Wednesday, 30 September 2009

EU Prevaricate If You Want To Dave, But........

If all member states of the EU have ratified the Lisbon Treaty by the time of our next General election, it has been know for some time that David Cameron would have a slight problem. In that event, were the Conservative Party to have a 'post ratification referendum' it would have to be on an 'in-or-out' question.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Cameron has stated, in talking about a post ratification era: "Now, if those circumstances change, if the Germans ratify, if the Poles ratify, if the Czechs ratify, if the Irish vote Yes to the treaty, then a new set of circumstances [apply], and I will address those at the time." The newspaper article states that "He went on to signal that he would not consider a move that could lead to Britain leaving the EU." and continuing,he said "I want us to be in the European Union. We are a trading nation, we should be co-operating with our allies and friends in Europe over things like the environment and crime, of course we should.

So there we have it.  Not only does he want the UK to remain a member of the EU, but he will not consider a move that could lead to Britain leaving the EU - something which is sure to please his Eurosceptic members! Neither does this latest statement address the problem of why, if we are a trading nation, that we should be co-operating with our allies and friends in Europe....of course we should - why we have to submit ourselves to the political will and dictates of unelected and unaccountable 'officialdom'.

It is a dangerous game Cameron is playing, in that it could well be some Conservative voters in the seats which he must win may well vote Ukip and thus allow the 'sitting' Labour candidate to retain his seat. By the same reasoning it could also well mean that some of his 'sitting' candidates could be defeated by a Ukip candidate, who then takes the seat.

Interesting times...............

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Sun 'Shine' Deserts Labour

It would appear that the Sun has set on Labour and instead of shining 'red/brown', now shines 'blue'

Or is that 'green'?

Anyway, the Sun may well feel a tad 'blue' when the Conservatives have a 'few problems' on the question of European Union membership, next week, at their conference - if 'EU know wot I mean'?

Brings a whole new 'interpretation' to the chant "Cam on, my son'!

'Straight From The Horse's Mouth' - As They Say

So Gordon Brown announces more 'neighbourhood policing' to 'crack down' on anti-social behaviour, family intervention projects, drink banning orders, emergency response in minutes, neighbourhood problem responses in an hour etc etc etc. (Yawn, Yawn - must be an election in the offing!)

And what does a policeman think?

"Either scientists invent a device which allows a PC to be in two places at once, or we scrap much of the endless bureaucracy, or we treble the police strength – or we accept that we cannot patrol as we need to."

Well Gordon?

Bereft Of Ideas?

Does the Labour Party actually have any new ideas of their own?

Dizzy spots that their poster in Brighton has been 'nicked and Guido says that the Labour idea of 'homes for under-age mums' has been 'nicked' from the BNP.

Dizzy also spots that Gordo can't seem to get his facts right!

Never mind about saving the world - on this evidence it is doubtful if Gordon has saved his own bacon!

How Fickle Are The Electorate?

If this is representative, does it not mean people do not actually listen to what has been said? (See preceding post.)

For example, who pays for all the new 'policies' announced - the bloody country is broke! Why pass laws on, for instance the level of overseas aid, when no Parliament can bind it's successor? 

Is this the same electorate that has existed in a Labour 'ordered' world, been relieved of their freedoms and money through 'stealth taxes', been subjected to sub-standard services, who have seen the entire concept of personal responsibility disappear into the clutches of the state?

I despair!

That Speech

So Gordon Brown has spoken to the faithfull - Hallelujah!

"And so Conference even in today’s recession there are 29 million people in work.  2 million more men and women providing for their families than in 1997." And the population in 1997 was circa 57.5million, compared to 61million in 2007 - record immigration is fuelling the biggest rise in the population for almost 50 years, official figures show - sort of negates that claim of '2million more men and women providing for their families than in 1997' remark!

"And I say a party that makes the wrong choices on the most critical decisions it would have faced in government should not be given the chance to be in government." And I say a party that makes the wrong choices on the most critical decisions it faces when in government should not be given another chance to remain in government!

"Government should never try to do what it cannot do but it should never fail to do what it needs to do." So how come this Government attempts to regulate people to such an extent that our freedoms are curtailed? So how come our Government failed to retain some money to counteract the 'bad times'?

"So we will create a new national investment corporation to provide finance for growing manufacturing and other businesses." Here we go with the creation of yet another collection of public funded bureaucrats! And the annual cost is................?

"And so I can tell you that in the next five years we cannot and will not cut support to our schools. We will not invest less, but more." And where is the money coming from, for this?

"And our guarantee to parents is a ruthless determination to raise standards in every school. We will aggressively turn round underperforming schools so that your child will have a good local school no matter where you live." And for the last 12 years Labour have been doing what, that standards need raising in every school, that schools underperform?

"And friends let me talk bluntly; to pay for our schools, hospitals, police, and the change we want to make we have to make choices about taxation and public spending." Uh ho - if this is not foretelling tax hikes, then I don't know what is!

