only one of the many who's taxes pay politician's salaries, expense accounts, second homes, wreaths to lay on the Cenotaph, etc etc etc.

Its All Balls!

Quote from today's Daily Mail.

Whatever you do this Christmas, don't let the children into the kitchen while you are cooking the turkey. 

Always finish your drink to avoid a youngster having a taste and ending up with alcohol poisoning. 

And, of course, never hang baubles on the tree. They might break and give someone a nasty cut.

These 'tips', from a list of gratuitous health and safety advice issued yesterday, came not from a misguided town hall jobsworth, but with the authority of Children's Secretary Ed Balls. 

Mr Balls's officials have printed 150,000 leaflets designed to look like advent calendars, to be distributed through shopping malls and children's centres 'to help make the festive season safe'. 

And this from the department which is supposed to safeguard children and seems to have failed miserably in certain instances. The cost of this exercise is not known, but knowing this government's track record, it won't have been cheap!

A suggestion has been made that the Children's Secretary has two christian names, the first being Richard - which he does not use. This may be due to the fact that the combined, diminutive versions of both Richard and Edward are a tad unfortunate!

Political Honesty

One of the greatest complaints about politics, at the present time, is the lack of honesty exhibited and practised by those within its sphere.

The latest example, reported in the press, is the case of Jacqui Smith's husband writing to a local paper defending his wife, the local MP for Redditch, without mentioning that he is her husband and that he is paid £40,000 by the taxpayer to act as her parliamentary assistant/researcher.

A spokeswoman for the Home Secretary is quoted as saying "He has never concealed his connection to her." Sorry Ms Spokeswoman, but if he did not mention that which he should have mentioned, then he has 'concealed his connection to her'.

It should also be noted that all three main parties are guilty of 'misrepresentation of facts' in that whilst they pontificate about laws that are to the detriment of this country, or a particular locale, they all fail to acknowledge that in most cases the underlying reason is adherence to European Union law.

Shame on all of you!

Zip It - Quick

The Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, head of Specialist Operations at Scotland Yard did not it would appear respect the age-old adage - engage brain before opening mouth; according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

Leaving aside the Conservative Party cries of 'foul', none of which actually mention the real cause for complaint which is - what is an unelected officer of the police doing passing comment on political matters. He should remember he is a public servant and as such should keep his ideas, half-baked or otherwise, to himself.

Whether it is right that, again as reported, he should allow a company to be run from his private home is another matter and is neither here nor there in respect of the central complaint of this post.

Had this police officer been elected I would have no complaint as at least I would have had the opportunity of registering my opposition to his attempt to fill a post for which he demonstrates a clear lack of suitability.

Joke Of The Year

From the latest edition of EU Observer, dated 22nd December.

The 7th European Parliament elections are due to take place in June 2009.
Some 400 million Europeans will be eligible to elect 736 MEPs for the only
European institution where citizens have a direct vote.

So the EU is now an institution, well we knew that - its a madhouse whose officials are of slightly dubious mentality.....!
However whilst we may have 'a direct vote' - doesn't do us much good - does it?

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mystery Lights Over Midlands

The following report appeared in the press.

UFOs? No, just all the full stops, ignited by global warming,  from Gordon's hot air!

Hammering Home The Message

Reverting to the post on Monday 15th December entitled Public Sector Pensions, an article in today's Sunday Telegraph (which seems to be now unavailable - but it was on the foot of page 22) poses the same question that I, in effect, raised.


"What is more worrying is the growth in the state itself. Thanks to Gordon Brown it is now the only growth industry. It employed 14,000 more people between June and September - while the private sector shrank by 128,000. Over the past year, the numbers employed in health, education and public services rose by 90,000, while the number in financial and business services fell by 112,000.........And who is making the simple point that the more people work for the state, the fewer there are to create wealth to pay for it, and the higher the taxes they have to pay?" (my Emphasis).

I wonder whether the Greatest Chancellor That Has Ever Drawn Breath, The Saviour Of The World, Our Dear Leader, has worked that one out yet and if not, why not?

