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Yet again I have to revert to posting on a subject that was, in years gone past, termed a profession but is now populated with what can only be called 'dipsticks', the latest example of which is Mary Riddell who writes (if that is the right word) the main comment piece in the Daily Telegraph tomorrow.

Mentioning the £800million, announced at the Heads of Commonwealth meeting, that Britain is 'donating' (without our having been asked if we wished to donate), Mary Riddell conveniently omits to mention that the vast majority of that £800million will, no doubt, disappear into the pockets of the ruling elite in those 'underdeveloped' countries.

Allowing that it is this ill-informed woman's right to pen rubbish, in this case what may happen to the 'Green' vote at the next general election, what is important is that it should be every good journalists aim to inform their readers on matters of great importance. Mary Riddell, as I have written previously here and here, is a prime example of a 'journalist' who would not know a good story if, in her case, it slapped her in the Cat face.

Instead of writing about 'Green' votes this apology for a journalist dipstick should address the democratic deficit that is facing this country. As of midnight tonight, Monday 30th November 2009, the United Kingdom ceases to exist and becomes a region of the EU State - namely Region UK, a region designated by the Eurostat, with sub-regions (Level 2) and sub-sub-regions (Level 3). Eurostat can truly be said to be 'NUTS' - but I digress (again!). Riddell could instead write about the emasculation of our democracy due to our membership of the European Union; she could also write about the further emasculation caused by the present political system we have in this country, whereby political parties put their party above the country they are elected to safeguard.

Instead of writing about the devaluation of democracy, an article which could have been researched and linked to proven facts, she instead chooses to base an article on unproven 'science', or what it has become, a religion.

FFS! At least The Albion Alliance are attempting to redress this deficit in our democracy!

H/T: EU Referendum

BBC Reporting

It would appear, from this BBC report, that Baroness Warsi was not welcome in Luton.

At least the BBC resisted the temptation to say that Warsi 'scrambled' into a nearby shop for safety!

Just Try That With My Flag!

England Expects posts on a rather embarassing episode featuring the country of Malta and the EU Commission.

In their 'apology' the Commission said: "The Commission was in no way trying to insult the Maltese flag and any indignation this incident might have caused is greatly regretted". Even of more concern to those of us that believe in 'nationhood' the Commission said it was: "something which was still achieved despite the incident".

Having written the title of this post I do realise that the EU has already 'insulted' this country by their denigration of our constitution, way of life and customs, but if the EU f**k around with my flag that will result in a declaration, on my part, of war!

Oh and by the way, the EU know what they can do with my rights as an EU citizen too!

I really, really am getting bloody annoyed now!!

We Must Consider Their Human Rights

An article in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph (no link available, it would seem) details how the Royal Navy has regularly been allowing Somali pirates to go free because of the risk they would claim asylum if prosecuted in Europe and that there might be a possible infringement of their Human Rights.

Another 'take' on this story appears in The Register, written by an ex-RN officer.

Asylum? Human Rights? Well bugger me, there was I thinking that participants in acts of piracy ended up 'decorating the yardarm!

When & Where Will The Government Stop?

An article in the Daily Telegraph states that in trying to identify vulnerable children Lincolnshire Community Health Services introduced this questionnaire entitled 'School Entry Wellbeing Review'.

The only comment I would make is that, were I a parent and received this form I would not, as one critic suggested in the article, file it in the bin. I would make sure that it was filed with the originator in that part of his, or her, body where our American cousins say the sun doesn't shine!

As readers may have gathered from previous posts today - I am starting to get bloody annoyed!!

Yet More Central Control

Two stories, dealing with differing aspects of the same problem, caught my eye today - both appearing in the Daily Telegraph BluLabgraph.

The first concerns the introduction of 'smart meters' and the planned introduction to every one of the country's 26 million households. Now just one minute! What if I do not want a smart meter? It is, after all, electricity which I am using and for which I am paying. And if I wish to turn off my fridge then as it is my fridge I will decide when I wish to turn it off! I have to no wish to be able to benefit from "In terms of potentially intrusive non-physical behaviour unrelated to data, smart metering potentially offers scope for remote intervention such as dynamic demand management, which is designed to assist management of the network and thus security of supply. This could involve direct supplier or distribution company interface with equipment, such as refrigerators, within a property, overriding the control of the householder.".

Then we have the cost question with the article stating that "The cost will initially be swallowed by the energy companies, who over time will pass it onto consumers. The Government insists, however, that even with this cost consumers could benefit by as much as £100 a year because the smart meters will allow them to cut down on their energy usage."Why should I cut down on my energy use to counteract the inadequacy of government to manage the country's energy production effectively? Oh, and don't even bother to mention all that carbon emission crap either - it is an unproven science and has been shown to have had a certain degree of manipulation to its findings.

