Saturday, 31 October 2009

No Wonder

The BBC is reporting that "The government has insisted it will not make a ransom payment to Somali pirates who have kidnapped a British couple."

With the utmost respect to the poor unfortunate couple at the centre of this latest 'ransom demand' is it at all surprising that the government will not pay a 'ransom'? After all, it is not as if they are a quango, ngo, 'fake charity', an MP or similar 'deserving cause', is it?

Is it not about time that one of the governments who are 'responsible' for one/some of the hostages told the President of Somalia that 'Either you sort this out, or we will come in and do it for you'?

If that is too 'macho' for some - tough!

Only Three Fronts, Mr Cameron?

David Cameron, writing on The Blue Blog, states that the present government are exposed on three fronts. Only three? What planet is he really on and are not the Conservative Party supposed to be the Official Opposition!??

Let us not go into the areas where the Conservative Party is exposed, like the 'Lansley' front, the 'Gove' front, the 'Hague' front, to name but a few. It could be said that the entire Conservative Party's policy, especially on the EU, is in a bit of a 'Pickle(s)'!

Rentoul vs Oborne

John Rentoul, of the Independent, takes issue with Peter Oborne over some allegations made by the latter.

Rentoul's first challenge: "Name them, Peter" is ridiculous in that Rentoul, as a 'journalist', knows full well that 'sources' are never 'named' as it would be akin to 'biting the hand that feeds you'.

The second observation by Rentoul, that Blair opted for America rather than 'Europe' on the question of the Iraq war, is again illogical. It could well be argued that if Oborne's first assertion is true - and why should it be otherwise - then by ingratiating himself with America, Blair was but taking out 'insurance' that he would be welcomed and listened to were he to then become 'EU Prez'.

In any event, asked to initially believe assertions by Rentoul or Oborne, I know where my preference lies.

Too True For Once, Lord Heseltine!

Politics Home reports on the 'Straight Talk' programme hosted by Andrew Neil, with Lord Heseltine as the interviewee, in which Heseltine apparently believes that a 'Hung Parliament' is likely, come the next General election and goes on to say: "But then you come to another problem is that there are not many parties - I can think of some, one in Northern Ireland - that will form any sort of relationship with the Conservative," he will say." and "I think that David is doing a very good job....."
Two points: Firstly, on the basis the present government is hated by just about all the electorate and that there is not much to choose between Labour and Conservative, it stands to reason that were a 'Hung Parliament' to become a reality, then Cameron may well have that problem - hardly 'rocket science' is it? With regard to Heseltine's comment that Cameron is doing a good job, well he would think that would he not - after all Cameron is not only a closet Europhile but in so being has managed to keep the question of Britain's membership of the EU out of public debate - something for which Heseltine is only too grateful!

And Heseltine's words are given the weight of an 'elder statesman'? Ye Gods!

Cameron, The EU, Leadership & Social Engineering

Charles Moore, writing the main comment piece in today's Daily Telegraph, raises a few interesting points.

David Cameron maintains that he offers 'leadership'. where the present government have failed miserably he contends - all very noble. However, Charles Moore is spot on when he writes: "Where are the modern Tory ideas about how to break down the concentrations of European power and return it to people?" Touching on the now famous 'We will not let matters rest there' policy of the Conservatives. Charles Moore is, again spot on, when he writes: ".....the bad faith which the Tories have tried to deploy at election after election. They "won't let the matter rest" if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, they say. But anyone can see that letting the matter rest is exactly what, psychologically, they want." Exactly!

Also, in his article, Charles Moore, obliquely, raises the question of social engineering when he mentions Tony Blair's 'negating annihilating the forces of conservatism' - oh that we did indeed have a force of 'conservertism' in politics today, but yet again I digress. In mentioning Brown et all's attempt to culturally annihilate any political doctrine but their own, Moore writes: "And they see the European Union, with its power and money and its hatred of any challenge to its authority, as their last, best hope of smashing Conservatism forever."

Recently we had the accusation by Andrew Neather that, in opening the UK's borders, Labour had engaged in social engineering. Yet what is this aim of the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats of remaining a member of the EU - against the majority wish of the people - if it is not a form of 'social engineering'? And for three parties that supposedly believe in 'democracy', is it not a contradiction of their principles 'troughing' that they continue to defy the wishes of those who elect them?

Global Warming & Localism

A couple of points from Simon Heffer's comment piece in today's Daily Telegraph on the two subjects above.

Firstly on global warming/climate change Heffer makes this point: "........ I simply don’t believe in man-made global warming. As John Redwood so aptly put it a few years ago, the surface temperature of Mars has risen markedly in the past few decades, but they have yet to find the 4x4s that caused it."