"Our deficit reduction plan to cut the deficit in half over four years, will be made law in a new fiscal responsibility act." Bit of pointless legislation, when you consider one Parliament cannot bind it's successor!

"So we will raise tax at the very top, , cut costs, have realistic public sector pay settlements,  make savings we know we can and in 2011 raise National Insurance by half a percent...." So what, exactly, constitutes 'the very top'? What 'savings'? If we owe £trillions, I fail to see how this will halve the debt in four years.

"In 1997 we held back spending............." Only because a promise had been given that you would adhere to Conservative spending plansfor two years!

"From now on all 16 and 17 year old parents who get support from the taxpayer will be placed in a network of supervised homes." What type of support? Is child benefit included - it is after all provided by the taxpayer? So they have to live in 'supervised homes? Welcome to 'state care'!

"And so conference, I can say to you today, in the next Parliament there will be no compulsory ID cards for British citizens." Typical politician's promise - what does it mean? That there will be no compulsory ID card in the next Parliament, but after that there will be?

"So I have been candid....." The day Gordon Brown, or any politician, is candid I will eat my hat!

"Britain – the four home nations – each is unique, each with its own great contribution and we will never allow separatists or narrow nationalists in Scotland or in Wales to sever the common bonds that bring our country together as one." And what collection of idiots created the situation whereby the four home nations wish to server the common bonds?

"And let me say what was once an aspiration – 0.7% of national income spent on international development aid, has become with Labour a promise, and will in future become a law. We will pass legislation that the British government is obliged to raise spending on aid to the poorest countries to 0.7% of our national income." Yet another law, to which any successive Parliament cannot be bound.

"And so where there is proven financial corruption by an MP and in cases where wrong-doing has been demonstrated but Parliament fails to act we will give constituents the right to recall their Member of Parliament." Very kind of you - but it is not up to Parliament to act on 'misdemeanours', Parliament having already proved it cannot regulate itself, it is up to the constituents to have the right by means of a set number of signatories, for any offence - even not voting as the majority of his/her constituents wish!

"I’ve been honest with you......" Which is exactly what you have not been.....! 

"because the only way to ensure politics serves the people’s values is to make all those who wield political power genuinely accountable to the people." So that will be the UK out of the EU then?

"And so I say to the British people the election to come will not be about my future – it’s about your future.  Your job.  Your home.  Your children's school.  Your hospital.  Your community.  Your country." And if the election to come is about our country, that will be loads of Ukip MPs then!

Gordon Brown must be the greatest lying, dishonest politician and Prime Minister that this country has ever had the misfortune to experience!

Oh hang on, we still have the Conservative conference to come...................

Who The Hell Do These People Think They Are?

A report 'In Brief' appears in the print edition of today's Daily Telegraph, headed 'A referendum every year will revive politics'. It reports that a commission on parliamentary reform is being chaired by Tony Wright, who - at a fringe meeting - has stated that regular referenda could reanimate public interest in politics and address the "profound anti-politics mood" in the wake of MPs' expenses scandal. This idea has been 'backed' by James Purnell, whose caveat was whether it was a wise move to hold such referenda on election days.

Just who the hell do MPs think they are, deigning to allow us the electorate a vote on any matter? Following last night's 'Dispatches' on Channel 4, perhaps MPs and Peers need to completely get their own Houses in order before they start deciding what they will 'allow' us, the electorate, to do. The sooner Messrs Wright and Purnell read 'The Plan' and adopt its suggestions the sooner this country will have a form of democracy that fulfills the meaning of the word.

I, for one, am utterly speechless at the effrontery of MPs and the likes of Wright and Purnell! 

Perhaps the likes of us who advocate the use of lamp posts and hemp, come the revolution, are being too kind!

It Is Not Rocket Science!

Iain Dale trumpets that the General Election date has been leaked, in his post.

Bearing in mind that Local elections take place on the first Thursday in May and that Gordon Brown could hardly justify the expense of two elections, it was obvious that May 6th 2010 would be the date for the General Election.

Iain - Simples!

Letter Of The Day?

From today's Daily Telegraph, letters section:

"SIR – The Irish get to vote again this week. Can any one tell me why, if you vote No on Europe you get the chance to change your mind, while if you vote Yes you don’t?
Ian Lewis
Alciston, East Sussex"

Monday, 28 September 2009


Came across this just a few minutes ago and thought it worthwhile responding to these 'tweety' people.

"Oona King we must have free Internet access on the 1000 poorest housing estates in Britain"
Why, and Gordon Brown is quite capable of dreaming up yet another 'stealth-tax' without your stupid assistance! 

"D Miliband tweeting is the biggest dialogue in the world"
Well I suppose it is for a little man in his own little world! 

" Bradshaw "I hate to spoil the party by bringing-up Hazel Blears..."
Ben, darling, no-one in their right senses would want to bring up the Poisoned Dwarf! 

"Ben Bradshaw "we're young and hip...well some of us are"
You speak for yourself love, we don't all have such odd queer ideas!