The second story concerns the latest uttering of wannabe Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Greg Clark. It seems that in order to meet the EU imposed energy commitments, the Conservative Party are now trying to bribe the electorate - but hey, whats new?
Communities would be offered shares in local wind farms, allowing them to become part-owners and enjoy a stake of the profits. Fine - and responsibility, as shareholders, for losses? And just how many members of a community would be able to benefit - a wind farm, for instance, in the 'wilds of Scotland' ain't going to have many community members, is it? And as for 'empowering' communities by offering part ownership of farms that are being imposed on them; that communities don't want and may well also be liable for costs; all based on a religion that has been shown as 'suspect', is folly of the highest degree.

The Conservative Party maintain they are different to the Labour Party. They are about as different as identical twins!

Grayling On Elected Police Commissioners

In a speech on 26th November Chris Grayling set out some details on how his party see elected police commissioners, or police chiefs, would function.

In his speech Grayling raised a number of points, however one stood out mainly for the stupidity on which it is based. Discussing the possibility that an 'extremist' might be elected as a police commissioner, Grayling said: "For the major political parties, one of the key lessons of recent years is that British voters tend to elect on the centre ground.". Perhaps, Mr. Grayling, this is due to the fact that there is little, in effect, between the beliefs of any of what is termed 'the three main political parties'. It is indisputable that all three main political parties have, over the years, usurped more and more of the 'freedoms' that the people had and have resorted to 'instructing' us on how we should live, think and act.

As an example of 'central control' by government, this statement should cause initial cause for concern: "I should also say that I would be very surprised if we are elected next year and go ahead with our plans if some of the newly elected local police commissioners are not drawn from those who are already chairing police authorities around the country...". Why is it necessary that of those available for election, the electorate should be forced to consider candidates who have been part of the 'system' and who have the 'system' ingrained in their thinking? Surely any member of the public should have the opportunity to put themselves up for election if they consider they have the policies that local people would embrace? If this latter point was not accepted, then considering Grayling's background his election to become an MP would surely have been somewhat 'hampered'? 

In creating locally elected police commissioners Grayling discusses a consultation process with police authorities and bodies - how about 'consultation' with the electorate, Mr. Grayling? And should you deign to 'consult' with the electorate, Mr. Grayling, it is to be hoped that a promise would be given that those views would be acted upon and not ignored. as has so often been the case in the past.

Grayling's speech is, regrettably, all to familiar in that 'central control' is all too evident, which in turn makes a mockery of the idea for having a locally elected police chief. To provide true localism to the law & order question and thus permit local communities to decide what 'level' of law & order they want, police forces need to operate and be accountable to those living within their local authority, an elected police chief needs the authority to deliver what those people want. It is all to obvious that under a Conservative administration 'central control' will still be all too evident - and 'localism' that ain't!

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Writing on the 'pay-offs' that the 13 EU Commissions, who were not re-elected, will receive the  Times mentions some figures that are truly staggering. Even those Commissioners who have been in office for less than one year will receive a 'pay-off in excess of £250,000. The press summary from  Open Europe also comments on this 'largesse'. 

Whilst discussing how the taxpayer's money is wasted on incompetents, a related article in Open Europe's press summary bears repetition. Apparently The Sunday Times reported that Cabinet Ministers are findings that they can no longer call on their Government drivers after 7pm, because of the EU’s Working Time Directive. They are now forced to use agency chauffeurs, or taxis.

On the basis that both these reports are undoubtedly true, one has to repeat the well used plea - can we please get the hell out of the EU madhouse?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

The End Of Democracy?

Captain Ranty has a thought-provoking post which I heartily recommend is read.

Whilst any fool knows that membership of the EU does not result in democracy per se - at least, not as it is generally understood - there remains a deeper problem that we in this country must face and, by use of our vote at the next general election, change.

For far too long we have had a system in this country whereby a mis-guided individual idiot manages to get elected to a position by process which he becomes leader of his party. Presently we have three such examples who now lead the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties. Once attaining this position he then proceeds to act as a dictator in deciding what policies that party will put to the electorate and refuses to entertain any change to those policies from within, or outside, his party.

Under the present parliamentary and political system presently in operation MPs, once elected, are subjected to 'rule' by party whips who then ensure that, come a vote, their MPs cast that vote in accordance with party diktats, rather than what would be most beneficial to their constituents and, ultimately, for the country.


The Albion Alliance, who it must be stated are not a political party and who are not affiliated to any political party, are campaigning to ensure that candidates 'sign-up' to an undertaking that they will put country before party and also that they will pledge to actively promote - or actively support - a Bill to ensure that a referendum on the question of this country's membership of the EU is put into effect within the first year of the new parliamentary term.

It cannot be over-emphasised that this 'undertaking' should be the basic requirement to which any candidate standing at the next general election, regardless of party, must agree to accept. It is, after all, not to much to ask - is it?

Censorship - By Whom?

Richard North on EU Referendum and who also links to James Delingpole have both picked up on what can only be a form of censorship.

Now who the bloody hell in this wonderful free society Orwellian State that we live in would do such a thing?

The internet does not belong to the EU, any State, newspaper owners, newspaper editors or anyone else, so which ever one of you bastards has done this - would you please desist back off!

The Cameron Party Poll Decline

An interesting question is posed on political betting in respect of the decline in the poll figures for the Conservative Cameron Party.