Secondly, on the subject of Kent County Council wanting more grammar schools and the dislike of this by Cameron, Heffer says: ".... Kent should not just be allowed to expand existing schools – it should have the right to open new ones.....". Is that not what 'localism' is about - letting local authorities do what those living within its area want? What business is it of central government? Like Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives only pay lip-service to the idea of localism.

While we are on the subject of 'localism', while the aforementioned parties continue to adhere to membership of the EU we will never get true 'localism' in this country - is the wish to rule ourselves not 'localism', in a broader sense?

Friday, 30 October 2009

A Good Point

Richard North - aka EU Referendum and Defence of the Realm - made a good observation a few days ago in that blogs dealing with Afghanistan and Pakistan tend to be US or Canadian and that British bloggers, especially those of a political nature, have been strangely silent on the subject.

Whilst it has to be acknowedged that Richard North is an 'expert' on matters military, as is Christopher Booker on Climate Change/Global Warming, as someone who has only been blogging for just under a year my knowledge of such matters is limited - to say the least - as is, probably, those bloggers who have been blogging for far longer.

However, one point has struck me and that is this. On each occasion the UK suffers a fatality amongst the Armed Forces, we witness 'expressions of regret' from the Prime Minister at PMQs, such 'expressions of regret' dutifully repeated by Cameron, Clegg and other members of the 'Great and Good'. What we do not see - to my knowledge - at the 'homecoming' of our troops, when they parade though our towns and cities, is the presence of those Ministers who have a responsibility for the Armed Forces, nor do we see the MPs of the constituencies in which the 'homecoming' takes place, nor do we see the MPs in whose constituencies where the 'fallen' of those regiments lived.

Do not those MPs have a duty to ensure their 'presence'? Would not the relatives of those who serve in these regiments appreciate their MP's presence? Would not the relatives of those who have given their lives for their country, appreciate some 'political' acknowledgement?

Just a thought.............


The Daily Telegraph editorial comment today begins with a piece entitled 'McNulty typifies what's rotten in the House'. It concentrates on the fact that McNulty chose to live just outside his constituency and that his expenses were not incurred 'wholly,exclusively and necessarily'.

What the Telegraph seems to have missed is that, yet again, we have MPs passing judgement on their fellow MPs. Was this practice not supposed to cease? Perhaps the fairest and only practicable way in which MPs claims for expenses could be judged would be for the 'jury' to comprise members of the public, chosen from the electoral roll and changed every parliament?

It should be noted that (a) McNulty is a Labour MP and (b) the Commons Committee on Standards and Privileges contains 5 Labour MPs, 3 Conservative MPs, 1 Liberal Democrat and 1 Plaid Cymru.

The Chairman, David Curry, changed the designation of his main home in 2005; Kevin Barron claims one of the highest mortgage interest payments on his second flat in London, which rose to more than £2,000 per month in 2007; Andrew Dismore designates a flat in Edgware, in his North London constituency, just 11.4 miles from Westminster, as his second home. He owns another flat five miles from Parliament. He does not claim mortgage interest or rent, but does claim £90 a month for Council Tax and £835 per annum in service charges; Nick Harvey had to be reminded twice by parliamentary officials to submit receipts. Since 2001 he has claimed a total of £143,658 for his house in London, including interest on his £340,000 mortgage, which was £1,258 per month in June 2008. He also claims £30 per month for his subscription to Sky Sports; Greg Knight claimed £2,600 to have his driveway repaired; Elfyn Llwyd's claims were straightforward, yet he claimed almost as much for food bills as for the mortgage interest on his designated second home in London; Chris Mullin, Labour MP for Sunderland is, in the general concept of 'naughty' MPs virtually a saint, in that he still owns a 30 year-old black and white television - although he still claims the licence fee from the taxpayer. He also claimed £1,290 for food and ACA of £2,845; Nicholas Soames - like Mullins, almost a saint - claimed up to £1,340  a month for mortgage interest; Paddy Tipping claimed mortgage interest of about £500 per month on a flat in London, upto £400 per month for food as well as council tax and utility bills; Alan Whitehead, like Mullins and Soames, a relatively modest claimant claimed £1,942.98 for a new boiler and £730 per month mortgage interest on his London flat.*

You, the reader, shall be judge and jury.

* All details quoted taken from the Daily Telegraph supplement 'The Complete Expenses Files'.

Do MPs Not Have Answering Machines?

I was struck by a letter in today's Daily Telegraph written by S.E. Hancock, part of which reads:

"If MP's spouses aren't paid, is it reasonable to expect them to continue to accompany their partners to numerous events without any reward?  Sharing the home inevitably requires a degree of involvement in the day-to-day political life of an MP (just answering the phone and taking messages could be a full-time job for many). It is seldom "nine to five" and will always intrude on normal domestic life."