"Ed Balls malicious gossip made up by right wing bloggers shouldn't be broadcast to millions of people"
And the difference Ed, between that and "malicious policies made up by left wing socialist politicians shouldn't be broadcast to millions of people" is.......................? 

"Ed Balls authenticity is really important, people don't believe it's really me doing the twitters"
It is ok Ed, we know - only a complete idiot would be "doing the twitters"!

Politics Home - Editorial Error?

Politics Home 'dashboard' - aka 'front page' - is reporting, at 09.36, that "Scotland doesn't want Tories back, says Jim Murphy".

Oh, bad mistake Politics Home - it is not the Tories that Scotland doesn't want back - it is that woman from Tonga!

George Monbiot - Prat

To some, George Monbiot is held to be a major producer of crap - regardless of which orifice he uses - as witnessed by this article in the Guardian.

"Someone I know who hangs out with the very rich tells me that in the banker belt of the lower Thames valley there are people who heat their outdoor swimming pools to bath temperature, all round the year. They like to lie in the pool on winter nights, looking up at the stars. The fuel costs them £3,000 a month. One hundred thousand people living like these bankers would knacker our life support systems faster than 10 billion people living like the African peasantry." Two questions, George - whose £3,000 is it and have you paid the tax earned on that £3,000? No to both? Then 'Shut up'! Secondly, what do you want us all to do - live in mud huts?

On being challenged to a debate by Ian Plimer, who sent Monbiot some questions on climatology, Monbiot replied that "Fascinating as these questions doubtless are, I am unqualified to answer them. Unlike Ian Plimer, I make no pretence of being a climate scientist.", which sort of negates anything Monbiot might write, or say, on the subject!

According to Wikipedia, "His activities led to his being made persona non grata in several countries" and his article just underlines the point that it is a great pity he was not declared 'persona non grata' in the United Kingdom!

Is it any wonder his nickname is 'Moonbat'?

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Why All The Fuss Over Three Letters?

Much has preoccupied the media today, Sunday, debating the rights and wrongs of Andrew Marr asking 'the question'.

When all is said and done, the only difference between 'Gordon Brown' and 'pill' are the letters ock!

Behind The Headlines?

The Daily Telegraph reports that two Eurostar trains were brought to a standstill near Lille by a 'Lille Ol Power Cut'.

Oh dear - did Carla Bruni turn Nicolas Sarkozy's lights out?

Just another thought...................

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So goes the saying, in which case what does this picture* say about Gordon Brown?

Surely someone confident would walk head up, shoulders back, - not head down, shoulders slumped?

Just a thought...................

*With thanks to the Guardian from whom I nicked the pic

Bercow Speak Er With Forked Tongue?

Following the report in the Sunday Telegraph (print edition) that £thousands of taxpayer's money was being wasted in the search for the mole who released the details of 'Expensegate', we now read in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph that Bercow has 'called off the hunt'.

Quoted as saying ''I have never been asked to approve the continuation of any such investigation which was started before I became Speaker and am deeply disturbed to discover that more resources may have been devoted to it,'' Bercow surely takes us, the public, for fools. 'And am extremely disturbed to discover that more resources may have been devoted to it' - come on Speaker Bercow, you knew nothing about this 'on-going' investigation? 

If he didn't know, then Bercow obviously did not know what was going on in Parliament and should therefore offer to resign! This is no more than a ploy to curry favour with his electorate and a poor attempt to 'spike the guns' of those standing against him in Buckingham.

Speaker Bercow is a little man who cannot even manage a big lie with any conviction!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Qualified For Position Held?

Amongst the letters in today's Daily Telegraph is one from Vice Admiral Paul Lumbert, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Capability) refuting the claim that our troops do not receive the best available kit.

It is all very well to state, as the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff does, that every soldier, sailor and airman recieves a helmet and body armour as well as a black bag,valued at £3,500, which contains all the other personal equipment required and that over the past three years equipment worth £10billion has been delivered - but if that equipment - and probably more importantly, the strategy - is not the best available (and if it were, why do the troops replace it out of their own pockets?) then, as with most other government departments, that £10billion has just been p'd up against the wall!

Statements by the recently departed 'senior officers' (Mackay, Butler and Tootal), armed forces personnel and Defense of the Realm would all seem to indicate that the attribute 'capability' is sorely lacking in the Office of the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff!

Just a thought..........

ID Cards - Will They Ever Give Up?

