Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 starts the way 2010 ended

The Daily Telegraph has an article in today's on-line edition on the subject of "As sure as eggs are eggs", the same story on which I posted two days ago.

It may be a new year but the old mindset still remains for those who see their job as 'conditioning' society. Witness the comment from Susan Seenan of the Infertility Network UK:
"People who are suffering from infertility are going through a very difficult time and sometimes innocuous phrases can make them upset. “I have certainly not come across anybody claiming that they have been offended by it at all but that is not to say that there are not patients out there who have been offended by it, sometimes it is the innocent remarks which offend. "
I always thought it odd that 'crats appeared to have a 'common purpose language' all their own - but not any more!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they would prefer 'as sure as Death'.

The Boiling Frog said...

It made the front the page as well of paper edition

Lurkio said...

She should grow some balls and get a life.

In a purely innocuous and inoffensive sense, naturally.

Voyager said...

* Corporate Manager at Scottish Power
* Admin Manager at Caledonian Paper

Administration and Languages , French, German, Admin , 1978 — 1981

Edinburgh Napier University alias Napier Technical College in 1964

So poor Ms Seenan is probably just another empty vessel in need of a soundbite. Where did ridicule go in our society ?