For Gods sake, S.E. Hancock, do MP's not have an answering machine? How many people are there telephoning the home of an MP? Party workers, other MPs, their central office? And the telephone rings all day? Were I married, and my wife had to take a message for me due to my not being at home, I would have to pay her????? Likewise were the situation reversed, I could claim payment from my wife?? FFS! Oh, and don't MPs have mobile telephones?

Would not any normal wife, if she truly loved her husband - and not wishing to upset the 'illogical' PC brigade, if a partner/husband truly loved his/her 'other-half' - would he/she not be only too pleased to help his/her MP partner/wife/husband in his work? Would the partner/wife/husband not be only too pleased to have a 'day out'?

This letter, from S.E. Hancock, just demonstrates the ridiculous, low level that the subject of MPs remuneration - and that of their families, where they are 'employed' - has reached.

The Most Effective Politician

Politics Home reports that Cameron is the most effective senior politician in the opinion of his peers, with Mandelson and Gove following in that order. It does depend how one judges 'effective' of course, but is that for honesty, truthfulness, plain-speaking, standing up for their country or 'over-all' effective?

Personally, I am hard pushed to name one politician who I consider is effective 'over-all' if one is considering the four examples above. Some politicians do possess principles but appear to subjugate them for personal gain. As examples, I would offer Hague and Fox from the Conservatives - both in the past Eurosceptic, yet both have 'moulded' their principles in order to hopefully attain Cabinet posts in a Cameron government. Cameron? Presented himself at the election for a Conservative leader as a Eurosceptic but that appears to have been a 'facade'. If one includes the 'expenses' question, especially in respect of 'principles', then one really is 'scratching round' for 'effective' politicians. Hollobone? Possibly, the man does seem to be 'whiter than white' in his claims and how he 'operates'.

How Mandelson appears in second place, God only knows! How many times has he been 'discredited'? How many chances does a politician get, FFS!

 MPs are clamouring to be accepted as 'listening' to their electorates and wish to appear 'honourable', or in plain English 'whiter than white'. If politicians wish to appear to their constituents as 'honourable' and therefore 'whiter than white', the answer is 'simples' really - don't take the public for 'a ride'!

Dominic Grieve - Hyprocrite

Reported on Conservative Home, Dominic Grieve is enraged that the proposal to limit the opening of polling stations etc - discussion paper or not is neither here nor there - and talks about 'fundamental democratic principles'.

Pity Dominic Grieve does not wax so indignant about the 'fundamental democratic principles' that have been given to the EU by our political elite - without asking the people - something he seems content with by his adherence to the Cameron policy of remaining a member of this totally undemocratic and fraud-ridden, organisation!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here We Go

Reuters and the BBC are reporting that EU leaders have agreed a deal whereby Vaclav Klaus can ratify the Lisbon Treaty!

So what now Mr. Cameron?

MacShane Writes Again

Denis the Menace - remember him of Beano fame? And no, would I link Beano to MPs expenses? Temptation is great though - writes an article in the Grauniad on the subject of the Conservative Party's links with what MacShane calls 'hard-right parties' in Europe.

One has to ask though whether someone born with the surname Matyjaszek might not have a conflict of interest here? Because someone in their youth joined a far-right party, rather than another one, does not make them a pariah, does it?

Not that I am in any way a supporter of the present Conservative Party but, I mean to say Denis, how many serving members of the Labour government and party were members, in their youth, of the Communist Party?

Nuff said?

MPs To Vote On 'Kelly Reforms'?

David Blackburn, on the Coffee House, poses the above question, but seems to forget one aspect of the equation.

Who provides the effing money that MPs earn?

Never mind a vote of conscience - an MP's conscience being something that appears to be in short supply - perhaps MPs would care to spend some of the £10,000 Communications Allowance - a perk still extant - and actually ask their constituents by means of a local referendum how they should vote, if they are granted one?

The Energy Question Answered

A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country.
Well, there's a very simple answer.
Nobody bothered to check the oil.
We just didn't know we were getting low.
The reason for that is purely geographical.
Our OIL is located in the North Sea
Our DIPSTICKS are located inWestminster!!!

Miliband, you reading this? Got your ed round it yet?

Another Mindless Suggestion By Gordon Brown

One really does have to wonder at the level of intelligence required to reach the dizzy heights of 'Head Honcho' of one section of the Atlantic Region* of the EU.

In the latest 'waffling' by our Head Honcho, discussing the candidacy of Tony Blair for the post of Prez of the EU, he states: "I think it's in the British national interest to have a British person as President of the European council......." presumably trying to make us Brits believe that he [Blair] would 'stand up' for Britain.

Not read the 'conditions of employment' for EU employees lately, Gordon? You had no idea that EU employees cannot put their national interests before those of the EU?

Gordon, you really are the biggest twat the world has had the misfortune to suffer.

* "The Atlantic Region stretches from the top of the United Kingdom and Ireland down to the northern shores of Spain and Portugal, encompassing all of the Netherlands and parts of Germany, Denmark, Belgium and France along the way."