Interestingly the post notes that PaddyPower has a market on the number of votes that UKIP will get at the election - and the betting suggests a significant increase on 2005.

When one couples that betting trend with Lord Pearson's election as leader of Ukip and his latest message, methinks that the Boy Dave may well get the hung Parliament he so richly deserves.

Update: This 'poll' also suggests all is not well within the Cameron Party

Saturday, 28 November 2009

There You Have It!

According to this article in the Sunday Telegraph, that is.

Hailing the appointment of Michel Barnier, Sarkozy reckons he has 'got one over the British' but at the same time wishes to "calm worries in the City about a more regulatory French regime orchestrated by Paris."

A 'more regulatory French regime orchastrated by Paris'? But are not EU Commissioners expected to forsake their national 'interests' and only work for the promotion and good of EU policies?

The Sunday Telegraph quotes Le Monde as saying Sarkozy said: "The agreement on the role of Michel Barnier was sealed between Barroso and I three days ago. It’s exceptional for France. And the second victory is that our friends, the Romanians, have agriculture.” Le Monde adds in reported speech, not quotes: “In brief, two jobs the Anglo-Saxons will not have.” 

And this is the 'system' and 'government' that Cameron, along with Brown and Clegg, wish us to be governed by? 

Bring on Lord Pearson - I, for one, want out NOW!!!!

And We Do Not Live In A Police State?

From The Register we find that if you are too tall and are a photographer, you can be arrested! No, really!! Do read the story first - and the links within, before what follows.

"He was then handcuffed, held in a police van for 20 minutes, searched in public by plain clothes officers before being released. It remains unclear, both from from his own account and from subsequent police explanations, exactly why he was arrested – although he did note at the time that the WPC stated she had felt threatened by his size - 5' 11" and about 12 stone - and implied that she found it intimidating."

Now according to this the average weight of a woman is 10st 7lbs and height 5ft 9ins - based on figures issued by the  Dept of Trade & Industry. (Trade & Industry??) We all know that size matters so it must be true that 2 inches really does make a difference!

Even more of concern is this: "photographer Alex Turner was stopped whilst taking snaps in Chatham High St and approached by two men, who refused to identify themselves, but demanded that he show them some ID." (my emphasis).

Someone going about their lawful business, not causing any trouble, not committing any crime can be stopped by someone who does not have to show identity when doing so? WTF!!!

This story demonstrates that, on the whim of a police officer, you can be arrested?

It was the impression of the majority of this country, one would believe, that we live in a free democracy so can we please get back into our system of law - and law enforcement - some level of freedom? 

H/T: Old Holborn

Country Before Party

At last a political leader has stated something that all political parties and their leaders should embrace without question, yet unfortunately do not.

Newly elected leader of the UK Independence Party, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, has stated: "We are always ready to put our country before our party." (scroll down to 7.33 and listen to the podcast).

The Albion Alliance are writing to all MPs and PPCs standing at the next general election to ask them to put country before party and sign the pledge which is asked for. So far, of the replies received, not one candidate of any party has agreed so to do. In fact some replies are now starting to be received in which MPs are declining to answer on the basis that the enquirer does not live in their constituency and citing Parliamentary protocol. 

What should be noted is that the question asked - will they put country before party and sign the pledge - has nothing to do with their constituency. This obfuscation on the part of MPs is ridiculous when one considers they are only too happy to offer an opinion on a national matter when it means a tad of publicity for them and a 'soundbite'. An example of this is that of Michael Gove who replied: "I am afraid I am not your MP!", not what one could consider a very polite response!

The attitude exhibited by Gove is an example of those who consider themselves the 'self-appointed chosen ones'. Well Michael, you ain't been chosen yet and carry on in that vein and you most likely won't be!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Climate Change Fraud

Courtesy of Subrosa I came across this video, which is well worth watching, dealing with the CRU data falsification of facts.

With politicians being led by scientists, the phrase 'the blind leading the blind' springs to mind.

Cameron On Climate Change

On the Blue Blog David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Cameron Party, states his belief in why the Copenhagen/UN conference on climate change is so important.

David Cameron is obviously 'signed-up' to the fact that climate change is a 'given' and that the science is 'proven' No mention, of course, that he cannot decide these matters for the benefit of his country and that he is beholden to compliance with our masters in Brussels. That would require an admission of honesty, something which is most noticable, on his part, by its absence. No mention that the 'science' on which this idea of climate change is based has been shown to be a scam.

Making the point that members of his - note the word 'his', when surely it should be the country's - shadow cabinet, have set out plans to protect the environement, not one word about how this is designed to hasten said compliance.

Cameron writes: "Two incredibly powerful ideas lie behind these policies. The first is about the role of the state. Government does have a role to play in helping people to live sustainably. But it is at its best when it enables people to take action for themselves.". I, for one, do not like the phrase 'The first is about the role of the state. Government does have a role to play in helping people to live sustainably. But it is at its best when it enables people to take action for themselves.', in that it shows, under a Conservative government, the people of this country have yet more central government diktats to come. What happened to the idea that it is people's lives Dave, and as such it is not your 'choice' how they live those lives? If only people were allowed to 'take action for themselves', rather than doing what will amount to that dictated by government.

