Monday, 20 December 2010

Big Society? Nope, Get ready for the Big Revolution!

Cross-posted from IanPJ on Politics:
"Back in 2008 a group of activist websites and ISPs made the following announcement.
Statement on Data Retention 2008
We want to stop Data Retention of the type that is being imposed on us by the E.U. Directive 2006/24/EC because it is a pre-emptive surveillance of communication structures:
Imagine the postal services kept a record of everyone who sent a mail to you. When. Who. How. Where. This is exactly what is happening now with your email, your phone calls and other electronic communications.
We as providers are forced to store YOUR communication metadata. This is forcing us to work as outsourced police forces. We do not want this. We will pour as much sand into this machine of suspicion as we possibly can. And we encourage everyone else to do the same! Do not support this attack on privacy!
We will continue to fight against Data Retention in any way possible and we will support each other in our different efforts to fight it.
Even as we speak, the government (in the person of Ed Vaizey) is trying to introduce even more draconian legislation to censor what we can see on the internet. As we approach 2011, the blood of the English is beginning to boil, the whole of the UK is reaching a breaking point that will spark a new revolution in British politics as we reject the rule of the elite, break away from Brussels and begin to take responsibility for ourselves and our own nation.

This is not going to be the Big Society that Cameron has been selling, this is going to be the Big Revolution. The Government knows this and is already taking reactive action, but when the time comes, you will need all the skills necessary to outwit and hold at bay those useful idiots who will try to justify and protect the corrupt regime.

Revolution is coming. Its just a case of when and where it begins, so be prepared. Protest is not just for Students & Unions, this revolution is going to be for everyone, especially the voters and taxpayers. And it can be done without violence or destruction, it just needs the will, the people on the streets and a determination to say no more.

Feel free to download and keep safe this guide on how to stay on the net and communicate:
 Hacktionlab guide laid out
p.s. An activist is anyone who actively works for or takes part in political activity. Yup, even David Cameron is an activist, so don’t let the police and media fool you into believing that its only morons who smash things up who are activists."
Provenance regarding ED Vaizey's proposals can be found here. Note that this idea was orginally presented as 'saving the children', yet once again the excuse of 'saving the children' is but a smokescreen. If 'governement' are allowed to interfere in a matter which is one of personal choice - and is one on which parents should have the ultimate decision - where does it stop? Will they next want to block political output and comment that they find 'unacceptable'?

IanPJ writes, as I have done, about the coming revolution. Let the political elite know one thing - and know it now. Whether the revolution is peaceful or bloody is entirely their choice! They do not have long in which to make that choice.

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