Giving Back 'Rights' Taken

Grant Shapps, Conservative MP for Welwyn, Hatfield and shadow minister for housing, blogs that his party will give local communities more say in local housing.

Well, thank you Grant!

And we are supposed to be thankful for returning something that you, as politicians, should never have taken in the first place?

Suggestion: why don't you and your ilk concentrate on 'national' matters and leave everything 'local' to us? Lets face it, we can hardly make a bigger mess of it than you, the 'political elite', have managed!

And Not Benign Dictatorship Either!

Muffled Vociferation, feisty lass that she is, has picked up on a number of 'requirements' 'demands' 'orders' recently issued by our government in Brussels.

God help us all, once Lisbon is ratified - the floodgates really will open then!

The Sound Of Silence

On 19th October I posted on the subject of Lord Monktons speech at Bethel University, a subject also commented on by Subrosa, amongst others.

 It says a great deal about our political class - and the media - that Lord Monkton's speech and the contents have failed to be reported with the level of coverage the subject deserves.

The 'political elite' wouldn't be trying to hide anything, would they? Surely not.

Interestingly, a recording of an interview given by Lord Monkton, on Monday 26th October, to an Australian radio programme has surfaced and can be heard here. One has to wonder whether Lord Monkton's talks scheduled to take place in America later this week will be commented on by British politicians or the press.

Breeding A Nation Of Pacifists?

With the highjacking of a yacht in the news, I happened to stumble across this video on the BBC website.

The BBC's transport correspondent, Richard Scott, ends his report with the advice that whatever you do, don't offer resisistence and learn to say 'hello' and 'welcome' in their language so that the pirates would know you are not going to fight.


Disregarding the question of why would anyone deliberately put themselves into a dangerous situation, were I in that situation the only 'hello' and 'welcome' that would be offered by me would appear from the barrel of an AK47!

BBC 'Censorship'

From the report in the Telegraph of Mark Thompson, BBC director general, appearing in front of a House of Lords Communications Committee:

"He said that did not mean the BNP would be on every week, but very occasionally, as with other minor parties, "there will be occasions where it feels right to invite them (on the) programme."
Pressed on how often minor parties should appear, he said: "I would say that we're talking about, in the case of a party which...if it continued to receive that level of support, appearances (would) probably be no more than once a year and could be less.

Mark Thompson needs to be reminded that all parties, regardless of their level of support, are legally recognised parties, with representatives elected by means of a democratic process and are therfore entitled to equal access to 'air time'. 'As with other minor parties' - so for example Ukip, which came second in the last countrywide election is a 'minor party'? And 'minor parties' appearances on any BBC political programme are dependent on the say-so of one Mark Thompson? And who the bloody hell elected you, Mark Thompson?

As the BBC are so heavily in favour of 'balance' and as the British public considers the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats offer nothing to choose between them, why not have 'another voice' to provide said balance? Oh Mark, another suggestion - kick off the bloody celeb. Their contribution would appear to be on a par with that of your contribution to the well-being of the BBC - pointless!

What Is It With MPs?

Tony McNulty  has been 'slapped on the wrist' and made to repay nearly £14,000 yet still maintains that it was 'within the rules'.


"We need to move on." Why Tony, so you can carry on finding yet another loophole with which to line your pockets? So that we forget what you and your ilk have done?

No way, Sunshine - you may have a short memory but we do not!

Tony Blair - Mark 1 & Mark 2

John Rentoul has uncovered the similarity between two people with the same name.

Tony Blair, 22,  preyed on rural communities.......

And, as we all know,

Tony Blair, 56, preyed on the bloody country......!

And The Moral Of Each Story Is........

Two stories which, it could be argued, have a certain resonance when considering the matter of MPs and their expenses.

"A married Irishman went into the confessional and said to his priest, "I almost had an affair with another woman." The priest said, "What do you mean, almost?" The Irishman said, "Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped.." The priest said, "Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You're not to see that woman again. For your penance, say five Hail Mary's and put £50 in the poor box." The Irishman left the confessional, said his prayers, and then walked over to the poor box. He paused for a moment and then started to leave. The priest, who was watching, quickly ran over to him saying, "I saw that. You didn't put any money in the poor box!" The Irishman replied, "Yeah, but I rubbed the £50 on the box, and according to you, that's the same as putting it in!"

"There once was a religious young woman who went to Confession. Upon entering the confessional, she said, "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. The priest said, "Confess your sins and be forgiven." The young woman said, "Last night my boyfriend made mad passionate love to me seven times." The priest thought long and hard and then said, "Squeeze seven lemons into a glass and then drink the juice. The young woman asked, "Will this cleanse me of my sins?" The priest said, "No, but it will wipe that smile off of your face."