No2ID reports that:

"The UK Identity and Passport Service (UK-IPS) will unveil a marketing campaign for its ID scheme tomorrow (Friday 25th September) based on animated fingerprint characters. [Not yet on their website as of today - Ed.] The Home Office is propagandising *businesses* rather than the general public in an attempt to give the impression that the ID scheme is moving forwards whilst in reality nothing much is actually happening. You may not see the advertising as it targeted at traders, but it is your money paying for it. The insulting animated fingerprints campaign is aimed at persuading retailers who have to comply with age restrictions that ID cards are a fait accompli and that there is public demand. The opposite is the case. ID cards are going to be vanishingly rare for a long time to come, and it would be a foolish businessman who changed anything he did because of them – particularly since it is *unlawful* to demand to be shown someone’s ID card without giving them a reasonable alternative – and most people who might be affected already have plenty of alternatives in the form of PASS cards as well as driving licenses, etc. UK-IPS chief James Hall has already begun a ‘charm offensive’ in the licensed trade press,  attempting to undermine existing well established proof of age schemes and talk up the inclusion of biometrics – despite the fact that shops and pubs will not have machines to read fingerprints, and that UK-IPS’ own guidance predicts problems with visual checks in pubs and clubs. They have also  recently been polling businesses to try and discover what would be most likely to make them start using the scheme with their employees, so we can expect another campaign based round that theme to appear at some stage. This latest, desperate attempt to market the ID scheme is patronising hype. Having failed to come up with any convincing benefits, officials are set to waste millions shoving ID cards down the throats of shops, of licensees, and of young people who already have alternatives. The UK-IPS is treating the public and businesses like children if it thinks giving fingerprints smiles will make us all happy to be fingerprinted. Anyone signing up for a Home Office “identity card” has agreed to report to an official database for life, and lost control of their own identity information for ever. It is nothing to smile about."

It is worth noting that the government has appointed Sir Joseph Pilling as the first ‘Identity Commissioner’ for the ID cards scheme – a role that is toothless and irrelevant. The new Commissioner cannot investigate criminality, issue any sanction for breach or misuse or even demand compliance with the Act which he is supposed to oversee. The UK Identity and Passport Service
(UK-IPS) press release states: “The new Identity Commissioner will act independently and on behalf of the public to ensure that information held on the National Identity Register is accurate and secure as well as monitoring the use identity cards are put to by both public and private sectors”. It is hard to see how Pilling, who began his career with the Home Office in 1966 and has spent his entire career being the soul of discretion in various Departments of State, could be described as “independent” or be expected to act as a whistleblower. 

How much more of our 'wonga' are they going to waste in their remaining months?

Data - The 'State' And The Individual

A new report by Ben Hayes, of Statewatch and Transnational Institute, has been issued and can be read here.

From the report three quotes:

"It envisages a future world of red zones and green zones; external borders controlled by military force and internally by a sprawling network of physical and virtual security checkpoints; public spaces, micro-states and ‘mega events’ policed by high-tech surveillance systems and rapid
reaction forces; ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘crisis management’ missions that make no operational distinction between the suburbs of Basra or the Banlieue; and the increasing integration
of defence and national security functions at home and abroad. It is not just a case of “sleepwalking into” or “waking up to” a “surveillance society”, as the UK’s Information Commissioner famously warned, it feels more like turning a blind eye to the start of a new kind of arms race, one in which all the weapons are pointing inwards. Welcome to the NeoConOpticon."

"We need to take very great care not to fall into a way of life in which freedom’s back is broken by the relentless pressure of a security state. We need to understand that it is in the nature of state power that decisions taken in the next few months and years about how the state may use these powers [of surveillance], and to what extent, are likely to be irreversible. They will be with us forever. And they in turn will be built upon. We should imagine the world we are creating before we build it. We might end up living with something we can’t bear.

Ken Macdonald, (outgoing) UK Director of
Public Prosecutions, October 2008"

"Once enacted, the kind of security apparatuses described in this report will be very difficult to unravel. A decade of counter-terrorism and surveillance-enabling legislation is seen by policy-makers not only as here to stay, but merely the beginning of a revolution in law enforcement. Yet while the scope for state intrusion into private life and public space has changed beyond all recognition, the oft -promised revolutions in government accountability have largely failed to materialise, especially at the EU level."

84 pages in length, but just what you need when there is only rubbish on the box!

Practice What You Preach, Mr. Cameron

So David Cameron has stated that Gordon Brown needs to "get off the fence" and either accept, or refuse, a televised debate amongst the three main party leaders.

This is surely a tad 'rich' coming from the man who has sat on his 'European' fence for so long, on the question of when and if we will get our promised referendum,  who won't even debate the issue in his own constituency and who hardly shows leadership by hoping that the people of another country - the Irish or Czechs - might make the decision for him.

In today's Daily Telegraph William Hague is quoted as saying, on the subject of the Lisbon Treaty "We think it is bad for Britain in the long term and we want to give the British people their say." So, if it is 'bad for Britain in the long term and the British people should have their say', what difference does it make whether the treaty is ratified or not? Simple question Mr. Hague - and the answer is?????

In the same article William Hague also states that his old mantra of 'In Europe, but not ruled by Europe' is what he really believes in. In that statement Hague has committed himself to an irrevocable course of action. The phrase can only have one outcome - that the United Kingdom should be able to trade with Europe, but should not be subject to the political 'rules' of Europe and that in other words we should have the same 'trading arrangement' that Norway and Switzerland have. If the Conservative Party in any way deviate from that and compromise by saying, for example, that they would accept the Lisbon Treaty but that any other political integration would need the agreement of the British people, then the only course of action would be for Hague to promptly resign his shadow front bench position and that of his parliamentary seat.

