Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yet More Government Spin

The Government and the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) have commissioned a report which has just been published, showing that the RDAs are wonderful - what a surprise!

The present Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) - he of the queer title - is renowned as the 'Master of Spin' and this report, at first sight, looks just that - spin, or in the vernacular, a load of 'eds'.

One has to ask if Reinaldo is as good at kicking spherical objects as the similarly named footballer, in which case no doubt he of the queer title could 'pass' him, with a personal recommendation, on to Ed!

Liam Byrne On Pay Rises

Liam Byrne is quoted as saying that introducing lower than recommended pay increases for senior civil servants was about making public money go as far as possible in the recession.

Pay increases for anyone in the public sector should not even be on the agenda. If those in the private sector can forgo pay rises in order to safeguard their jobs, then so can the public sector - and that includes MPs regardless of whether they are ministers or not!

In any case, if making public money go as far as possible in the recession is their priority then a few P45s would help, on the basis Jobseekers allowance, housing benefit etc, is a damn sight less than their salaries.

May you and your kind Liam, Byrne in hell!

Firefighters Uniform Equality

An article in the Telegraph print edition reports that a new uniform has been unveiled in Lincolnshire.

The range of clothing for firemen, the paper reports (yes, it actually uses the word firemen), includes skirts, hijab headscarves and turbans - and includes, would you believe, maternity wear!

Mike Thomas, Lincolnshire's Chief Fire Officer said he was impressed with the 'robust' clothing, which was suitable for all staff.

Sadiq Khan MP, who has ministerial responsibility for the fire service, is quoted as saying "The uniform now available shows that cultural beliefs are being recognised."

WFFS is going on here? Has this country truly gone mad? (don't answer that!) I can't wait for someone to complain that burkas have not been provided! While recognising cultural beliefs perhaps Sadiq Khan should also consider providing loin cloths! How about cans of spray body paint, just in case there are some nudists who might wish to join.

One has to ask if Sadiq Kahn, and people like him, actually posses even one miniscule cell in that part of their body called a brain!

Fallon On Myners

Michael Fallon, Conservative MP for Sevenoaks, has suggested that Myners should 'step down' as, in Fallon's view, he has misled Parliament and misled the public.

Admirable suggestion Mr. Fallon, but unfortunately if this suggestion was made mandatory it would result in most of the MPs being required to resign for either of his two reasons - which may well be a good idea in that a great number of them appear totally unsuited to the position they occupy.

The point about a number being unsuited to the position they occupy is simply the fault resulting from the introduction of 'A' Lists and the 'need' to demonstrate diversity and equality in the candidate selection processes of all parties.

Government MP (One Of Many) Who Does Not Know Her Brief

Caroline Flint, Minister for Europe, made a startling admission during a European Committee session yesterday, in response to a question from a Conservative MP.

"Mr Francois: This is a really simple question: has the Minister read the elements of the Lisbon treaty that relate to defence?

Caroline Flint: I have read some of it but not all of it.

Mr Francois: What!

Caroline Flint: I have been briefed on some of it.

Caroline Flint may not have read the Treaty, but she has offered opinion on it readily: "I believe that the Lisbon treaty is good for the United Kingdom and good for Europe." "The Lisbon treaty provides a simpler, more streamlined EU." (Both House of Commons, 13 October 2008.)

Caroline Flint's response may have been considered 'extraordinary' by the questioner, possibly as 'extraordinary' as I found the same revelation by Ken Clarke all those years ago.

It is perhaps ironic that such 'astonishment' is expressed by a member of a party that will be campaigning in the forthcoming European elections to remain a member of the body about which they complain!

Basic Point On MP's Salaries/Allowances/Expenses

Mark Field, MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, has a post on ConHome, at 11.30am, in which he states:

"At the very heart of the problem over allowances and expenses is the fact that repeatedly parliament has failed to bite the bullet and increase MPs’ salaries. Thereby a green light has been given to the culture of racking up the expenses and allowances system as a way of playing catch up."

A number of points Mark Field should note.

1. Why should MP's salaries be subject to an increase? It is now acknowledged that MPs are only responsible for 20/25 per cent of this country's laws, the remainder being decided by the European Union.

2. If a 'green light' has been given to the culture of racking up expenses and allowances system then where was the Parliamentary watch-dog? Asleep on the job, it would seem.

3. When Parliament is 'back in control' of governing this country, then please do come to the taxpayers, who fund your salary, and ask us whether you can have a pay rise.

4. Should not those that decide an MP's salary, allowances and expenses be those that employ them?

5. Gordon Brown, in his speech today at St Pauls, has just said that instead of serving themselves bankers should serve their customers. When MPs adopt that same attitude please follow the procedure outlined in 3 above.

Until MPs can meet the provisions outlined above, may I suggest to Mark Field that he and his colleagues stop their 'bleating'.

Cartoon Of The Day

Quite often highlighted by bloggers are examples of what they consider 'the letter of the day'.

As a variation on that theme, may I highlight what I believe must be the cartoon of the day by Matt in the Daily Telegraph.

You'll Never Drive Alone (With Apologies To Anfield)

Because by 2012/2013, if the EU gets its way, you will always have the State with you. Courtesy of EUReferendum, who has picked up this story from the Guardian, all new cars will have a tracking device fitted. Needless to say the move is being introduced under the guise of Health and Safety, but unfortunately the other implications are that firstly, the state will always know where you are and have been and secondly, will then be able to introduce road pricing. The date of introduction for these 'spy boxes' will depend on whether the EU can get its Galileo satellite system working.