Conservative Party Policy 'In A Nutshell'

Timothy Kirkhope, writing in the Daily Telegraph:

"By his very nature, Tony Blair will turn the post of President of the European Council into something that the overwhelming majority of Britons do not want and have been denied the opportunity to vote for......"

Well, well - so the Conservative Party do not want a President of the EU that no-one has voted for! Yet they are content though to commit this country to membership of the EU - something on which we, the people, have been denied a vote!
In the Mail a senior shadow cabinet minister is quoted as saying: "The message is clear: you can have President Blair and five years of internecine warfare with Britain over Europe; or you can have another president and a good working relationship". In other words, confirmation of the Conservative desire to remain in the EU, with the unspoken message they will go to war with the EU over Tony Blair, but not on behalf of the British people and their majority wish to re-negotiate Britain's membership!


For God's Sake, Just Go!

The expenses saga continues, with the leaked parts of the Kelly report, as witnessed here, here and here.

Anna Raccoon sums it up quite nicely!

 "Oh dear! A small taste of life as an ordinary citizen. Your finances changed at the whim of somebody you didn’t vote for, no debate, nothing you can do about it, reduced living standards…….my heart bleeds for them. We can be sure the Commons chamber will be bulging at the seams as they bitterly complain at the unfairness of all this."

What is needed it seems is a modern-day 'Cromwell' to sack the lot of them; for we, the people, to re-write the rules, and then the whole sorry saga to be laid to rest.

Is Now The Time To Stop Digging, David

Nick Robinson reports on a change of Conservative thinking on the subject of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

"David Cameron's "cast-iron guarantee" to Sun readers of a Euro referendum expires, I'm told, once there is no further chance of stopping the Lisbon Treaty. In its place comes a different cast-iron guarantee of a new law to force any future government to put any future EU treaty to a popular vote."

 Firstly, Article 3.4 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) states "The Union shall establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is the euro." Regardless of what any future UK government may wish, one way or another, this country will be forced, at some time in the future, to adopt the euro.
Secondly, it is generally accepted that the Lisbon Treaty is a self-amending treaty and as a result the requirement for any future treaty is negated. Therefore the promise of a referendum on any future treaty is as meaningless as Cameron's previous 'cast-iron gurantees'!

The longer the Conservative Party continue to obfuscate and prevaricate on stating their policy in respect of this country's membership of the EU, the bigger the hole they create for themselves.

Time to stop digging now, David?

And The Punishment For Fraud Is............

So Tony McNulty is to 'apologise' and repay £13,000 of his claimed expenses, if this report is true.

Inspector Gadget must have the last word on this story!

"McNulty famously said in the House of Commons that PC Copperfield’s book was (and by association I guess, Police Blogs in general) a “work of fiction”. Looking at the way he ran his accounts, we can see that the man clearly knew what he was talking about!"

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Its The Gospel, Man!

Harry's Place has a post by 'brownie' who, one presumes, is a disciple of his namesake - if one is comparing incoherent thought processes.

Admittedly, I have not seen the programme in which the subject of the post took place, however if Alan Titmarsh did 'question' Joan Ruddock about her views - where is the 'crime'? Where is the 'crime' in questioning Ruddock's "advocacy of what the world’s pre-eminent climate scientists agree is happening right here right now"? Because the audience "clapped their uninformed approval" means that the audience were wrong in their opinion? So, 'brownie's' views are the only true view?

"Un-feckin-believable" is the comment from brownie that follows the previous quote. What is undeniably 'believable' is the fact that none of the commenters, at the time of writing - appear to agree with 'brownie's' views!

One is reminded of this scene from the film 'Inherit The Wind*' which dealt with questioning that the Bible was the only book on evolution. Equate the argument in this clip to 'pro' and 'anti' in the global warming/climate change debate. To quote the character, played by Spencer Tracy, we the so-called Deniers, want the 'right to think'!

Brownie's 'mantra' that the 'world's pre-eminent scientists' - which they are most definitely not in that a number of them are not 'scientists' - demonstrates that if he and his ilk were told to 'stick their heads in a gas oven' because it would help combat global warming/climate change, they would do so.

Go, brownie, Go!

* One of the 'best' films ever made - if you have not seen it, do!

The Conservative Party 'Complex'

Jonathan Isaby, on Conservative Home, is reporting on the thesis of James Forsyth in tomorrow's Spectator that the Conservative Party have a 'complex' about Tony Blair. 

I beg to suggest that an even bigger complex is that of 'What party are we, actually'.

It has always amazed me that not one party member has taken it to court under 'Misrepresentation of Goods Act' - mind you, their 'get out of jail free card' would probably be that they spell it the same!

South West Norfolk's Conservative Association

It seems that the above have got themselves in a 'bit of a tizz liz' over the selection of their PPC, to the extent that the decision appears to be being reviewed.