The comment that, if the Treaty is ratified, Cameron would not wait any longer: "We would set out what we would do in that contingency and it would be in our manifesto to seek a mandate for it." is,again, prevarication by the Conservative Party. What exactly does that statement mean? I can well see the situation arising whereby the Conservative Party response will be one of 'wait for our manifesto'. 

All that this latest 'interview' with William Hague does is confirm that he, David Cameron and the Conservative Party are still 'sitting on the fence'!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday 25th Septemebr 2009

Due computer problem with recent downloaded software which has taken all day to fix (no 'techie' me, hence it takes all day to find out that if you just uninstall the damn thing, problem solved*!) and now having to get ready for journey to Birmingham for a Dinner - regret no time for posting.

Back tomorrow!

* No comments please!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Looks Like A 'Good Read'!

Oh the timing - just as the Labour/Conservative Party conferences commence!

Check out this!

Caroline Lucas - Green Environmentally, Green Financially?

Tim Worstall definitely thinks so anyway, with this post.

Having heard her speak - and spoken to her - I can confirm her heart is in the right place.

Even if her brain is not!

H/T: Letters From A Tory

One Does Not Think 'The Army' Is a Happy Bunny!

This report, just before the Labour Party Conference, cannot be good news for anyone in the MOD, let alone any politician who happens to be involved with the 'military side' of 'government'.

Never mind 'wheels falling off' the Vector, it seems that the bloody wheels have fallen off the MOD and their political masters.

With the resignation of Mackay, Butler and latterly Tootal (the latter, it could be said, which 'ties up' the sorry saga - apologies to those of a certain age, for the pun) the government line that our armed forces have the 'best equipment' available seems to be yet another questionable statement by the government lie.

Jeff Randall 'On The Money' - Again!

Jeff Randall, writing in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph, has excelled himself, yet again, this time writing on the Guilt, Quango, Fake Charity, Labour Party Industry.

Do go read!

Who Plugged Bercow In?

It seems that Speaker Bercow, The Diminutive (you decide whether that refers to his stature or his position), has suddenly found his voice with this pronouncement, and this.

Far be it for me to suggest that this sudden 'flurry' of interest in the workings of Parliament would have anything to do with the forthcoming challenge at the next General election by Nigel Farage.

Of course not!

Or just maybe.................?

Now What?

When considering this report from SkyNews and this little 'nugget' from Guido Fawkes one has to wonder whether 'Scotland' may well get her 'independence' at long last!

Beneficial Website

Courtesy of Old Holborn, can we now have some fun using this.

Do feel free, everyone, to join in!

Rhetorical Question Really

'Can things get any worse for Brown' ask the Coffee House in their latest post, yet there seems to be one aspect of the 'Brown demise' which, it would appear, has escaped the attention of the media, fixated as they are on 'personalities', 'scalps' (Scotland) and headlines.

In discussing whether or not Brown will go, voluntarily or otherwise, and the possible 'replacements', in their musings the names of Mandelson, Balls, Johnson, Miliband(s), Straw et all are considered. The media talk about the need for a new 'leader', which in itself is ridiculous when one considers that, so far, not one of the contenders has shown any form of 'leadership' in actually tackling a problem 'staring them in the face'. Maybe it is an injustice to believe that as it is quite possible all the 'contenders' are biding their time, hiding behind the skirt of Charles Clarke - something which can hardly be called 'Leadership'!

Just another thought...........


Obviously there are certain areas in which funding is necessary and no-one in their right mind would quibble with that. The problems arises when an attempt is made to justify what is 'necessary'.

It may seem like 'nit-picking' but it can hardly be 'necessary' for the taxpayer to subsidise the Football Association £25million, Scotland (the country, not the Baroness - althought reports do suggest we are funding her second home) to the tune of £78.58million and communication providers to the tune of £175million.

Just a thought...........

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nadine Dorries In Need Of A Good Talking-To!

Writing on her blog today about the change in the law to assisted suicide, Nadine Dorries says:

"Any change to the law with regard to assisted suicide should be made by law makers in Parliament, not by Kier Starmer."

Whilst any change should not be made by one individual, neither should 'law makers' in Parliament have any say in the matter. Nadine Dorries, one of the Tory Totty Brigade, needs to learn one lesson and learn it bloody fast! Whe the time comes and I feel I have had enough of politics, politicians and the EU and wish to depart this mortal coil I will do so - and if someone is kind enough to help me I shall thank them.

Politicians appear to have decided, amongst themselves, they have the God-given right to decide how we should live our lives, how we should think, how we should talk, so it is only natural to suppose they believe they have the right to decide how we should end our lives.

Just one small problem that 'Mad Nad', as I believe she was christianed by the Devils Kitchen, seems to have forgotten - my life is just that; mine, not hers, not the states.

