Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Don't crow too soon Cameron, the real chicken is coming home to roost - Patience!

As we who follow 'matters EU' have known for a few days, the infamous budget has been agreed in Brussels, it being 'pegged' to 2.9%. No doubt Kim Jong-Il III will shortly be flooding the airwaves, all 'Cockle Doodle' [and] Doo[ing] our ears no good with his incessant mantra of how Britain has shaped EU policy, that Britain's voice is now being heard.

What our Con[servative]Artist will not be telling us is that (a) agreement still has to be reached between the Heads of State and the EU Parliament on the question of a contingency fund to deal with 'emergencies'; and (b) that in return for agreement to the budget rise being pegged at 2.9%, the EU Commission have agreed to publish, mid-2011, a proposal on 'own resources' - both measures which will result in the United Kingdom paying yet more money to the EU.

One day - when I know not, but hopefully soon - this puppet of Brussels will become entangled in the strings that control him. Unfortunately for him, those doing the 'entangling' will be the people of this country and they will make sure that the entanglement is tied tight - preferably round his neck!


Anonymous said...

The EU is now an Elephant hanging off a cliff holding on to a daisy.

Rossa said...

And with Merkel considering a recapitalisation of the ECB as a stealth fund to bail out the failing Euro how much will be our share of that?

Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous: nice analogy!

Rossa: Exactly - Cam say nothing but, WTF does he know? Presently gloating over his 2.9% being agreed but no mention of the "own resources" tax on the horizon!