It is no surprise that the paper reports the British government is backing the proposal, so nothing new there then. Readers will recall the No10 on-line petition that attracted nearly 2 million signatures against road pricing. Although this last report quotes a figure of 1.6 million, the actual figure at the end of the 'petition period' was closer to 1.8 million.

It is reasonable to suggest that even were the Conservatives to win the next election they would still proceed with this scheme as they would have no alternative due to the fact when it is introduced it will either be an EU Directive or a Regulation.

By heavens, the sooner this country escapes from the political clutches of the EU, the better for us all.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Hit by Thunderbolt

I was suddenly hit by a thought - contrary to popular belief these things do happen - ie, I do think!

Remember the story of the Great One on his recent world tour and how when in Argentina the subject of the Falklands 'ownership' was brought up?

The Times report quoted the Prime Twat's remarks to journalists traveling with him on his tour as:

“There is nothing to discuss from our side.The essential principle has always been that the islanders should determine the issue of sovereignty for themselves and, let us be clear, our first priority will always be the needs and wishes of the islanders." (my emphasis)

So the issue of sovereignty for the Falkland Islanders is theirs to decide, but the issue of sovereignty for the United Kingdom is only for the MPs to decide?

The man is a hypocrite!

Latest MP's Allowances/Expenses/Family Wages Published

The MP's allowances and expenses 2007/2008 are published here.

The MP's travel/family expenses etc 2007/2008 are published here.

Have fun!

MPs Second Jobs

A headline, from an article penned by Sarah Knapton, in the on-line edition of the Telegraph - 'Rats could be latest weapon against landmines'.

Sorry Sarah, bit of a non starter this as Gordon Brown has stated that he is against MPs having second jobs.

The Young One Speaks

I see that Clegg - no, not the important one, the other one; the Liberal Democrat - has chipped into the row over MP's allowances.

Quoted in this article, he says "We have a common interest in sorting this out quickly."

I'll bet you do Cleggy!

Who would have thought the three main party leaders had an interest in sewing and a quick 'stitch-up'?

Update: Nick Clegg has written to both Gordon Brown and David Cameron - his letter can be viewed here.

Lucy Bennett!

It is about time, in the fairness of equality, that one gives Gordon Bennett a rest! Hence the title, as you will see.

Lucy Bennett took early redundancy and after 'hundreds' of applications has now found work, for which anyone would be pleased on her behalf.

"But now she's landed a job with a firm in London who specialise in public sector work. At the moment, she feels secure, she says there's plenty of work coming into the office. This sector - schools, hospitals, public works - is the only part of the construction industry still busy."

Lucy - who pays your new employer for this 'public sector work'? The Government!

And where does the Government get its money?

Lucy 'who feels secure at the moment', may have her heart in the right place, unfortunately it is clear that her brain isn't.

Cameron - Again!

As readers of this blog may have gathered I am not a fan of David Cameron because with almost every utterance he makes he leads one to believe he is more at home in what was Blair's New Labour.

At the Welsh Conservative party conference he spoke about responsibility and reform of our financial system. It is about time that David Cameron realised and accepted one simple fact - that should he become the next prime minister, his 'authority' to govern will be on a par with the leader of a local authority in that both will have someone above them dictating policy.

It was ironic that, at the end of a story about petty crime, he attempted to vilify the present government by saying "this government will not let them get on with the job."

No Dave, as you may soon learn - neither will the EU let you 'get on with the job'!

Nationwide and Dunfirmline Building Society

So the government have found a buyer for the branches and 'good loans' of the Dunfirmline Building Society, according to this report.

Are we to see the 'Lloyds' syndrome all over again because someone 'did not read the books'?

It could well turn out that the debt problem really is nationwide.

Cameron on Wheeler

David Cameron is reported by the BBC as saying that as donors do not set party policy, he had no option but to expel Stuart Wheeler from his party.

This report also states "He also rejected Mr Wheeler's suggestion that his position on European integration was "completely insufficient", saying that people should vote Conservative if they wanted a referendum on the treaty."

David Cameron's position on European integration can be classified as 'completely insufficient' in that he never talks about the subject. It is also ambiguous and deceitful of Mr. Cameron to suggest that if people wanted a referendum on the treaty they should vote Conservative as he has also said he would only have a referendum should the treaty not have been ratified by all 27 member states. In other words if the treaty has been ratified - then no referendum.

'Honest Dave'? To quote Brucie - I don't think so!

MPs suspect 'mole' - Want police investigation

So some MPs are demanding a police investigation into the leaking of Jacqui Smith's expenses and suspect a mole in the expenses department of Parliament. What a surprise!

David Cameron weighs in with a call to Gordon Brown to "to 'disinfect' the parliamentary expenses system".

Dave dear chap, never mind 'disinfecting' the parliamentary expenses system', how about disinfecting the parliamentary system itself? Open Primaries? True 'local' democracy? Recalls for MPs not representing their constituency's views? Withdrawal from the EU so that Parliament can govern those who elect it in accordance with the elector's wishes?

To paraphrase an old advertisement for a brand of whiskey, 'Dont be vague ask (for) Hague' to sort it out. Whoops, better not if this is true.

More Intended State 'Enforcement'

A report in the Telegraph today states that water meters will be installed in homes everywhere by 2035 and by 2015 where water is scarce.

The report states "Already half of households in England and Wales suffer "water stress", where demand for fresh drinking water could soon outstrip supply." Perhaps if we had not let 'half of Europe' come and live here (figuratively speaking) then water usage would not be so high?

The 'smart meters' will not only show how much water is used but the cost and the carbon emissions produced. The on-line edition of this story also states "In areas where water is scarce, households may be charged more for using water beyond a certain limit or during the summer. The cost of installing the meters will be paid ultimately by taxpayers......"