Stating that we, in this country, cannot afford to ignore what is happening in the rest of the world Cameron, in turn, ignores one basic principle. As a Prime Minister - if he actually does become one - before he saves the world, he has to save this country, he has to save the people of this country from having their culture and way of life subjorned by a minority of other races that seem determined to wreck it, he has to ensure that we can govern ourselves and decide our own laws.

Probably the most laughable statement by Cameron is that "The second idea is about international leadership. I believe passionately that just as we are part of One Nation here in Britain....". When one considers that we are no longer an independent nation, but merely a region in the EU 'empire', that statement is no more than a plea by Cameron to get his name into the media as the 'Gauleiter' of EU Region UK1.

And this is the person who believes he should be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Presumably this belief is based on his qualification as a charlatan!

Anna Calls Time

Anna Raccoon has announced her 'retirement' from the blogosphere and one can only sympathise with her reasons.

Whilst expressing understanding for her decision, it is read with the utmost regret not just for the departure of one of our own, but that this particular person has, for the time being, decided to call it a day.

She will be sorely missed by me, no doubt amongst many - if not for her witticisms and insight - but especially for showing that her command of the English language and ability to write was peerless.

In the days to come she may have gone - but she will never be forgotten!

Words Of Wisdom

Captain Ranty on one of his 'rants', discussing the 'three party system' of which only really two count:

"When people have decided that they have had enough, choices are limited. The stock answer is "Vote 'em out!". Good advice if the opposition weren't exact replicas. Labour numpties wear red ties, and Tory numpties wear blue."

On the basis there is going to be a 'peer' review - let us have some purple/yellow ties!

Now What I Meant To Say Was......

On EU Referendum, Helen has a post on the election of Lord Pearson to the leadership of Ukip. Remarking on the fact that praise by Richard North, for the previous leader of Ukip, has been noticable by its absence and that that might change, she ends with the words: "Now that's something we have not seen in these parts before."

Or, as I suggested in the comments, "Now that's something we have not seen far age(s)"

Never Mind The Brewery!

A prominent Conservative council leader has cast doubt over the quality of the shadow Cabinet, suggesting they are not experienced enough to run a country.

Maybe not, but they sure are agreed that it is okay to piss away our democracy!

Fat Chance!

A controversial religious group at the centre of a political row today challenged Conservative leader David Cameron to join it in a public debate

Nice idea but Cameron does not 'do' debate!


Having been out all day yesterday and not arriving home until early afternoon today I am a tad late in catching up on what is in the media.

Spotted Jeff Randall's comment piece in the Daily Telegraph and in view of the headline thought it might have some connection with the EU.

Then realised that it couldn't as, in the political sense, Britain has no talent amongst Brown/Cameron/Clegg. Those few in Parliament who do possess some are sidelined by the 'Three Numpties'!

And Baroness Scotland?

The BBC reports that the ex-housekeeper to Baroness Scotland is to be charged with three offences.

In respect of Scotland - the woman, not the country - the words of Albert Einstein spring to mind:

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Yes, But Where's The Bloody Money Coming From?

Is Gordon Brown hell-bent on wrecking this country for good and create an even bigger headache for the next government who have to solve the mess he has already made?

The latest idea of Gordon Brown is for a £10billion world fund to help developing countries halt climate change into which 'fund' Britain is to donate £800million.

So where is this sum of money to be found? Why should Britain donate towards a scheme based on a science which is open to question? And seeing as this money is, in effect, ours it would be nice to have been asked first! Oh, and useless as they are, no doubt Parliament would have liked to be consulted too!

Just because Gordon Brown is f***ed does not mean that the rest of us want to be - especially by him!

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Thursday 26th November 2009

Posting delayed until late afternoon today.

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To those lucky enough to have attended school when a subject called 'history' was actually taught, the word 'Quisling' had really only one definition and that referred to a Norwegian politician of that name who helped Nazi Germany conquer his country and subsequently governed.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary provides a definition of 'quisling': a person cooperating with an occupying enemy, a collaborator or fifth-columnist, a traitor. From Wikipedia we learn that "Quisling" is synonymous with "traitor", and particularly applied to politicians who appear to favour the interests of other nations or cultures over their own."

When considering the principles of British politicians today, coupled with the Parliamentary Oath taken on becoming an MP and the Privy Councillor Oath which those MPs who attain that exalted position take, and the position in which this country finds itself, viz-a-viz the European Union, perhaps the term 'quisling' can be applied to Cameron, Brown and Clegg. Whilst the EU may not, presently - but give it time - have a physical presence, it is most certainly 'occupying' Britain in that the country is subservient to so many of its laws.

For those MPs, who are not Party Leaders, the charge of 'quisling', it could be said, carries more importance as they have slavishly followed their Leader's, and Whips', diktats and voted as they were instructed. In so doing they have put their careers on a higher level of importance than their inherent duty to do their best for their constituents and, ultimately, their country.

Someone once said that politics is a dirty business - it seem to be also one without honour!

Compassionate Conservatism?