At least if any of the Association develop a hernia as a result of their initial decision there will be no need to call the medical emergency services. They will have the required remedy 'on the doorstep'!

Do Ran Ran

So Margaret Doran has 'run off' with a severance package worth £278,000 - for two years work? WTF! The taxpayer has to fund this??

Listen Glasgow City Council, you made the decision to combine two departments and appoint her and then subsequently discovered you had made a mistake. Well, how about you putting your hands in your pockets and paying for your own mistakes?

And who is Margaret Doran, I hear you ask? Oh, she is married to Michael Connarty, the Labour MP for Linlithgow and Falkirk East.

Nothing like 'keeping it in the family' - is there? 

With apolologies to Subrosa for 'treading on her patch'!

Twisted Priorities?

Much has been written and reported on the subject of MP's expenses and the possibility, if the leaked reports are correct, that their 'income' will be severely restricted by the Kelly report.

It is a sign of the times that MPs consider their income 'restriction' far more important than matters of state. No better example can be quoted than that of the comments of Conservative MP, Mark Pritchard, who is reported as saying "As I said to my wife, if an MP doesn't stand up for his wife, how can he be expected to stand up for the sovereignty of this country?" If only MPs had stood up for the sovereignty of this country! And does Mark Pritchard really need reminding that MPs are elected to stand up for their country, not their wives?

To MPs one has to pose the questions: Where was the 'outcry' about the proposed increase in the UK's contribution to the EU budget of £5million A DAY, especially when the country is supposed to be 'broke'? Where was the 'outcry' about the reported plans for taxes to be paid direct to the EU? Where was the 'outcry' that it is reported that 1 in 10 Britons now have a profile on a police database? How is it that I missed the sight of MPs clamouring to protect our country from unnecessary expense and loss of liberty?

Posting earlier about Gordon Brown's gaffe at today's PMQs, when he said "This morning, in Brussels, we got permission................", it is worth noting that this provoked not one atom of reaction in  the House of Commons, least of all from David Cameron, neither does the media appear to have picked it up. Were Cameron the Eurosceptic he claims to be, surely he should have landed on Gordon Brown like the proverbial 'ton of bricks'? The reason he did not is due, one suspects, to the possibility that Cameron is no more a Euroseptic than is Michael Heseltine or Ken Clarke.

Perhaps MPs need to really prioritise their priorities?
Yet another thought............

The True State Of Affairs

Just a few minutes ago Gordon Brown, in answer to a question from David Cameron, said:

"This morning, in Brussels, we got permission................"

Thus spake the Prime Minister of our Government - and we have not ceded sovereignty?

Ye Gods!

Update: View it here, approx 6minutes 10 seconds in.

David Shepherd - Cricket Umpire

The death of David Shepherd has been announced.

A sad loss and someone who will be much missed by cricket-lovers everywhere.

Condolences to his family.

Politicians - Treacherous, Treasonous?

The Mail carries a leader and an article by Quentin Letts, both accusing David Miliband of treachery following his speech at the International Institute of Strategic Studies and his tour of the television studios promoting the candidacy of Tony Blair for the position of President of the EU.

When the question of EU membership and ratification of the Lisbon Treaty are concerned why single out David Miliband? Are not all those 'pro-EU' Privy Councillors guilty of a failure to stand up for this country, in view of their Oath of Allegiance? Are not ordinary 'pro-EU' MPs also guilty of treachery in view of their Oath of Allegiance? Have they not all agreed to subordinate themselves to a higher 'authority'? Have they not, in effect, made themselves redundant?

Just a thought..........

The Czech Constitutional Court

For those interested in the above, this will provide a resume of the proceedings yesterday and this will provide a summary of the objections made by those who brought the case to court.

H/T: Your Freedom and Ours who posted on the above.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sixth Form Diplomas - Two-Tier Qualification

The Daily Telegraph reports that "The Government’s flagship sixth form diplomas risk becoming a two tier qualification dominated by brighter pupils, college lecturers have warned." The print edition of the paper is slightly different and contains this "A survey of 133 colleges found many teachers were concerned that the requirements for literacy and numeracy were too high, restricting diplomas to high achievers." And there was I thinking that diplomas were something special, only earned by someone with a superior intellect - well they were when I was at school in the 50s, which is why I never got one!

Then we read that the further five courses, to be introduced in September, will feature business, environmental studies, hair and beauty, and manufacturing. So at least the government has accomplished one thing - that those having their hair cut in years to come can rest assured that they will be served by 'green loving' 'barnet-cutters', who supposedly will know what they are doing, will have the ability to not only give the right change but also know how to make a cup of tea or coffee properly rather than press the appropriate button on a machine!

And when one looks at the Association of Colleges website, the 'quango' & 'fake charity' alarm bells start to ring! Not only a London office but nine regional offices - wow! And a Charitable Trust - wowee!