Needless to say 'climate change' is used in the argument for this proposed plan which is being put forward by the Environment Agency - a government 'mouthpiece'.

So not being able to cleanse ourselves regularly may result in us all having a 'dirty smell'. Seems reasonable to me. When all is said and done why should we smell any different to our politicians and bureaucrats?

Brown: Banks Must Take Moral Stand

In the print edition of the Daily Telegraph (no link available) an article states that Gordon Brown is planning a highly unusual speech tomorrow at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 'morality'. It is expected that the speech will call for values and principles to be central to the financial system.

Sod the financial system Gordon, how about you start with the 'morality' of our elected representatives, especially those in your own corrupt party?

Guess what? David Cameron jumps on the bandwagon and is quoted criticising "the bankers who clamours for his bonus when he's bust the bank".

Sod the banker Dave, what about those MPs in your party who clamour for their allowances and expenses when they have agreed to your policy of subservience to the EU?

And MPs expect us the voters to heed their calls for 'morality' in the financial field when their own 'morality' is most noticeable by its absence?

Yeah - Right!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Voting Rights

A report in the Daily Telegraph yet again demonstrates that our elected government no longer has the ability to govern this country.

Due to our having to implement a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made in 2004 it will become necessary to allow those serving jail terms to have the right to vote, currently not the case at present.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice is quoted, in the print edition, as saying "The issues around prisoner voting are complex and require full consultation and consideration". By whom may one ask? The government sponsored agencies/fake charities/quangocrats, or by the voters of this country?

Beside the question whether in breaking the laws of society should one guilty of that still be afforded the benefits of said society, it also raises the point that we, as a country, should have the right to punish our criminals as we wish.

The basic question of who does govern this country - and how they govern - is one which must be raised by the political parties at the next General Election, although we all know that, other than the UK Independence Party, neither the Labour, Conservative nor Liberal Democrat Party will do this.

Tories Expel Stuart Wheeler!

So the Tories have actually done a U-turn (see what happens when you put a man in charge?) and expelled Stuart Wheeler, according to the BBC.

Just goes to prove what some of us have know for ages - Cameron really does love the EU!

Women Do Suffer In Labour - Don't They?

Up till now we men can have had no idea what it is like to be a woman in labour, but we can here and here.

Sometimes I really am so ashamed of my own gender!

Brown's Darling No More?

Fraser Nelson over on the Coffee House has an extremely interesting post.

Watch this clip from Channel 4 News this evening and then ask yourself: Who is telling the truth?

Why would the Chairman of the Dunfirmline Building Society lie?

Why would Darling lie? Was 'due diligence' carried out prior to the Government statement by Jim Murphy? (follow link)

What is that expression? When Thieves Fall Out.............................?

Colouring The Issue?

The Telegraph is reporting that Vince Cable has called for an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into the Royal Bank of Scotland 'affair'.

Nice attempt to try and 'muddy the waters', thus drawing attention from MPs misdemeanours?

Or is this Brown's 'yellow streak' coming to the surface?

Ack: Politics Home

Conservative Party Throw A Tantrum!

'Twould seem the Tories are about to have a 'hissy-fit' over Stuart Wheeler and his donation to the UK Independence Party.

Answer to the Tory's dilemma? Mr. Cameron, drop this 'I love the EU' stance of yours, do what you are supposed to do and stand up for this country, honour your Privy Councillor Oath and pledge to come out of the EU.

Simple really!

Ack: Politics Home

Jacqui Smith - One High-Maintenance Woman!

Further to the on-going posts in the blogosphere earlier it seems the Sunday Express has further revealing news.

Including a bath-plug at 88p and the coal being burned in the £1000 antique fireplace also bought on 'expenses'.

Revelations today put the years of Conservative Sleeze into the kindergarten class.

Any new system implemented for MP's 'wages' should include a clause that any infringement - including a moral breaching, ie 'bending' the rules - should immediately cause that MP to lose his seat and a by-election called, with hemp and lamp post included in said clause!

H/T The Purple Scorpion

NHS Staff Allowances?

The possible further misuse of public money, this time within the NHS, is revealed in this story published in the Mail on Sunday.

With a salary of £210,00 I would be prepared to fund my own hotel, if I felt too lazy for a 90 minute drive home, especially having negotiated a 'frequent users discount' of £40!

A case of 'Hakin the Hiss'?

Labour's Morals

Much is being penned - or keyed, to satisfy the pedants - in the blogosphere on the subject of Jacqui Smith and Nigel Griffiths.

The Jacqui Smith story highlights (I thought blue an appropriate colour with which to highlight this link) what her husband seems to do to entertain himself whilst his wife is away but an even more interesting question would be what does he do to entertain himself when she is there? But then that is another story, or another expense submission?

The revelations this weekend are not just about Labour MPs though as this story illustrates. Besides one Labour MP, we have two Tory MPs; another Jacqui who appears a tad Lait with her 'reasons' to justify her second home allowance and another, Bob, who Neills whilst pleading that his second home allowance is again within the rules.

A further story in the Mail on Sunday reports that McNulty may also have broken the Representation of Peoples Act whilst John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, comes under attack for a number of reasons, including the secrecy, not having to publish his reasons for each decision he makes and the number of complaints summarily dismissed.

Maybe in future debates those MPs who are obviously 'guilty' of abuse of priveleges should be addressed as 'the Dishonourable Member for ...................'?

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Australian Grand Prix - Yes!

I suppose it has to be said that Jenson was right on the button! To be first to the finish is but another part of his 'chequered' career.

Richard Branson showed a bit of brawn, muscling in to become the first sponsor of a virgin team.

Commiserations to Ferrari though on not being able to er Massa single point.

