Saturday, 4 December 2010

Thats the EU's Christmas Lunch main course off the menu then

EurActiv reports that there's 'trouble at Brussels mill' with the questions hanging over Turkey becoming a member of the European Union.

As I pointed out here, the stumbling block seems to be the intention of Turkey never to cede control of Northern Cyprus. Although it is a couple of years since last visiting Northern Cyprus, the prevailing view of the Turks then, on the subject of reunification - and it is not believed this has changed - was along the lines of Foxtrot Oscar.


banned said...

Never mind northern Cyprus, the stumbling block should be the return to Christendom of Constantinople.

Witterings From Witney said...

banned: forgive the analogy but not a chance in hell! Constantinople is not on the agenda anyway.

Having been im Northern Cyprus two years ago, if it was 'agreed' for reunification to take place it would result in a civil war twixt north and south. The Turks hate the Greeks and vice versa. If you can get a copy of the book I mention - read it, absolutely fascinating!