Saturday, 25 December 2010


In time of war this nation of ours has paid many sacrifices, none more so than during the years 1939-1945. From the words of the film maker of the time:
"Destiny gave her the torch of liberty to hold and she has not dropped it yet......Today England stands unbeaten, unconquered and unafraid."

The people of our nation - not just those in the armed forces, but also those left at home - during the years 1939-1945 fought so hard to preserve their way of life, their liberty and their nation. History shows that they were then sold out, years later, by a procession of incompetent, unlistening, self-serving politicians.

Fast forward to the present day and thanks to those incompetent, unlistening and self-serving politicians, England - together with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - has dropped the torch of liberty and stands beaten, conquered and, to those of us who can be bothered to be interested in matters EU, very, very afraid.

At the risk of being classified as a kill-joy at this time of family celebration, I wonder how many of us paused to consider the sacrifices of those who lost their lives, the sacrifices of those who survived - and are now being forgotten and ignored in their hour of need by this government? How many of us, I wonder, paused to consider the freedoms, even allowing for war restrictions, that the people then had - and which politicians have, over the years, usurped so that, in comparison, we now live in a far more restrictive society?

The youth of today, through no fault of their own, know nothing of our nation's past and of the sacrifices made - but I also wonder whether, had they been taught our nation's history, our youth would be so dismissive of matters such as, for example, pride in one's country, courtesy and tradition - all aspects which go into building the character of an individual - and that of a nation.

H/T: Fraser Nelson for the video.

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