Credit Card Details 'Netted'

The Mail reports that 19,000 credit card details have been posted on the net, having been 'picked up' by Google.

Notwithstanding that some of the credit cards had been stopped or had expired, the fact that peoples names, addresses and postcodes were available is extremely worrying.

If criminals can get hold of this information from credit cards, dare one mention the subject of ID cards........?

Makes a mockery of 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'!

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes Etc

Inspector Gadget's latest post, whilst 'having a dig' at the political correctness and misplaced guidance issued to the Police, demonstrated that his general argument can be directed at just about everything that this government has done and proposes to do.

Ask yourself, how many of the present government, quangocrats etc have actually been at the 'sharp end' in the field in which they so readily pontificate?

The remark by Inspector Gadget's younger son says it all really in respect of the 'society' that this government has created!

Hopes Dashed

Reading Simon Heffer's column today, my eye was caught by the headline to his main article, "Time for the Tories to get horrible" and my first thought was someone was proposing to 'ditch' David Cameron and appoint a real leader, one who believed in Great Britain and true democracy!

Any elected politician who believed in Great Britain and true democracy would surely campaign for immediate implementation of 'The Plan'.

As far as I am aware there are only two, one of whom is an MEP and the other the Member of Parliament for Harwich and Clacton.

Dunfirmline Building Society - Alex Salmond

So the rumours of the collapse of the Dunfirmline Building Society have been confirmed, according to the BBC.

It is obvious that this building society will be 'saved' one way or another - its Scottish!

The comments by Jim Murphy, Secretary of State for Scotland, also occasioned a smile when he is quoted saying "But also by some reckless decisions .......and really bad decisions on their technology."

Sorry Jim, for a moment I thought you were talking about the government and their IT programmes! Understandable on my part really as I seem to remember that when you were Minister for Europe you could not get your facts right!

The offer by Alex Salmond takes the biscuit though when it is reported "First Minister Alex Salmond said the Scottish Government had offered a capital contribution to help maintain the Dunfermline as an independent and ongoing concern......"

Pity he doesn't seem to bear in mind that a chunk of that 'capital contribution' is English taxpayer's money!

Update: Gordon Brown is reported by Sky News as saying that saver's money is secure - Yea right, like the country's money - more work for the BoE printing presses!

Nigel Griffiths - Round 2

Politics Home reports that the News of the World has won a hearing in front of a High Court Judge to publish a further article about Nigel Griffiths.

This MP has betrayed the 'honourable' trust that his electorate placed in him and, more importantly, has betrayed the trust his wife had in him. On the latter his 'judgement' is a matter for his wife, but on the former it is a matter for his electorate, which on the findings of the latest opinion poll for ICM would result in his receiving a P45.

How John Lyon, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards can reject the complaint against Griffiths is beyond me and, perhaps, he too should be seeking alternative employment.

Lighten Our Darkness - You Bet!

Wowee! Its Earth Hour this evening when we are all supposed to turn off our lights to save the planet.

To celebrate this hour of total madness (what difference is it going to make - symbolic or otherwise?) I shall ensure that every light I can find is switched on.

The World Tour

Nick Robinson's Newslog of the tour reports that "Nevertheless the prime minister claims that he can see a new consensus developing............".

Yes Nick, they were probably fed up with the sight and sound of Gordon Brown before he even arrived, thus agreeing with him so that he would just get the hell out of their country!

Just like we wish he would get the hell out of ours!

Latest ICM Poll Sunday Telegraph

Politics Home is reporting a poll by ICM for the Sunday Telegraph which gives the Conservatives a 13 point lead.

According to Electoral Calculus this translates into a majority of 84.

You can check the findings and those Labour MPs likely to get their P45 here.

Stuart Wheeler Deserts The Conservatives

Stewart Wheeler, the spread betting millionaire, has donated to the UK Independence Party according to the News of the World.

He says he is fed up with Cameron.

Who isn't?

Friday, 27 March 2009

Michael White - Journalist?

Douglas Carswell, on his blog, rightly complains about the Guardian article written by Michael White.

In the article Michael White writes " I marvel at how a hick Illinois lawyer called Lincoln used the power of the spoken word..............to make himself one of the great men of the 19th century."

As a 'hick', self-important 'hack' using the written word, the accomplishment of Lincoln is something that White need have no fear of emulating in the 21st century!

Thats Telling Us

In an article appearing in the Telegraph by Gill Erin, contributing editor at Environment Analyst, she tells us, in no uncertain terms:

"But arguing against wind energy is, well, a waste of energy. Denouncing wind turbines in favour of another technology, such as nuclear, tidal and wave, solar or even "cleaner" coal is missing the point. The argument is over." (my emphasis)

Admittedly she does go on to propose that our energy sources should be 'diversified' on the basis "there is strength in diversity".

On the matter of wind turbines though, one question has always puzzled me. As it is an acknowledged fact they are of only intermittent benefit for electricity production - because either there is no wind or because they have to be shut down due to too much wind - can someone please explain the logic in spending millions on something which only works 'part time'? (Omitting from this question of 'part time' benefit the matter of MPs salary, allowances and expenses)

Yet Another 'Whoopsie' By Brown?

Open Europe reports on an article in the Economist which refers to The Great One's speech to the European Parliament.

“MEPs were frankly incredulous when he [Brown] praised the European Parliament for campaigning for tougher workplace rules. As one promptly reminded him, his government is fighting an EU bid, led by the Parliament, to curb British working hours.”

Were we not told that the government had eradicated the problem of 'Foot 'n Mouth'?

Eric In A Pickle (Courtesy Politics Home)

One wonders whether Eric Pickles likes KPs and if so whether the preference is for salted or roasted?

