Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Resistance is futile

Is a phrase used in the Star Trek series by the Borg - and it appears to have been adopted by the EU, who choose to use a different form of words. Switzerland is the latest country to be 'threatened' by the mighty EU when a statement was agreed at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels. From the EUobserver report:
"Stressing that they still respected Switzerland's sovereignty ..........In essence, they suggested that it is time for Switzerland to decide whether it wants closer integration with the bloc or to be cast out into the market-access wilderness..........Without "efficient arrangements" to ensure Switzerland adopts EU law, including case law set down by European Court of Justice rulings, and enforcement of this law, the European single market, which Switzerland has access to, lacks the "necessary homogeneity," said the ministers."
If the EU really respected Switzerland's sovereignty it would not issue what is, in effect, an ultimatum - but hey, when has the EU let a little matter about sovereignty interfere with its stated aim. One only has to look at how the EU attempts to subvert a country's legislation, when it applies for membership, by the offer of funding to assist integration. 

My Oxford Concise Dictionary defines 'homogeneity' as 'uniformity' - therefore what the EU is stating, through the foreign ministers statement, is that every country must comply with their 'thinking'. Yet that is to deny the basic freedom to be able to think, to question an opposing view, to believe in an alternative system - and to quash that freedom is the mark of totalitarian rule. Unbelievably, we in the United Kingdom have lived under such totalitarian rule in that we have been denied, by our political elite, to question our nations membership of the EU - they, the political elite, have refused to discuss the issue in depth, to produce a cost/benefit analysis, or to allow the people to voice an opinion on an organisation that is not what the people were led to believe it would be. In effect what the EU - and our political elite - do not wish to allow is for the result of the basic freedom to think, to be actioned - and that is totalitarianism.

When considering the European Union and the political elite of this nation versus the views held by Eurosceptics I am reminded of the film "Inherit the Wind", which dealt with the prosecution of a teacher for instructing his class in Darwinism. I have always believed that the problem - as it's presented in the film - and as we see it loud and clear today, is that freedom of thought and the subsequent expression of thought is incompatible with the absolutism of those who believe there is only one Truth, therefore anyone who questions that "Truth" is 'mis-informed, wrong and xenophobic. Reason, as the film shows, is almost powerless against this kind of thinking - consequently those of us that do not believe in the 'Gospel according to Brussels' do indeed have a fight on our hands.

I for one intend participating in that fight utilising thought, word and deed - and if the latter involves physical activity, then so be it.

Anyone with me?


Woodsy42 said...

It will be interesting to see how the Swiss react. The EU's 'M.O.' seems to be one of starting with a trivial non-controversial piece of regulation then having establised the principle of agreement gradually building on it.
The Swiss gave in to the bank customer account disclosure pressure so sadly they may fall for this manouvre.

Witterings From Witney said...

Woodsy42: Not so sure the Swiss will fall for this, to use your phrase, as I believe they too wedded to their Canton system of govt and their local independence, coupled with their referendum procedures.

Time will tell and, hey, WTF do I know?

Katabasis said...

"I for one intend participating in that fight utilising thought, word and deed - and if the latter involves physical activity, then so be it.

Anyone with me?"

Yes, yes and yes!

Here's the beginning of a new project for the thought and word parts.

Witterings From Witney said...

Katabasis: clever! Much as I would deplore violent action, like CR posted today, I now think that it will eventually happen as the only way left.