The Coffee House has a post about the Conservative PPC standing against Harriet Harman in Peckham at the forthcoming General election. Whilst one can only admire Stranack's motives what does stick in my craw is the final remarks on the Coffee House post that "His presence as a candidate gives you even more hope that the Tory leadership is taking their "compassionate conservatism" agenda seriously."

The Concise Oxford Dictionary lists a definition of 'compassionate' as: adj: sympathetic. There is nothing 'compassionate' about the present Conservative Party and a true definition of 'Conservative' is today more likely to be defined as 'LabourLiberalDemocrat'.

If Cameron was 'compassionate' he would immediately agree to a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU - which is what the majority of the country demands - instead of acting like a dictator and stating what he will allow the country to have. In this regard Cameron is no different from any of the other two main political leaders today in that they have lost sight of the fact they and their party are supposed, when elected to Parliament, to represent the views of those electing them.

All three party leaders waffle about votes for minor parties being a waste of a vote. What gives these people the right to dictate that only those three parties should be allowed on the ballot paper? They talk about democracy yet are content to continue the process whereby this country's democracy is subordinated to Brussels. The latest example of this is the ruling by our 'Supreme' Court in the case of bank charges, where the Court have done no more than concur that EU law is superior to any British law in applying Regulation 6(2) of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 SI 1999/2083. This judgement states "The 1999 Regulations were made under section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972 in order to transpose into national law Council Directive 93/13/EEC on unfair terms in consumer contracts."

As I have said before - a Pox on all their houses, especially those on which we are paying the mortgage interest!

H/T: EU Referendum for the details on the Supreme Court ruling.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Guest Post

I have asked Ian Parker-Joseph to 'Guest-Post' on my blog as his views are thought-provoking, to say the least.

What is interesting is that, whilst he and I belong to different political parties, our views on 'democracy', the European Union and the need of Britain to regain its own governance, coincide.

Anyway, over to Ian Parker-Joseph.......

The Euro FederalistsAre In A Hurry
The Euro Federalists are in a hurry. They are seeing the disquiet and anger building in the UK at the lack of democracy, with leader after leader denying them a say on our future with the EU. As the anger mounts amongst the public, the Euro Federalists are moving ever quicker to ensure that the Britain we know and love can never escape the clutches of the new empire.

From those big names in Brussels, Barroso, Van Rompuy and the like you would expect this, but let us look at someone you would not expect this from: Dan Hannan.

Dan has promoted himself, along with Douglas Carswell, as Libertarians inside the Conservative Party. They put out a book, 'The Plan'. They appear to be at loggerheads with the party leadership, a thorn in Cameron's side, but are they? Or are they working to the same plan as Cameron.

In a series of articles in the Telegraph this week, Hannan's true colours are coming through, and the truth is that Hannan is as much a 'progressive' communitarian as Cameron.

Let me try and put this into perspective. Last month I wrote about the legal base that Cameron will inherit, once Lisbon comes into force on 1st Dec 2009. In the comments of that article, I also wrote about the Committee of the Regions.

The Committee of the Regions is made up of appointees, not necessarily anyone who holds an elected position. It is this EU Committee that will ultimately hold regional power, not National governments.

When John Prescott first mooted the idea in the UK of Regional Assemblies, the public rejected it. That was the last time the public was asked to participate.

His then department, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) went into overdrive, and diverted billions of taxpayers money into setting up regional government by stealth, recruiting and training personnel to run it all in the background using the subversive and secretive training company Common Purpose, which operates on a Europe wide scale invoking the Chatham House rules to ensure secrecy. Offering Common Purpose graduates the biggest networking opportunity of their lifetime, many have gotten very rich on the back of setting up this secret second government structure.

The end result is 12 Regional Development Agencies, 9 Regional Assemblies in England, The Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the NI Assembly, reorganisation of Regional TV & Radio, 12 Regional Emergency Services, 12 Regional NHS organisations, reorganisation of the Army with 12 primary Regiments, reorganisation of local government to fit into the EU 2 tier model, all of this coordinated by The Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

The Committee of the Regions was initially set up as a consultation body, but it has with each Treaty gained more influence and more power, taken control of more of the shared competencies. In place since 1994, this EU organisation has been making UK policy, not British politicians (that is why they look so dumb sitting on the front bench, nothing original)

Set up by the Maastricht Treaty, its first meeting was in March 1994. Initially five areas of obligatory consultation (economic and social cohesion; trans-European networks in the field of transport, energy and telecommunications; public health; education and youth; culture).

Amsterdam Treaty (1999) added a further five (employment, social policy, environment, vocational training, transport).

The latest treaty Lisbon, gives it total control over all shared competencies. It consists of 344 members and 344 alternate members appointed for 4 years by the Council, having been nominated by member states.

Put bluntly the EU now mirrors the old Soviet Union almost completely.