Probably after this he will stick to salted (not that one is implying any hint of 'salting away' ones allowances).

Interesting to note that, at time of this post, there is no mention on ConHome.

NB: link on Politics Home appears to be not working.

Update: Link available here.

Gordon Meets Socrates

No, not that one - rather the one who kicks balls around.

Possibly something our Prime Twat could try when he returns to this country?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Racial Equality?

Something to ponder:

There exists in this country the following:

The British Muslim Forum (Derby); the Islamic Foundation (Markfield, Leics); the Islamic Human Rights Commission (Wembley); the Islamic Society of Britain (London E1); the Muslim Association of Britain (Straford E15); the Muslim Public Affairs Committee; the The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities (Stanmore) and the Young Muslims UK.

There is also: The Federation of Black Housing Organisations (Hackney); Friends of UK Black Pride; the Hindu Council UK; Hindu Aid and Hindu Youth UK to name but a few more.

Question: Supposing I wished to set up, for instance, an organisation called The British White Christian Forum, or The Federation of White Housing Organisations or Friends of UK White Pride; what are the chances I would get refused, shut down or prosecuted for racial discrimination?

And the Government says we must have 'racial equality'?

Just thinking, thats all.

Hannan & Channel 4 News

Just watched the Channel 4 News item on their website and the subsequent interviews with 'Drip' Draper and Daniel Hannan.

Having also watched the 'debate' earlier twixt Draper and Guido on the Politics Show, it just proves what I believe everyone knows, that Draper is tad moronic in thought, word and deed. What the hell Kate sees in him, God only knows and the advice to her must be: 'Garr away' Kate, you can do better than that!

One has to admire though Draper's bravado, with his diminished mental capacity, in agreeing to confront someone of Hannan's intellect!

Regarding the Channel 4 report, in respect of 'editorial direction', one can only reiterate: a typical 'Snow' job then!

Torture Investigation - Now A Re-Statement Of The Facts?

Oh, do I detect a change in the official line - maybe a clarification to earlier statements?

According to Political Home, "Andrew Dismore, Labour MP and Joint Committee on Human Rights Chairman said he believed past government statements about UK complicity in torture were made in "good faith" before new information came to light."

This seems like a precursor to a government statement admitting that - 'yup, your right, it did happen and we were misinformed, so the fact we lied previously was not our fault.'

Sorry, sorry, sorry - I forgot that the above is totally unfair as the government are, of course, Right 'Honourable' Members of Parliament!

Serious Questions Should Be Asked!

I would like to refer readers to a post on National Death Service. This, in turn, refers to an article in the Evening Standard.

Oh, I see:

"North West London Hospitals Trust chief executive Fiona Wise, who joined the trust in April 2007, said: "The report took place six years ago and different management arrangements have been in place at the Trust for some time since. Our maternity unit was lifted off special measures in September 2006 following significant and sustained improvements. "We are committed to ensuring the best clinical care for all our patients."

A classic case of 'Not Me Guv'! Listen you apology for a bureaucrat - why not try exhibiting a tad of what your surname implies and say something meaningful!

Coupled with the report about management in the NHS growing far faster than the clinical staff, is it any wonder that this type of situation arises? Note also, not a word in the reported statements by the Department of Health and Fiona Wise along the lines that if this allegation is proved true then more than apologies should be offered to the relatives of the deceased mothers!

By God, has this apology for a government got a lot to answer for!

A Totally 'Incorrect PC' View'

It has not been a good couple of days in Brussels, has it?

"Czech Prime Minister Topolanek brands Obama's fiscal stimulus as "the way to hell"

"The attack on Gordon Brown's position by MEP Daniel Hannan is now well documented, yet the following day in the very same chamber no less a figure than the Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Toplanek - who currently holds the Presidency of the European Union - launched a stinging attack on President Obama's economic policy."

It has always been said that 'hell is a black hole'!

Latest Poll

Ah, but just you wait for the 'Hannan Effect' to enter the equation!

Labour Has Much To Answer For

Reported in the Daily Telegraph is the fact that 1 million immigrants settled in this country between 2004 and 2007 and that in the boroughs of Westminster and Brent there are more foreign-born people than there are Britons.

"The ONS said: "The size of the non-UK born population is increasing while the UK-born population has remained mostly constant."

Is it any wonder we have a 'race relations problem' brewing? Whilst this government, nay any government, continues to pander to the ethnic sections of our population, the problem will continue to brew.

I repeat earlier comments to the ethnic sections of our society; you chose to come here, no-one asked you to - if you find this country so distasteful to you then bloody leave!

Fairness In Britain

Two stories from the Daily Telegraph:

The government spend £1billion on spin to 'talk' to us, the electorate.

Physics get £4,500 to 'talk' to the dead.

The living only get £4,500 to talk to the dead, while the (brain)dead get £1billion to talk to the living?

Hardly fair - is it?

HMRC Drops Bank of England

The Daily Telegraph reports that HMRC is having to change its banking arrangements.

"The Bank of England made a strategic decision in 2004 to withdraw from the provision of retail banking and clearing services to Government................As a result HMRC had to find new banking suppliers and following a full procurement exercise contracts were awarded to the Royal Bank of Scotland and Citi in March 2008."

Whaaat? Whoooo?

So a 'full procurement exercise' results in the contract going to a bank that, basically, went bust and is now owned by the government.

What is that I can smell?

Brown's Largesse

Red Box, from TimesonLine reproduces the schedule for the forthcoming G20 'summit', reportedly costing £20million, thus:

Leaders' breakfast 8.30am - 9.45am

Morning session including finance ministers and central bankers 9.50am- 1.25pm

Lunch 1.25pm - 2.30pm

Afternoon session including finance ministers and central bankers 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Closing press conferences, 3.30 onwards

This works out at nearly £3million an hour, to enable a group of politicians to discuss something about which they know not, including being 'fed and watered'.