One other point that Mad Nad needs to remember - we the electorate are about to get rid of one collection of pontificating, vacuous control freaks by means of the ballot box. We do not wish to be forced to immediately get rid of another collection of the same by means of hemp and lamp posts, but if forced - we will! Politicians be warned - you are on borrowed time!

Update: this article by Archbishop Sentamu has appeared in the Telegraph. "Christians believe that their lives are given by God and that everyone has an important role to play in society. We do not believe that we own our individual lives and therefore we believe we should not choose to end them deliberately." And for those of us, Archbishop, who are not Christians.........?

Guess The Missing Word

Richard North, EU Referendum, has unearthed this document, issued by the Gwynedd Education Authority.

The opening sentence says it all really - "This document is the product of detailed discussions and close co-operation between school heads, teachers, advisers and education officers." You will immediately notice that the missing word is 'parents' - a word that does not appear anywhere in the document! It is especially significant when one considers this document is discussing primary education and schools.

When considering the objectives and specific objectives contained within this document one has to question the mindset of 'those' who drew it up as this is no more than an attempt at 'mind control' and thereby the instillation of politically correct teaching.

As Richard North says - this is what we pay our taxes for? No wonder some parents still opt for home education!

Vaclav Klaus - Cameron's Czech Mate?

A story in the Mail, which as far as I can see has received little comment, is that Cameron has written to Vaclav Klaus telling him that if he (Klaus) delays signing the Lisbon Treaty, he (Cameron) will then hold his promised referendum and 'scupper ratification'. Conservative Home also reports on the Mail story and, as usual where the EU is concerned, with some acerbic remarks in the comments.

This is political leadership? Firstly the Conservatives pin their hopes on the Irish repeating their 'No' vote and then, when that appears unlikely, switch their hopes to the Czechs? It would also seem that Cameron is still sitting on his 'EU fence' with the report that " a source close to the Tory leader as confirming that a letter was sent last month, but that it did not "explicitly" urge President Klaus to hold up the treaty." You bet that Cameron did not "explicitly" urge Klaus to "hold up the treaty". With Cameron's stated desire to remain a member of the EU the last thing he really wishes to have to do is grant a referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

No doubt it is quite possible that in the not too distant future we shall have the unedifying sight of Cameron wringing his hands whilst pleading that as the treaty is now ratified, there is not much he can do. If Cameron really wants to show 'leadership' - mind you whether he knows what the word means is another matter - all he has to do is promise, now, that ratification or no ratification, he will accede to the will of the electorate and arrange a referendum on (a) the Lisbon Treaty and (b) 'In or Out'.

Simples (as the ad says) but I won't hold my breath!

Consensus Politics

If ever there was written a more toe-curling, sycophantic, meaningless collection of cods-wallop then this must surely be it.

Writing about his hope of becoming the first Conservative leader of Sutton council Paul Scully says: "I aspire to represent all 180,000 local residents. This year, I came to the same conclusion as Boris Johnson; fasting for a day during Ramadan would give me a greater understanding of the culture, the concerns and ultimately the shared values of those 5,000 neighbours of mine."

Would it not be more beneficial and produce greater results if Mr. Scully were to 'talk' to them about their 'culture' and 'concerns'? And what exactly is 'shared values'? Surely one does not need to adopt such a 'toadying' attitude to represent a small section of any society within ones borough?

"The message that I took from the experience was clear; Conservatives and Muslims share the values of peace and equality of opportunity; the underlying value of individual social responsibility in the community is paramount to building a fair, just and cohesive society and I am proud to say that I share these values with my Muslim neighbours."

For God's sake! Dont make me sick, please!

This was no more than a bit of 'politicking', an attempt to 'curry' (no pun intended!) votes from 2.5% of the electorate. It might just have been more appreciated by his Muslim community were he to have kept silent about his 'sacrifice' as it might now be argued that, by publicising his 'sacrifice', the 2.5% are being used as a 'campaigning tool' in the 'inclusiveness agenda' that all politicians now wish to promote.

More Brown Bullsh*t

The Coffee House, David Blackburn, 'gushes' over Gordon Brown's 'decision' to cut our nuclear Trident capability by one. The Daily Telegraph reports that the savings would be in the order of £5billion, but makes the proviso that "However, a recent defence study which examined Britain nuclear capability found "there may not be a proportionate saving". That is because the remaining three submarines will have to be adapted in order to ensure the same nuclear capability is maintained and Britain's security cover is not compromised."

Not being 'acquainted' with all the facts of the country's 'nuclear capability' and 'security cover' - no doubt Defence of the Realm will have something to say on this - it does seem that the projected savings will not actually amount to much anyway.

So Brown presents this idea as a gesture to world peace when we all know - and other countries will also know - that it is no more than a vain attempt to correct the disastrous effects of his 'spending splurge'!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday 22nd September 2009

Due to self-inflicted food poisoning (upset stomach in plain English) there will be no postings today, as most of what needs to be said has been.