A Shaggy Dog Story?

Actually it isn't, because it is true. Not content with dictating how we must behave, the government is now moving into the area of telling us how we should care for our pets.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph it is reported that the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued three separate codes of practice on dogs, cats and horses so that an owners responsibilities can be met under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act. The 'guidelines' for dogs runs to 28 pages and that for cats to 26 pages.

Whilst breach of these guidelines will not in itself  be a crime, Defra has warned that breaches could prove the deciding factor in whether an individual is prosecuted for cruelty, the maximum penalty being a fine of up to £20,000 or 12 months in prison.

On the subject of a Nanny State - is this not a step too far - maybe it is  'paws for thought'?

Turbine Facts Start to Un 'Wind'

It is reported in todays Sunday Telegraph, in an article by Patrick Sawyer, that one of the government's quangos has been leading us up the garden path - or maybe gone into the production of pig fiction (telling porkies).

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) has been forced to scale down its calculations for the amount of carbon-dioxide that can be eliminated by using wind turbines for electricity generation.

It would appear that we have been led to believe wind turbines 'displace' 860 grams of carbon dioxide emission for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated - it now turns out that the truer figure is 430 grams.

This immediately means that this country will need 100,000 turbines if it is to meet the government's aimed for saving of 200 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2020. Yes thats right 100,000 - where would we put them all?

Now, what other facts have been misrepresented? Response please, Gordon - and please use as much paper as necessary for your answer


Courtesy of the Times on line and An Englishman's Castle comes a story that is almost unbelievable, even in the present day when the elite tell us, the people, how we should act, speak and think.

It would appear that this old party-favourite has now fallen into dis-favour as it  'was composed by Puritans during the 18th century to mock the language and actions used by priests at Latin Mass and could be hijacked by bigots.'

What next - maybe we should ban Ba Ba Black Sheep (if we haven't already!) and Wee Willy Winky?

This is either an example of Scottish satire or I have to ask - when will these idiots grow up!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Privacy - Nothing To Worry About?

In their zeal to implement their 'statist' control of the people of this country with the introduction of ID cards, the government repeats ad nauseam the mantra 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'.

All very nice and reassuring - until you read this.

The government will counter any ID card critic by pointing out that the culprit has been caught and, no doubt, create yet another quango to try and ensure it does not happen again. That, however, is not the point.

If there were no ID cards they would not need staff to run the scheme, thereby saving us shed loads of money, and the problem would not have arisen - would it?

It would seem that even if you have nothing to hide, you most definitely do have something to fear!

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Unbiased Reporting?

In the past it was considered that the Daily Telegraph had a reputation for good, honest journalism, however like much of our media today it would seem this is not the case.

Today the Daily Telegraph carries on its front page an article detailing the problems local authorities have in disposing of recyclable waste. It is reported that more than 200,000 tons of recyclable waste is being sent to landfill or to incinerator plants. This 'small' problem is due to the current state of the financial markets and the lower prices being obtained.

For the full story see the article on EU Referendum.

The point about this article is that this whole problem of waste disposal can be laid at the door of the European Union and their waste directives. However nowhere in the article is this fact made known.

Come on DT, we get sufficient half-truths, lies and obfuscation from our politicians - without you joining in!

Parliament Ignored?

It is today reported in the Daily Telegraph that Gordon Brown has sold the UK's one-third ownership of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE) to a Californian company, resulting in the situation whereby United States will now produce and maintain Britain's independent nuclear deterrent, including the production of warheads for Tridents and its planned successor.

It is also alleged that the government tried another 'Jo Moore' trick - burying bad news -  by letting the news be broken on British Nuclear Fuel's (BNFL) website and that they, the government, failed to make a statement in Parliament. It is also a fact that no details of the sale price have been made public.

This, in my view, raises some serious questions:

1. Should not Parliament have been consulted?
2. Why was the statement made on BNFL's website and not by the government?
3. Since when can a British Prime Minister act in such a cavalier and dictatorial manner?

Hint: methinks someone is a tad hard up for money?

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