All at our expense, to enable our Prime Twat to 'entertain' people who, more than likely, can't stand the sight or sound of him.

Ghurka Settlement

The BBC reports that "Changes to rules governing the right of Gurkhas to settle in Britain will be announced within three weeks". You may recall that Joanna Lumley has been a prominent member of the campaign to change what was a stupid ruling.

It could be said that the Government, as in just about every area of policy, managed to get themselves into an 'absolutely fabulous pickle' on this particular subject.

Brown's Stimulus

Reuters reports "The leaders of Brazil and Britain urged countries...............to help combat the global economic crisis."

Don't worry Gordon, the people of this country have heeded your call. As soon as you call a General Election the United Kingdom, will once again, save the free world by voting you out of office!

Problems With Quality Journalism

Yet another 'policy' announcement from the Conservative Party and one which, it seems, does nothing to 'paper over' the problems with journalism today.

What is interesting is that neither the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), nor the Newspaper Society, appear to have registered is that the problem is one they could, working together, easily solve.

Might one suggest that were they both to introduce greater standards in the calibre of staff hired it would address the deficit in both 'quality' and 'journalism' that is so obviously lacking today.

Brown Goes for Broke

Courtesy of Dizzy, a horrifying explanation!

£350bn? - Gulp! We truly are in the 'brown stuff'!

Pele Reluctant To 'Tackle' Brown?

FT.com reports that a planned meeting between our Prime Twat and Pele looks likely not to take place and that Pele may have 'passed' on the event.

And there was me thinking that Gordon's 'goal' was to save the international banking system - silly me!

No doubt His Grumpiness will be in a 'foul' mood and will issue Pele with one of his 'red cards' (of empty promises - aka a manifesto). Also, no doubt, his officials are urgently seeking a suitable 'substitute'.

Let us hope that the reception our Prime Twat gets on the next stop of his world tour, at our expense, really will be even more 'Chile' than that received from Pele!

McNulty's 'Investigation'

The allowances of Tom McNulty are to be investigated, we read. T'would seem to be a waste of time and money as no doubt he will not be found guilty on the basis that he did live there for a time and by his own admission uses it as a 'base' when working in his 'constituency'. That is not to say I believe he is not guilty as he most surely is, but if our 'Second Home' Secretary can be found not guilty - along with the Keens etc - then so will McNulty.

What is even more surprising, in the same article, is that the complaint against Nigel Griffiths for his 'misdemeanour' with a 'lady friend' within the confines of Westminster has been rejected. The newspaper reports Nigel Griffiths "reportedly cheated on his wife", but as Griffiths has admitted the accusation is true I fail to see how it is classified as "reportedly" - no, Daily Telegraph, he "cheated on his wife" - fact! He broke one of the rules by which, as an MP, he is supposed to behave.

Honesty Absent From Banking System.

Reported in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph today, under the headline 'Bankers behaved badly, says Brown', our 'Prime Twat' is reported as saying that honesty may have been absent from the banking system in recent years.

Never mind the banking system Gordon, it is a pity that you will not admit that honesty has been absent from the political system for ages. But then you don't do 'admissions', do you? Especially when there is the almost absolute certainty that your 'honesty' would be called into question.

The latest example of 'honesty' is the 'mea culpa' of Myners on the question of RBS pensions. Myners was accused by Andrew Tyrie, Conservative MP, of being guilty of having told the Treasury select committee 'at least less than the whole truth'. Put into 'Hannan Speak' it means that Myners lied - but then whats new about that, the man is a Labour mouthpiece!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ambition? Thats Balls

So Ed Spheroids, currently Secretary of State for Schools, Families and Children, has stated that he would like the job of Chancellor and had not ruled out leading the Labour Party one day.

This 'wish' and 'dream' - by someone who was sufficiently fortunate to have been born into a family with such an apt surname, relative to his views and ability - cannot be realised, at least not in the forseeable future, due to his shortly being 'kicked into touch'.

Anyway, even if he did achieve both ambitions it will, almost certainly, be done from the Opposition benches as I cannot see anyone who has lived through the last 12 years trusting the Labour Party ever again.

Hannan & House of Commons

Douglas Carswell has a post querying why such a speech as that of Daniel Hannan, yesterday in the EU Parliament, could not happen in Westminster.

Maybe the changes required in our democracy, that are surely needed and must also surely come, could well include amending the 'conventions' that govern debate in the House of Commons.

A tad more 'plain speaking', using plain English, might be a good thing?

Just a thought.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dougas Carswell - Oxford Libertarian Society

Some weeks ago I posted about attending a speech given by the above MP. Courtesy of the Society a video is available here. Unfortunately some of the questioning at the end is rather difficult to hear, however whilst the video is approximately 80 minutes in length, includingthe Q&A session, his speech, which lasts about 40 minutes is well worth hearing.

Well Said Nigel!

Following Daniel Hannan's 'words of truth', here's some more.

Remember, on 4th June this year, there is only one party giving you the opportunity of a referendum on the question of European Union membership.

The UK Independence Party!

Well Said, Daniel!

Perhaps the Conservative Party have the wrong leader?


Rights & Responsibilities

The launch of the Green Paper by the Secretary of State for Justice, Jack Straw and his Minister of State, Michael Wills has been presented to the electorate. The Foreward comprises 5 pages of stultifying, bureaucratese and contradictory waffle - on a par with just about everything this government does.

