Saturday, 11 December 2010

Daniel Hannan - Political 'Fixer'?

Daniel Hannan posts on 10 reasons to reject the Alternative Vote (AV). I am not sure how readers feel, but on a personal level I am getting exceedingly pissed off with the Yes2AV and No2AV camps - their websites and Twitter 'offerings'! The 'Alternative Vote Referendum' has been introduced as a sop to the LibDems as part of Cameron's stitch-up with them in order he could gain entry to No10! As I posted here, there are other options if a change to the voting system is required and, if it is, the only people to decide that is the electorate!

For Dan Hannan to complain that "fringe parties" may decide the outcome of an election and even be the cause of a 'hung parliament' is yet another example of how the three main parties wish to retain their hold on the electorate. If none of the Lib/Lab/Con offer policies which resonate with the electorate, why the hell should they not vote for an alternative and why should that alternative no hold the balance of power? Come to that, if sufficient of the electorate vote for one alternative, why should not that alternative form a government? Oh, Dan Hannan wouldn't be in government - what a result!

If Daniel Hannan - and a few others - had any sense of principle and honour, they would leave their respective parties and form one of their own, putting their manifesto to the electorate and accept the  result!*

And there was I, a disciple of "The Plan", thinking that you actually believed in what you penned.

*Were Hannan to follow my suggestion, perhaps his party would be named "The Judas Party"!


Anonymous said...

Once again Hannan gives his game away in plain sight, and not many notice. First he demonstrates that he posesses the establishment arrogance that all the powers-that-be should be the powers-that-always-are. As he holds this view, it would be inconceivable for him to be in a "fringe" party, even if it satisfied all of his convictions.

He's a conman. He and all the other Tory fake-eurosceptics. The local UKIP people had a good laugh at me when I told them so, but I am right.

Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous: Like many I held Hannan to be a shining light, but am fast changing me views. It would seem that as with all politicians, he is only worried about himself.