The Office of the President of the Council of Europe and the Council itself mirrors the USSR president and the Soviet Praesidium. (unelected)

The European Commission mirrors the Politburo. (unelected)

The European Parliament mirrors the Soviet Duma or the Hall of the Peoples Representatives. (elected, although in USSR choice of 1 candidate, a rubber stamp parliament in both cases)

The Committee of the Regions mirrors the Great Hall of the Peoples, the Regional Heads. (in EU unelected, in USSR elected, although only choice of 1 candidate)

Laws in the UK are implemented on the basis of directives from the European Commission, which are then presented as Bills/Acts of Parliament/Statutory Instruments for those areas of exclusive EU competence.

Policy on shared competency is created by the Committee of the Regions and implemented by Political parties in National Governments and Local Authorities, and by Regional Development Agencies, Regional Assemblies and Regional Grand Committees (The regional alternative to Westminster).

And has been since 1994. That is why I consider Westminster a theatre, PR men like Cameron and Clegg pretending that power still lies in Westminster. That is why I want it all back until the people decide whether this is what they want and wish to continue this unaccountable relationship with Brussels. The primary aim of the Albion Alliance by making MP's personally responsible to their electorate.

The Committee of the Regions has a subgroup called the Lisbon Monitoring Platform (LMP). It is comprised entirely of members from the Committee, and some of its goals are as follows:

- Involve local and regional authorities in the Lisbon governance process for a better implementation of policies linked to Lisbon goals.
-Examine the evolving relationship between the Lisbon Strategy and the Cohesion Policy (e.g. earmarking)
- Monitor the involvement of the local and regional level in the governance process
- Identify the obstacles encountered by local and regional authorities in implementing the Lisbon Strategy.

Lisbon Monitoring Platform (LMP) annual Report (oh, they've moved it) on the implementation of the strategy reads as follows:

In 2008, every LMP member is running policy programmes in one or several Lisbon-related policy fields, as was the case in the previous years. In particular:

− more than 90% of them have programmes ongoing in the fields of innovation, the environment, the business environment;
− 85% are active in the field of human capital policy;
− around 75% of them are running programmes for industrial promotion and employment;
− the sole exception is the internal market field, in which the number of active LMP members in 2008 fell to around 25%, less then half than in 2007.

(Seems that they have moved this LMP report document so you cannot see it any longer, the usual practice when exposure of their documents come to light). No matter, I have attached it at the bottom of this post

Ok, So what has all this to do with Dan Hannan?

As I read and re-read Hannan & Carswell’s The Plan I can now see that it is a ‘democratic’ plan not for the UK, but for an EU consisting only of Regions, post National parliaments. A plan for a deeply entrenched Communitarian empire offering a faux democracy only at the local level is something reminiscent of the Soviet form of ‘democracy’.

As it is a plan to reform localism within regions of the EU, (but as Hannan himself has now admitted it cannot happen as the EU is not open to reform from within), what purpose is being served by these ‘progressives’ such as Hannan and Carswell other than to distract and to keep dissenting views within the Tory camp.
Whilst The Plan has many good elements they are only valid if they are introduced for the right reasons, unless it is unequivocally aimed at a UK outside of the EU, Dan’s motives will always remain suspect. So I think Dan must climb down off the fence and declare himself.

In my original article I said:

Remember that the objective overall is the elimination of Nation States. The European Commission has long stated that given the opportunity they will push for QMV on all matters. Barosso is on record as saying that they will work swiftly to remove all legal barriers.

Therefore is is most likely that in that 5 month period The Passerelle clause will be invoked to allow QMV on ALL areas of competency whilst there are still National leaders who are able to be pushed around.

The flexibility clause will also be used to acquire powers to ensure that if national leaders do not play ball, under the framework to attain its objectives, it will simply take them. If they have no intention of using these powers, why put them in the treaty.

Originally I though it would happen over a number of years, as the Council of the Regions gains influence and power transfers in Brussels over the Council of Ministers.

It will be the Council of the Regions who will call for the closing of National Parliaments, citing interference in regional affairs. In our case, that call would probably come from either the Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly.

As if to reinforce my view, Dan Hannan put out another article today, calling for the vote on Scottish and Welsh independence.

It has become clear for me that Dan Hannan is not the saviour and spokesman of Liberty that many assume him to be. His writing tells me that he is working for ever closer integration of the EU, not for the best interests of those he represents in Britain, and whilst I admit he is trying to put a nicer face on it, his Federalist credential are becoming clearer by the day.

And before campaigns such as Albion Alliance really take hold and start having an impact, the Federalists are in a hurry to complete the split, the breakup of the UK into 'self governing' regions so that there will no longer be a UK to effect a withdrawal.


And Where Is The Money coming From?

So the Boy Dave, Leader of the Cameron Party, visits Cockermouth and pledges that whatever happens, the people of Cumbria affected by the floods deserved "real help, real money".

But Dave, you have to cut the fiscal deficit, you have a war in Afghanistan to fight, you have all that eco-rubbish to implement, you have promised to continue feeding the open maw that is the NHS, you are going to turn the education system 'on its head', to name but a few commitments. Oh -  and you're going to continue to give the EU £40million a day, every day, to the EU.

So just where is all this money coming from Dave?

Do tell, cause I am amongst what must be millions who are on the edge of our seats waiting to know!