At 68 pages in length there is much to comment on, but to mention just a few points:

The Foreward, in the first paragraph, mentions right and freedoms, the need to know that people will behave responsibly towards each other and it adds that
"We [the Government] believe it is important that..........every UK citizen should be able to have their say in how their country is run;.....". Odd statement for a government that has given away the right of every UK citizen in that area, namely our membership of the European Union. It discusses the responsibilities citizens have toward each other, yet strangely does not mention the responsibility citizens have to the country, whether or not that be by birth or adoption of the country through immigration.

This Green Paper continues, ad nauseam, about the responsibility towards each other yet, as stated above, mentions nothing about the responsibility towards the country, its culture and its traditions. Later in the document it quotes from the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 and it is a pity that Jack Straw does not put more emphasis on points 1 and 4 of his quote.

Under Criminal Justice it says that the responsibilities to report on criminal activities are integral to a justice system but the detail of that obligation has never been highlighted and that the Government believes it should be. This looks like the beginning of an 'informants network' if it ever came to pass.

It is extremely interesting that, whilst saying it is open to persuasion, it "does not propose the inclusion of the principle of habeas corpus or a right to trial by jury in any new Bill of Rights and Responsibilities." One has to ask if this is the precursor to the introduction of the Napoleonic code of justice under an EU directive/regulation?

This proposed Bill of Rights threatens to be one large document, more in keeping with the EU Treaty of Lisbon in respect of length and just as incomprehensible!

Paragraph xiii of the Foreward states ".........We believe historians will bracket this Government’s reforms with the constitutional transformations of the 17th and 19th centuries as times of profound and invigorating change, when power was redistributed. These last ten years have been years of progress." Mr. Straw, rest in no doubt that historians will bracket your Government's reforms as the most draconian, the most repressive ever. You have managed quite successfully to break the link between the governed and the governors! One final correction to this paragraph and that is to the last word which should be 'regression'!

In conclusion the only advice that any sane person might give to Mr. Straw would be to file this Green Paper in the wastepaper bin - preferably a brown one!

Prayer For The Day?

Gordon Brown is my shepherd, I shall not work.
He leadeth me beside still factories.
He restoreth my faith in any other party.
He guideth me to the path of unemployment.
Yea, though I wait for my dole, I own the bank that refuses me.
Brown has anointed my income with taxes, my expenses runneth over my
income, surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of
his term.
From hence forth we will live all the days of our lives in a rented home
with an overseas landlord.
I am glad I am British, I am glad that I am free.
but I wish I was a dog and Brown was a tree.


Ever The Opportunist

Gordon Brown jumps on the bandwagon about MPs allowances by writing to The Committee for Standards in Public Life to look at the allowances system. True to form, with his expertise in 'clouding the issue', he also unexpectedly urged the committee to look at whether MPs should have second jobs.

Listen Dipstick, whilst having nothing to do with second jobs but all to do with how you and other MPs have 'misused' the allowances and expenses system for personal gain, if you really believed what you wrote should you not have instigated this enquiry some time ago?

Richard North provides one solution in his post, however I strongly disagree with his suggested figure for MPs remuneration. Perhaps any new system of MPs remuneration should include an element of 'payment by results'?

On reflection that is probably unworkable as on present evidence, with some exceptions, it would result in MPs refunding the taxpayer!

Update: Just noticed a report that says MPs want a payrise of £40,000 to replace second home allowances.
So for giving up £24,000, they want £40,000?

The words of Norman Tebbit spring to mind!

Winging Hypocrasy

The RSPB would appear to have taken wing on a flight of contradiction with their latest call for more onshore wind farms, reported today in the Daily Telegraph. Courtesy of An Englishman's Castle, contrast this latest 'statement' with this, this and this.

The latest article states that a report by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) states that Britain was being left behind countries such as Denmark, where wind met 29 percent of demand. The article also states that the charity said mapping of areas that would be sensitive for wildlife - birds - should be part of the process.

The RSPB have obviously not read a paper published by Hugh Sharman BSc, ACGI, who is principal of international energy consulting and broking company Incoteco (Denmark) ApS; said paper being published by the Institute of Civil Engineering. Nor do they appear to have read another article published by Dr. Rob Johnston, entitled 'Energy: the answer is not blowing in the wind'

Whilst the RSPB state that two-thirds of its income comes from donations - one in no way denigrates the members of the RSPB and the work they do - the balance of the money (grants) includes funds given by such organisations as DEFRA and the Environment Agency, ie the UK Government and which amounted to £9,024,000; plus £3,169,000 from the European Union. The Annual Report and Accounts for 2007/2008 can be found here.

As it is well known that the 'wind farm' industry is a 'nice little earner', that the UK Government is adhering to energy directives from the European Union is it any wonder that a 'charity' is promoting EU/Government policy?

Monday, 23 March 2009

Cameron & 'Europe'

Courtesy of Open Europe I have come across an article by Andrew Grice in Saturday's Independent.

Recalling Cameron's statement that he did not want to say "one thing in London and another in Brussels", it is interesting to note that the eurocrats, with whom Cameron has held talks, believe "his bite would be less strong than his bark, that he would prove a constructive European".

The eurocrat's belief completely undermines Cameron's statement about not saying "one thing in London and another in Brussels".

Perhaps Mr. Cameron would clarify how he intends being "a constructive European" - and all that that entails - at the same time complying with his Privy Councillor Oath?

Brown & The McNulty Question

So Gordon Brown's spokesman has said that the question of how MPs are funded should be a matter for Parliament. On the basis that this was Gordon Brown doing a ventriloquist act, it just demonstrates the total ineptitude of the Prime Minister.