The more one looks at quangos/advisory bodies/NGOs and their like it would seem that the proposed bonfire is not enough - we need to 'nuke the bastards'* and in so doing achieve ours.

* Bill Pullman in Independence Day

Kicking The Bouquet

A story in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph today recounts that managers at the Gorstage cemetery in Weaverham, Cheshire have banned Stanley Brown, 77, leaving more than one bouquet of flowers on his wife's final resting place as they are 'obstructions', preventing gardeners from cutting the grass and could cause them to 'trip over'.

Setting to one side the possibility of a gardener tripping and, as a result of the injury caused, taking legal action with a view to gaining compensation from the owners of the cemetery - in the worst scenario, even 'kicking the bouquet' early (with apologies to Hyacinth) - it would seem that we have a grave point of principle here.

Besides being yet another instance where the Health & Safety culture has 'lost its marbles', is it beyond the wit of those doing the grass cutting to move any bouquets and then replace them? Is it also beyond the reasoning power of those above the grass - said reasoning power which would appear to be less than those under the grass - to work out that any 'trip hazard' is likely to meet the blades of the mower well before the feet of those behind it?

It will be remembered that, previously, headstones had also been cited as 'hazards'; however it is now obvious that it is 'headcases' that are the hazards!

And The Reason We Have MPs Is.........

If ever there was a case for getting in the 'men in white coats' to deal with those members of our society who exhibit every indication that they have lost the ability of rational thought, then this must surely be as good a reason as any.

We all know that EDMs are pretty useless vehicles and most are created by MPs purely to 'get their name in the news' and to show their constituents that 'they are doing something'.

Were this particular EDM to become the subject of a full debate, what would its purpose be and what 'weight' would it carry? Answer to both is zilch! The decision of who becomes the figurehead of the EU, like just about anything affecting the UK, cannot be influenced by the people of this country, least of all our MPs.

Why do a group of people who gave up their right to govern their country still believe they do?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday 26th October 2009

No posting today due remaining interviews with Housing Association bidders and attendance at a talk this evening by Nigel Farage which is being hosted by the Oxford Libertarian Society.

Posting will resume tomorrow, Tuesday.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Klaus' Last Stand - With Apologies to General Custer

The Times is reporting that Vaclav Klaus is supposedly making one last attempt to derail the Lisbon Treaty.

"Twenty years after the restoration of our democracy and sovereignty, we are once again dealing with the question whether we should — this time voluntarily, based on our free will — give up the position of a sovereign state and hand over decision-making on our own matters to European institutions that are outside of the democratic control of our citizens."

Listen Vac - of Hoover fame? - much as I admire your attempts on our behalf, could we just have less of the 'twenty years' bit and remember that we, in this country, have bloody centuries of democracy and sovereignty and fat lot of good it has done us!

A Thought

Apologies for 'harping on' about sheltered accommodation and older people, but................

I am in the process of reading a report on sheltered housing, its history, the aspect of the Supporting People programme, an important aspect in the provision of sheltered housing, and other matters.

Remember that the majority of people who live in sheltered accommodation are those who fought, or were involved, in two World Wars and thus were part of the effort to sustain the 'British way of life' and the country's independence. 

One comment, from a respondent who is an inhabitant of a sheltered housing scheme and who was interviewed during the compilation of this report, is this:

"We are a burden - we are nothing now. We live too long. All they think about is giving money to people who have not given anything, unlike us."

Question: Before we give money to 'others' - the under-developed world; the 'immigrant groups', to help them integrate; other 'countries' like the EU, to help in the creation of something the majority in this country do not want - should we not take care of those who helped to maintain the 'independence' of our country?

Just a thought...............

Conservative Political Logic?

When considering one's vote at the next General election it is hoped that any thinking elector will consider the abilty and intelligence of possible ministers in the party for which they are voting.

On this point, one has to have justified reasons for doubting whether the Conservatives stand a chance of forming the next government.

Mark Francois, Conservative Shadow Minister, is quoted as saying: "The British people do not like the Lisbon Treaty and if it was used to impose Tony Blair as European President without the British people having a say, it would only underline the Treaty’s complete lack of democratic legitimacy."

Ye Gods, is this an example of the low level from which the British electorate has to choose?

 If the British people do not like the Lisbon Treaty, your obvious course of action is........? 

 If the Lisbon Treaty has a complete lack of democratic legitmacy, your course of action is.......? 

 If your 'revered leader' - question: how do you spot a potential Conservative minister; answer: they all have stains on their tongues - is campaigning on remaining a member of the EU, your course of action is.........?

One wonders whether the brightest of the bunch have worked out the answers yet!

Diversity & Equality 'Gone Mad'

If ever there was a case for condemnation of the insane policies of this government, this must be a prime exhibit!

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad

Ok God, so you have made them mad - now just destroy the bastards!

