Thursday, 2 December 2010

Why the Coalition is a sham

Just for once the BBC, in the shape of Laura Kuensberg, offers words that are correct when posting on the dilemma of the Liberal Democrats and in particular Clegg and Cable.
"Ministers share the pain, busting the traditional government rules of collective responsibility in return for their MP colleagues risking the wrath of constituents to whom they had made a promise.",
as did Ministers, in their role as constituency MPs, make that same promise. So, it has to be said, did Conservative MPs - and David Cameron - make specific promises to their constituents, some of which have been 'forgotten' in order to gain power?

Which shows that in politics there are no principles!

Afterthought: Cathy Newman has a post on student support for LibDems - it would also be interesting to know in those constituencies that changed hands in this year's general election, how people would have voted in hindsight, especially in relation to the EU.


john in cheshire said...

I wish the sodding students had sufficient understanding of what is being done to us by the EU. Maybe if they did then they would protest about getting us out of the evil empire. And yes, I was a student in my youth, and yes I now hold very different views from what I held then.

banned said...

Students are being promised an unconditional, lifelong, interest free loan of £84k to pay for their education that they do not need to pay back if they choose to become charity workers; tell that to an American and then ask what is their problem.

As for unfulfilled promises, where's our EU Referendum and what happened to binning the Human Rights 'Terrorists4UK' Act?

Witterings From Witney said...

jic: different generations, different opinions.

banned: Ah political promises!