Don't Think So Bob - 'Specially As You're Not My Uncle!

So Bob Ainsworth thinks we should all "pull together" at home if the Afghan war is to be won. That is just 'politicspeak' for taxpayer's continual 'tax-rape', for an indefinite period, to satisfy current 'political thinking' - what about 'public thinking', Bob?

Then we get the 'race' defense from Bob: "There are a lot of people in the Muslim community who are desperate to resist some of the extremist ideas that flow out of these regions." Like all human beings, Muslim have brains, so let them use their brains to resist the extremist ideas that flow out of Afghanistan - far cheaper!

One despairs of Bob's reasoning, but hey he has an excuse  - he is a politician!

What Is It Then If It Is Not A Global Conspiracy?

An interesting observation is made by Geoffrey Lean, in his article, in the Daily Telegraph today. Geoffrey does tend to 'Lean' towards believing in the 'religion' of Global Warming - or is it now Climate Change as the warming theory seems to have been disproved - as his previous articles have shown.

Discussing the 'conspiracy' theory Lean ends his piece with: "That would require the disclosure of a global conspiracy by scientists with the complicity of governments, which is a far-fetched scenario to say the least.". 

With e-mails being exchanged between British and American scientists, whose work is funded by governments, said governments implementing policies based on the scientist's 'findings', rather makes that a global conspiracy one would have thought - and hardly a 'far-fetched scenario'?

A Hung Parliament?

A commenter, Blink, on Anna Raccoon's post sums up the feeling about a hung parliament.

"The only hung parliament I want to see is all of them, from lamp posts, in Westminster, in alphabetical order."

Nuff said, methinks.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Getting A Tad Concerned With Dan Hannan

Just where - and on what bridge - is Dan Hannan standing?

On November 4th Dan posted this, calling for "full-on Helvetic people power", stated that he wanted a referendum on membership of the EU and concludes: "Now who will stand on either hand and keep the bridge with me?"

Yet Dan Hannan, in his later postings on his Telegraph blog and in articles he has since written, seems to have gone rather quiet on the subject of organising his referendum. One gets the impression that Hannan, whilst being a libertarian conservative, sees his brand of localism working in the European context, rather than in an Independent UK.

He was questioned whether "(1) In the light of recent events, are you willing now to call publicly for a full-blooded, unnuanced referendum on British membership of the EU? Would you give such a referendum your active and unqualified support? (2) Do you agree that this should be principally an issue of democratic legitimisation, quite apart from the issues for and against membership? The response was: (1) Yup, (2) Yup."

Douglas Carswell - co-author, with Hannan, of 'The Plan' - has also been e-mailed via his Parliamentary web address, whether he would sign up to the pledge asked for by the Albion Alliance - to date no response has been received. To those of us who believe in Britain being a self-govering nation and thus able to decide its own laws, with whom it trades and for the introduction of 'Direct Democracy', the likes of Hannan and Carswell have been 'Beacons of Light' and two to follow.

As a result the question has to be asked of Hannan, were he to be standing for election in the 2010, would he sign the Abion Alliance pledge? Simple question Dan - yes or no? The same question has been put to Douglas Carswell - who is standing for re-election - and the electorate has a right to know his position also.

The right of the electorate to know, when casting their vote, who will (a) put country above party and (b) who will use their position, as the people's elected representative, to bring about the wish of the electorate for a referendum on the question of Britain's membership of the EU, is of prime importance.

So come on chaps, will you sign or not?


Skewed Priorities?

One example of why our country is in the mess it is comes with stories featured in the Daily Telegraph and another publication.

We have the story of the National Memorial Arboretum, near Lichfield, requiring an estimated £8Million to prevent it falling into a state of disrepair. On the same page of the print edition there is a story that foreign prisoners are being bribed  - murderers, rapists and others - to return to their native country.

Another story is that of EU Commissioners and their incomes, with the present incumbents - who have overstayed their tenure of office - taking home more than €1million.  A fourth story features Cathy Ashton - our new High Priestess of Foreign Affairs - her salary of £295,000 and with 7,000 staff and an annual budget of £11billion.

I won't waste any reader's time by detailing the quangocrats, their hangers-on, and all the other 'unnecessary' jobs on which this collection of f'wits - aka the Labour Government - have wasted taxpayer's money!

And an appeal has to be launched, according to the Daily Telegraph, to save a National Memorial to our those of our armed forces who fell during operations????


Is It Either Labour Or Conservative?

There would appear what may be termed an air of self-rightousness when considering the attitude of both Labour and Conservative Parties to government.

We have today John Redwood commenting on the Observer Mori poll making light of the percentage points of Greens and Ukip in which he goes on to say: "What these polls also show is that UKIP and the Greens are unlikely to win any seats. Their prospective voters can back their chosen cause, or they can vote for either Labour or the Conservatives to help choose the government.". Much as I admire John Redwood, one has to ask by what god-given right does he assume that we must vote Labour or Conservative?

Melanie Phillips, posting on the Coffee House, points out that at a dinner party of nine, only two were committed to voting Conservative, one was undecided and the remaining six were determined not to so do, with a number of those six considering Ukip.

