Friday, 3 December 2010

Nice work if you can get it!

From News Distribution Service for government and the public sector we find that Julie Kenny has been appointed as Chair of Yorkshire Forward (YF), an RDA scheduled for closure.

Now £54,479 ain't bad money for a two day week, especially when you're also pulling in upto £22,500 as a Doncaster MBC Commissioner - and lets not forget she no doubt also receives an income for her positions as managing director of award winning Pyronix Ltd which she founded in 1986 and Chairman, CEO and majority shareholder of its parent company Secure Holdings Ltd.

FFS, why does it take two days a week for the best part of two years to utter those magic words: "You're fired, here's you're P45".

On a more serious note, it is highly unlikely any staff from Yorkshire Forward - and any other RDA - will get fired. They will, no doubt, just be transferred across to the new Local Enterprise Partnerships that will replace RDAs. Yet another sleight of political chicanery - the Coalition make much of the closure of quangos and then open another lot to replace them!

When I first said that politicians were bastards I was wrong - they are devious bastards!

H/T: IanPJ on Politics for the story.

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