Hopefully resume tomorrow.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Unanswerable Question Really

Mary Riddell, writing in Wednesday's Daily Telegraph, tackles the subject of Gordon Brown's arrival in the US to attend the UN climate change summit.

Questioning whether Brown's 'standing' on the world stage is, and has been, damaged by his loss of popularity at home - and having to face an election within 200 days, one which he is undoubtedly going to lose - Mary Riddell surely misses the point.

Would it not be more pertinent to ask why the taxpayer is funding travel, accommodation and possible entertainment costs for someone to attend a summit on 'climate change', followed by a G20 meeting, when in fact that someone is unable to reflect the views of the country he is supposed to represent; rather that he has to reflect the views of a 'government' to which he is subservient, and a government that, as a result, his electorate were unable to elect, cannot evict from office and is therefore totally unaccountable to said electorate.

Whilst also 'prattling' on about Brown's fortunes at home, Mary Riddell does get one point almost correct when commenting that, on his return to the UK - having tried to save the world again - he will be seen as "a clapped-out, no-hope, couldn't-run-a-whelk-stall leader with time and power trickling through his fingers." No doubt the description she uses is one that describes exactly how other world leaders will view Brown, but we well let Mary Riddell's omission of this minor fact pass.

In fairness, one must not be too critical of Mary Riddell as, in her defense, she is but a 'professional journalist' - surely an oxymoron - who is supposed to enlighten her readers with well researched, forensic writing.

Non-Sensical Polling

It can justifiably be asked why (a) so many opinion polls are carried out, (b) ridiculous subjects are chosen, (c) limited options are provided for respondents and (d) pollsters believe that the respondents care one jot about the subject on which they are being questioned.

The poll carried out by BBC Newsnight is an example of ridiculous, inane polls, this one containing the question of who is Nick Clegg. In answer (a) who cares and (b) yup, who is he?

Even more stupid is the question which political leader most resembles Obama; apparently the majority (18%) answered David Cameron - which says quite a bit about the mentality of those questioned! Now, let one think - Cameron - is it his facial features, his hair, his voice - damn, the mind has gone black blank! More importantly, who the hell is this 'Obama' - the Irish candidate for President of the European Union?

When one also considers that this is licence-payers money that is being spent - WTF!

'T' Shirt Slogans

Conservative Home are reporting that, at the suggestion of Pickled Eric, there are plans to release a new 'T' shirt for the Conservative Party Conference.

Of all the suggestions, in the comments section, the best must be that by 'insert-coin-here':

"Release your inner tory----vote UKIP"

Sick Minds

Dick Puddlecote highlights the sick mentality of the health zealots and sick they must be to have conjured up this as a means to wean people off smoking!

As DP notes, all paid for by our caring, sharing Labour Government, the taxpayer, of course.

To the deranged, brain-dead jobsworths who thought of this video - and those who sanctioned it - this will be your reward, once apprehended!

With thanks to Prodicus, from whom I 'nicked' the image.

Better 'Lait' Than Never

Conservative Home are reporting that Jacqui Lait is standing down' at the next General election, followed by many 'gushing' comments to the news.

This was the MP who 'over-claimed' the small sum of £7,106 on her mortgage interest. How anyone could claim "the same interest cost, not noticing that these costs were reducing as the repaid capital increased" is another subject!

Maybe this was a pre-emptive move to her being 'called back' to answer some pertinent questions?

Anyway, the 'Conservative Panel', supposedly looking into their MP's expenses, seems to have 'died a death' so to speak - either that or they have lost their voice as nowt seems to have been heard from them for ages.

Perhaps they, along with the 'political elite', feel the public may have forgotten about MPs and their expenses?

Think again my friends - think again!

Misplaced Quote?

Open Europe, in their press summary today, report on comments made by Gisela Stuart during a debate on the Lisbon Treaty in Dublin. She is quoted as saying "My basic test of democracy is: can I get rid of them? By casting a vote, you can change the people who are in control of you… Lisbon does not give you, as a citizen, the means to control the executive or the politicians who decide on your behalf, and that's the hurdle it falls on….The nature of democracy is really at stake." and she also warned there would be “no more treaties, no more referendums anywhere” on EU integration.

As an aside and on the related aspect of 'democracy'; if Barrosso, Stuart, Walesa and others can be invited to take part in the debate on Ireland's referendum for the 'Yes' side, then why cannot Nigel Farage take part for the 'No' side without being 'vilified'?  Ah, I see, this is the European Union, who are anything but 'democratic' and 'principled' - okay, 'nuff said'.

In a separate article in today's Daily Telegraph, Philip Johnston writing on the point that 'the police must connect with local people' in relation to the tragic death of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter, states that the leader of the gang who reportedly terrorised them used to shout "We can do anything we like and you can't do anything about it."

Err, Philip, in view of the comment by Gisela Stuart that there will be 'no more treaties, no more referendums anywhere' , are you sure that quote was not from one of the proponents of the Lisbon Treaty?

Knowing the propensity of the media to reproduce 'facts' without checking - just asking..........