It would appear that the three main political parties all have their heads buried in the proverbial sand - or somewhere else. What is, I believe, beginning to annoy voters is the apparent venal and unpatriotic attitude show by Lab/Con/Libdem politicians today, with the drip-drip of questionable expense claims, the institutionalisation of politics in that politicians believe they are the 'masters', and the obvious decisions they take in putting party before country. Gerald Warner has what can only be described as a brilliant post - in that it says what so many think - and in describing Cameron's dictatorial attitude Warner writes: "The objection to that agenda is that it would have given Dave a 500-seat majority which, to a fastidious Whig such as Cameron, is suggestive of mob rule or, as we used to call it, democracy.

The attitude of our politicians has to change, they have to be made aware that they are representatives of the people and must therefore enact laws that the people want, that they must take the country in the direction the people wish. To this end it is imperative that politicians who are elected at the next opportunity do firmly believe that country must take precedence over party! To enable this to happen the Albion Alliance are attempting to have every prospective candidate, at the next election, sign up to the Albion Alliance's pledge.

Until we have politicians firmly entrenched with a sense of duty to country, above personal gain or position and who believe in real devolution of power, we can never call ourselves a democracy.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Gerald Warner Blasts Cameron!

Courtesy of Muffled Vociferation I found this.

Oh Boy, at last someone says something that is so true - go read Gerald Warner!

Gerald Warner:

"Basically it aims to cleanse the Conservative Party of serious Eurosceptics, people who actually want to halt immigration rather than administer it, social conservatives, religious believers, tax cutters, patriots, opponents of demented Middle East Wars, rural dwellers, man-made climate change sceptics and anybody who did not go to Eton, unless they are Liberal Democrat, republican wimmin. Considering the proportion of the British population which that programme seeks to exclude, it can only be described as heroically disinterested.

A less principled demagogue than Dave might have been tempted to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and, if that did not do the business, another on In/Out of the EU; a moratorium on immigration along with repatriation of illegals; the repeal of all Labour’s oppressive PC statutes; withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan; a neutral investigation of the facts behind the climate change hysteria without committing any money to the anti-carbon black hole; and the right of constituencies to select their own candidates.

The objection to that agenda is that it would have given Dave a 500-seat majority which, to a fastidious Whig such as Cameron, is suggestive of mob rule or, as we used to call it, democracy. No one can accuse him of courting popularity, at least among Tories. Some of the braver spirits among the pointy-heads and young fogeys in Wisteria Mansions may venture to suggest to Dave that many of us, among his natural constituency, his core vote, the lifelong Tories, are becoming mildly disaffected."

Now that is telling Cameron! Go, Gerald, Go!

Fairs Fair

On the basis it is only fair that if 'fiddling' is going on then it is only right that it should have cross-party support!

Nothing like 'currying' favour with your political opponents - is there?

Oh Dear!

Seems that David Cameron is not the only man with woman trouble!

Dave, trust me, no woman likes being Con'd by a man!

Cameron On Marr

On the Andrew Marr programme this morning David Cameron was interviewed - begins about 42min 30secs in.

Let us deal with the referendum question he was asked. Cameron said: “I don’t want an ‘in or out’ referendum because I don’t think ‘out’ is in Britain’s interests.”. This statement demonstrates all that is wrong with our politics today. Setting to one side Cameron's views, it is not up to Cameron or any politician to decide what he/they want; they should be providing what the public want - and the public want a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union!

Like so many politicians today Cameron exhibits the belief that the politicians are the masters, when it is in fact the people that are the masters - at least that is what should happen in a democracy. Cameron also demonstrates that politicians today pay more attention to the needs of party, rather than the needs of country, This should be brought home to the politicians and the best way is that which the Albion Alliance are attempting to do - requesting all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates sign a pledge to put country before party, come the next General election - that way the country gets the referendum that Cameron is hell bent on not allowing.

A Betrayal Of the Working Class

On the Andrew Marr programme (about 16min 12secs in) Samantha Bond brings up the subject of asbestos and surprise is expressed about the article in the Independent as it was agreed by both Bond and Marr that asbestos was an 'old story'.

Far from asbestos being an 'old story' it is very much a present day story in that Riverside/ECHG Housing Association(s) left one tenant 'in situ' whilst work on asbestos (brown variety*) was carried out and have three other tenants 'in situ' where 'open' asbestos (suspected brown variety) is still in existence!

I shall be posting on this in a few days time.

Odd, when housing associations have a statutory 'duty of care'!
* as in the three 'grades, 'white', 'brown' and 'blue' - nowt to do with Gordon this time!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

This Will Test 'Open Government'!

Andrew Gilligan, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, pens an article which could well be 'political dynamite'.

If this report, and its accusations, is correct it raises questions about Blair being touted and 'promoted' for the position of EU Prez and, more importantly, the motives and principles of those who were doing the 'promoting'!

 Neither will it continue the government's rise in the polls! On this subject, the 'Others' details will be interesting, coupled with the thought whether Cameron's EU statement has contributed to the fall in Conservative support.