Thursday, 9 December 2010

YouGov/Sunday Times Poll

On 3rd of this month an opinion poll was published by YouGov, the most important detail of which would seem, as usual, to have been overlooked by the media.

That 'not mentioned detail' is that the percentage support for UKIP, which stood at 3% nationally at the time of the general election, has now climbed to 5%. What is even more surprising is that besides London, which showed support to be at 6%, so did Scotland!

Methinks that, albeit rather slowly - maybe too slowly - the British people are at last beginning to wake up to what the Lib/Lab/Con are doing to this nation.

Two days earlier, Lord Pearson asked a perfectly reasonable question in the House of Lords. The chances of David Cameron rectifying his mistake are as likely as him having a Damascene conversion to true Conservative principles! 

'Cast Iron', a title given to him after he broke his promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, also serves to illustrate the control he has over his own party and how it is presented in the media. It is even more obvious that he does not want any debate outside the Lib/Lab/Con 'bubble' that passes for politics in this country, demonstrated by the fact three times he declined such a debate with UKIP in his own constituency on the subject of our EU membership - a debate that UKIP were quite prepared to 'open up' to cover any policy area he chose.

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