Friday, 3 December 2010

Now for Charles Moore!

Hopefully, having provided Peter Oborne with a 'new one', I may be permitted to provide the same for Charles Moore. As Peter Oborne has the op-ed in today's Telegraph, so Charles Moore occupies his normal position on Saturday. Unfortunately, as Peter Oborne has 'sold his soul', so has Charles Moore - although presumably Moore costs more than Oborne.
"They [EU] accumulate more power. We have a new Tory-dominated Government, but it is circumscribed in almost everything it does by European rules."
Lets have a tad of truth here, rather than journalistic spin, shall we? Yes, the Tory-dominated Government is circumscribed in almost everything it does by EU rules, but it is also dominated by LibDem conditions which enabled Cameron to seize occupancy of 10 Downing Street. But of course, that latter point provides Cameron the opportunity to welch on the promise of providing the British people that which they have been denied for 35 years - namely a referendum of British membership of the EU.
"I do not know – nor, probably, does anyone – whether Ireland or Portugal or Greece or Spain will be the one to fall, or whether, somehow or other, the whole thing will stagger on. But I do know that the system cannot work."
So Charles Moore has no idea which domino will fall next - and obviously could not be bothered to find out. However, if he does know the system cannot work - then WTF are we involved bailing out a failed system?

Moore prattles about trade with Ireland - yet were we outside the EU our trade with Ireland would be just as much, if not more, as presently we are constrained with whom we can trade by the confines of the 'internal market'.
"Britain is not in the same pivotal situation as Germany, but ours is, in a way, a better one. We are not in the middle of the mess, and we do, we promise, have a realistic agenda for Europe. We want rigour in the new, long-term budget deal now being worked out, the return of powers to member states and of scrutiny to national parliaments, more referendums, an end to new treaties, a policy of free trade. And we do not want to go on paying for a system which isn’t working, bearing responsibility without power. The time may be coming when we can win these things. Are we ready?"
Listen Charlie Boy, we most definitely are in the middle of this mess - we're helping to pay for this mess, remember? (Sure your names not Richard, cause you sure think just like a Richardhead - with apologies in advance to those in the 'North'!) We don't even want anything to do with their new long-term budget deal, whether rigour is introduced or not! When are the likes of you, supposedly educated journalists, going to realise that the return of power is but a pipe-dream and just ain't going to happen? And exactly when will there be an end to new treaties? Not until the EU has total political and economic control! One thing our Charlie-Boy is correct in saying is that we do not want to go on paying for all this. He then goes and spoils a good point by asking are we already?

Oh, we are ready alright - ready to get the f**k out and let the rest drown in their own self-created bile, corruption and their impossible dream. Our only condition of withdrawal is that we are permitted to park Moore and his ilk on the continent which they appear to love so much, with their passports stamped 'no re-entry'!

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