Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nigel Farage is a big problem for David Cameron

"Where men cannot freely convey their thoughts to one another, no liberty is secure"
William E. Hocking, Freedom of the Press, 1947

So posts Iain Martin on WSJ blogs. That Farage may well be, along with his party, yet do we see any of this in the British media? Why is it that we have to tune into Fox News to hear plain spoken truth?

Courtesy of Barking Spider, why is it that we have to tune into Alex Jones to hear Lord Christopher Monckton debunk Cancun, the New World Order and the European Union?

Is the British media subject to 'political control'? You bet your sweet arse it is! Are the British people thus subjected to censorship? You bet your sweet arse they are! Are the British people thus being 'shafted'? You bet your.........Apologies, wrong analogy!


Malcolm Stevas said...

I made time to watch this clip and I'm glad to have done so: Nigel was on cracking form, articulate and cogent, said exactly the right things about the EU, and really performed very impressively. Apart from his message - which even those at Westminster who secretly agree with would never have the balls to pronounce as he did - it is difficult to imagine Cameron, Clegg or (excuse the expression) Milliband saying anything at all so effectively, forcefully and encouragingly. Full marks for Nigel and UKIP, great message put across very, very well on a major US news channel; nul points for the UK MSM....

Lurch said...

I don't think it's political control or 'censorship' in an overt organised manner. More the case that the people in charge of all these outlets think in the same way as the politicos.

Witterings From Witney said...

Malcolm S: love him or loathe him, I believe all would objectively agree NF is a good speaker - entertaining with it.

Lurch: look again, Sir. The politicos control the journalists with threats of no access if they dont behave as wanted!