For someone who has done his best to derogate Parliament's powers and to denigrate its role in government and then suggest Parliament should 'police' itself is nothing but an example of vacuousness. It is obvious that Gordon Brown, along with a great number of his fellow MPs, has forgotten who provides his salary and the only logical 'judges' of an MP's behaviour should be those that provide said salaries.

Misuse of public funds is, I believe, a criminal offence and should not the matter therefore be subject to court proceedings? As a result, any MP found guilty of misconduct in a court of law should be banned from ever holding such office again.This does not apply only to McNulty, but also the recent cases of what might be considered fraud. Also, as I have posted previously, the proposal to strip holders of peerages for misconduct should be applied to MPs also.

The fact that anyone in a position of framing laws to dictate a country's morals and rules within which its society must fuction - and be allowed to continue so doing when they have shown they are patently unable to adhere to that same moral code and rules, beggars belief!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

One Reason For Leaving The EU - From A Conservative!

From Jonathan Isaby on Conservative Home.

"I have visited the European Parliament in Brussels on five or six occasions over the last decade, and each time I have returned to Britain equally, if not more, eurosceptic than before I went - and this time was no exception. Despite physically being there, it feels such a remote institution, especially when you gaze down at the seats in the Parliament chamber and recall that each MEP is representing literally millions of people - of whom so very few have ever been in touch with them, let alone got to meet them face to face.

That said, for as long as we remain members of the European Union, the institutions in Brussels cannot be ignored, since - as the regular refrain of us fervent eurosceptics goes - the majority of laws and regulations governing so many aspects of our lives do in fact originate there, whether we like it or not."

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings...............

One Would Have Thought So

From the Telegraph.

"One would have imagined that members of the Tory high command would be more than willing to put their hands into their own pockets when it came to backing events to raise money for their own party. Apparently not"

No further comment.

A Request Jamie - Please?

A touch of arsenic in the ingredients for Gordon's meal?

Oh Jacqui!

Reported in the Telegraph, Jacqui Smith's interview on the Daily Politics today was a classic example of 'political Labour waffle'. For those of you who missed it and have BBC iPlayer, do go watch.

For example, she could not, or would not, or did not want to, define 'extremism', yet this is what her entire proposal is built around - or at least that is the impression she gave. Mind you, with any politician - especially a Labour one - who knows what they mean when they open their mouth and speak!

These 60,000 'terrorist spotters' seem to me to be the beginnings of the Stasi 'state informers', but under another name - and being introduced under that 'catch-all' excuse of the 'threat of terrorism'. Or is that just me being my usual cynical self where this government is concerned?

Janet Daley - A Voice Of Reason

In her comment piece in tomorrows edition of the Daily Telegraph, Janet Daley highlights all that is wrong with the present Conservative Party and its Leader.

A few quotes from her article:

"....instead of being a clear and decisive launch of a fresh Tory approach to the economic future, last week's events have unravelled into yet another argument about the political direction of the leadership."

Homing in on the mixed message from Conservative Shadow spokesman on the question of the 45p tax rate and with William Hague saying one thing and Ken Clarke another:

"Quite apart from the economic unsoundness of raising tax on the investing and wealth-creating classes at a time when the economy needs their enthusiastic participation..........more confusion has been thrown into the Conservative message. The question, "What do the Tories really stand for?" is even more difficult to answer with any clear conviction."

When one thinks of 'wealth-creators' it is worth remembering, as was pointed out by Mark Wadsworth in a comment on one of my posts, that we are all - each in our own little way - wealth-creators and therefore it is pointless increasing the taxes at the top of the wage-scale without decreasing the taxes at the bottom - strange, no mention of the latter. Did I not hear something in the dim and distant past about 'lower taxes for all' and 'we are a tax-cutting party', or words to that effect?

Midway through the article Janet Daley suggests that David Cameron and the Conservative Party need to forget about 'nice vs nasty' and think 'honest', 'clear' and 'principled'. Janet, Janet, Janet - I admire your idea but I think you have forgotten one important point - this is David Cameron and the Conservative Party we are talking about here. (I should perhaps, in fairness, say that there are one or two (figuratively speaking) members of the Conservative Party to whom those remarks do not apply)

It is obvious that there needs to be a 'surgical' cull in the quangocracy field, however Janet Daley's suggestion of enrolling state employees in the Conservative Plans would seem to be doomed to failure on the basis that turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

Much has been written and spoken about the economic situation in our country and the methods required to rectify our ills.

Put very simply, the following is required now:

1. We inform the EU we no longer wish to be a member of their political club but that we are however perfectly willing to trade with them - the choice is theirs.
2. We 'surgically operate' on the 'quango industry'.
3. We go 'cap in hand and on bended knee' to those markets that we have 'ignored', for example the Commonwealth, and tell them we have, or will produce, the goods they want.
4. We legislate so that banks cannot lend more than they have.
5. We 'reconfigure' our parliamentary system not only so that power is really devolved to local authorities, but also to include a 'true accountability factor' of MPs to their constituents.
6. We 'help' ourselves first before we 'help' others.
7. Those who cannot, or will not, accept our culture, way of life and who will not work for the good of this country are 'invited' to leave.

Strong and xenophobic it may be, but that will do for 'starters' - comments?

Lunchbox Inspections

On a lighter note............

Curiously, Terry Wogan is not listed amongst the columnists of the Sunday Telegraph on their website, even though he contributes a weekly - and more often than not - witty offering.

His latest, on the subject of the busybody headmistress who insists on inspecting the contents of her pupils' lunchboxes to check their nutrional value, ends with the following:

"An older contributor remembers that he and his schoolmates used to have their lunchboxes inspected every year by an attractive female doctor. How the little fellows used to look forward to it..................."