Liam Byrne - No Brain!

According to Liam Byrne: "Mr Byrne said that there were no "miracle cures" for the recession......"

Oh there are, Dear Boy - one of them is 'Vote You Bastards Out'!


Passing Thought On The Education System

Much has been written on this subject and comment passed on how children are taught; how 'history' has been truncated; how political indoctrination is taught in schools with benefits of membership of the EU being included.

One wonders if the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families - aka the biggest load of balls ever foisted on an electorate by a government - knows of this quotation from Disraeli:

"Whenever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery."

H/T: Samizdata

Another Lickspittle

David Miliband seems to have joined John Rentoul of the Independent from what David Miliband is reported to have said on the Andrew Marr Show.

Under the circumstances I must pose the same question to Miliband as that posed to Rentoul. 

It is pleasing that, if true, he denies that he is in the running for the post of Foreign Representative of the EU. After all, who would take notice of a banana - unless of course it was another monkey?

Sunday Or Not.........What The.............!

Pauline Howe wrote to Norwich City Council complaining about a gay pride march in the city centre during July and then gets interviewed by the police for holding 'inappropriate' views??

The response of Stonewall and the police is indicative of the state society has sunk in this country when a persons views can be considered a crime. I find homosexual's practices somewhat offensive and whilst I do not demonstrate against them - each to their own, as they say - perhaps both Stonewall and the police had better take note that if I wish to publicly criticise homosexuals, or anyone else, I will do so.

Perhaps Norwich City Council and Norfolk Constabulary need to 'get a life' and perhaps a tad of common sense injected into their politically correct 'mission statements'. And to think that those living in Norfolk have part of their council tax diverted to keep brain-dead idiots like these two bodies in existence? No doubt JuliaM at Ambush Predator will take this reported story and tear it apart - me, I am too annoyed to do so at the moment.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Postscript To 'Housing Association Interviews'

Further to the post, entitled as above, I reproduce an ode from shelteredhousinguk. Corny it might be, however verses 5 ande 6 say it all!

"Lives filled with trials and tribulations,
as well as times of bliss.
We soldiered on through love and war,
its time to reminisce.

Our duty done our families raised,
grandchildren at our feet.
What'er we've done is history now,
our lives are near complete.

Time to think how best we can
be safe as life's undone.
We need a plan to see us through
the frailty to come.

Sheltered housing points the way,
it should remove the worry.
They do all the donkey work,
so we do not have to hurry.

What forethought generations past
built these places for the old,
What vision and what solicitude,
for our care they were so bold.

But newer younger people,
that life's experience lack,
For them truth's not grey through white.
Its only white or black.

You do not need a Warden,
this generation call.
We have been to university,
and thus we know it all.

What poppycock affects the old,
that they should even dare.
To think that their very ageing
entitles them to care.

For Wardens we will pay no more.
who heard of such nonsence.
This world we have recreated,
is run on Pounds and Pence.

So lonely as you were before,
then lonely you shall be.
There is no place for coffee mornings
and biscuits and afternoon tea.

Please just get out quietly ,
and do not make a fuss.
Its really quite distressing
that you should bother us.

So hark ye elderly citizen,
long past the days of yore.
Gone is Sheltered Housing
it does not exist 'no more'!"

Hear Hear!

If any reader wishes to know how I feel, why I am so angry, why I hate this government, why I don't see any better future with the Conservatives, why my belief in a monarchy is being stretched to the limit, why I am so 'p'd off' - go read this!

All credit to Captain Ranty.

How I wish that I was blessed, as is he, 
With the ability to put words together, as does he!

On Rule For Them And One Rule For ...........

Christopher Booker writes an article on the disparity on the level of 'punishment' levied on Ukip when compared to the Liberal Democrats for breaking the law on 'donations'.

I have posted previously on the inability - or cowardice - of the three main parties to debate with what they refer to as 'minor parties', regardless of the subject matter. With BNP - the political party, not the bank - many comments have been written in both the media and the blogosphere - that they should be banned. WTF, they are a legal political party, with duly elected representatives, as are Ukip.

In respect of Ukip, instead of hiding behind the skirts of an unelected and unaccountable body in the hope that that body will 'kill' the opposition, debate with them! Setting to one side anyone's political views, it is hoped that any reasonable, fair-minded person would agree that the difference in the punishment levied by the Electoral Commission is out of all proportion.

Once again, as I have posted previously, David Cameron has been invited three times to debate with the Witney branch of the UK Independence Party the question of Britain's membership of the European Union and on each occasion he has declined. What is he afraid of? If he is so sure of his case for that membership then why is he so afraid? It must be as case of 'Put up or shut up'!

The example of David Cameron is not, I hasten to add, criticising one political leader or the party he represents - it is applicable to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Come on chaps, or do you all fit the description of 'Big Girl's Blouse'?