Monday, 6 December 2010

Woolas Letter of Thanks to PLP

Phil Woolas letter of thanks to George Howarth and the PLP has been released on line. It is full of condemnation for the judgements handed down - and showing that his priorities are slightly askew, contains this 'peach':
"It is outrageous that judges can overturn the decision of the electorate without any avenue of appeal other than Judicial Review".
Err, excuse me Mr. Woolas, but were you not acting as one of the judges when in consort with your colleagues you accepted the imposition of the Lisbon Treaty? Were you not one of the judges when it was decided not to grant the people of this nation a referendum on their future constitution? When a Member of Parliament you voted strongly for more EU integration - yet now you complain about the decisions of judges.

Where the "Me, Me, Me", attitude of the majority of MPs is concerned, the defense of Woolas must be a prime example


john in cheshire said...

Mr Wollas, if you read these blogs, be aware that there are many of us who think you are a crook and you are fortunate not to be in prison. If it was in my power, you would (together with all your socialist cohorts) be tried for treason and hanged. So, just shut the **** up and be thankful you're still alive.

Witterings From Witney said...

jic: you are too too kind - if I had my way Woolas would hang and there would be no appeal!