The 'Daley' Spotlight on Cameron

Janet Daley had a comment piece in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph suggesting that whilst David Cameron has succeeded "in establishing a new dimension to his own public persona as honest and respectful of the electorate's intelligence" there is still something 'missing'. Daley continues: "And yet, and yet – there is still a sense that voters are reconciled to a Conservative victory rather than looking forward to it. They expect to see Labour vanquished, but its defeat will be marked mostly by relief: a party now so lost in desperation and deceit that it seems unable to present a consistent argument on anything is to be flushed from office to be replaced by – what? A fresh-faced new team who are promising to deliver – what?"

 Exactly! The country would like to know - and there is a moral obligation on Cameron to spell out exactly what they are proposing. It is no good just leaving it until the time comes to publish the Conservative Party Manifesto, which in turn leaves little time for debate and investigation of said manifesto. That is hardly establishing his honesty and respect of the electorate's intelligence.

Neither is Cameron's silence on the question of the UK's continued membership establishing his honesty and respect of the electorate's intelligence. Writing in today's Daily Telegraph (no link) James Kirkup informs us that William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, has privately advised Mr. Cameron that Europe is a 'ticking timebomb' under his leadership. Just as important, on the honesty front, is a quote from a 'strong sceptic on the Tory frontbench': "Is our current policy satisfactory? Of course not. But if you think I'm going to jeopardise an election victory by starting to speak out about that in pubic, you've got another think coming." This underlines, and at the same time highlights, the old problem with present party politics - and is something for which Labour has been rightly criticised - namely that the Conservative Party appear to be putting their own goals ahead of the good of the country.

Should the Czechs not ratify the Lisbon Treaty by the time of the next General election, David Cameron will, to a certain extent, have been 'let off the hook'. Richard North, over at EU Referendum, has touched on this with his post 'Consequences'. Stating that "He will then be in the awkward position of supporting the "no" campaign, in the middle of trying to establish his own administration." Richard North is right in saying that Cameron will be between 'a rock and a hard place', especially when one considers that he will be campaigning, during the General election, on the UK remaining a member of the EU, whilst at the same time possibly promising a referendum which would throw that membership into turmoil.

Returning to the article by Janet Daley, towards the end of her piece she writes: "There is a really compelling story to be told, if the party could just find the courage to tell it...." The one attribute which does seem to be missing from Cameron's public personna is that encapsulated in the word 'courage' - does he have the courage to be 'honest' with the electorate?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Truth About The European Union

Do go watch this - 43 minutes of good viewing!

Note: It is few years old, but still worth watching!

H/T: Subrosa

Smoke & Mirrors

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist comments, on his latest post, about the opportunistic 'discovery' of a letter written 400 years ago on the dangers of smoking.

Are there no lengths to which these anti-smoking 'people of doubtful parentage' bastards will not go in their attempts to influence the public?

With apologies to anyone whose post-title I have purloined!

Gordon Prepared To Go

No, not that 'GO', but prepared to attend the Copenhagen climate summit, according to Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard.

With a bit of luck Gordon Brown might, aware his ill-health was compromising his companions' lives, do an Oates!

One can wish, can one not?

This Has To Be Quote Of The Year

 Courtesy of Watts Up With That.

"There is not, now, much value in arguing about the science of climate change. Even if it’s wrong, enough people now believe it that it may as well be right


Has Cameron Got His Wish?

David Cameron wrote an article for the Observer today, calling on all LibDems to come and join the Conservative Party and it would seem that he has, partly, got his wish if this picture is anything to go by.

What with blue going green and yellow going blue, is it any wonder the British electorate are totally confused?

As to the stage - words fail one! Perhaps the Libdems urgently need the services of a good PR & Presentation expert, on the basis that the 'setting' should convey a subliminal message. The only message this seems to convey is an example of the number of workable ideas to govern the country that the Libdems possess!

And the message 'Ready to Win' - win what? First prize in the 'Whose going to be the first LibDem MP to get decapitated in the General election coconut shy'?

Richad Dawkins, prominent atheist, speaking on civil liberties says that whilst he is not a member of the party, he has always voted for them. It helped, he said, that Evan Harris is his MP - purleese! So Evan Harris is the Devil incarnate?

To combat the counter-accusations that 'fly-around' during conference season (here and here) we now have Vince accusing the Conservatives of intending to raise VAT to 22.5 or 25 per cent. Knowing that 'cable' is a stitch used in knitting, one has to wonder whether our Vince is the prime example, in the political world, of a 'stitch-up' - but one digresses.

And the 'logic' of this motion which proposes that 'a regional points based system for immigration' be introduced. This would 'see immigrants encouraged to move to areas most in need of new workers to relieve pressure in other areas.' Besides adhering to the EU idea of 'regions', how pray would the LibDems 'encourage' immigrants to move to those areas?And if those 'regions' did not want them? Oops, forgot LibDems also 'believe' in devolution of power.

As was posed in an earlier offering - the purpose of the Libdems is.........................??