Thursday, 9 December 2010

Liar Clegg! - Liar Cameron?

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home, under a post headed Liar Clegg castigates Nick Clegg for breaking a solemn promise and one that he signed.
"Politicians break their promises but the LibDem promise on tution fees wasn't an ordinary promise. It was used to win university seats across the country."
And the Conservatives did not present themselves as a "Eurosceptic" party, at the last election, in order to win seats across the country? And the Conservatives did not lead the electorate to believe that they promised to repatriate powers?

Oh and on the subject of signed pledges, it would appear that Tim Montgomerie's memory bank has suffered the equivalent of a computerised wipe-out! Perhaps this article, detailing yet more pledges that Cameron has broken, might help restore the memory bank for Mr. Montgomerie!

Tim Montgomerie, like Cameron, would appear to be more of a burden to his party, then an asset.


john in cheshire said...

Plus ca change. They are all beyond contempt. And how many times must we say this until we are rid of the evil that seems to grip not just our country but the whole of the Western world?

Anonymous said...

Yeah you see, at least LibDem voters understand that they have been lied to, and as normal people should do, withdraw their support. This is why they are standing at 8% in the polls (3 more points than UKIP. Yey!).

Conservatives, however, are not normal people. They are unthinking robots. When they are lied to, they stick their fingers in their ears, sing "la la I'm not listening", rationalise that a coalition with the furthest-left party in the commons (before that Green won Brighton) is a good thing, and let themselves be convinced that pretend mavericks are about to retake the party.

The Boiling Frog said...

I love the way Tim tries to differentiate between 'ordinary' election promises to win seats (and breaking those are ok) and 'special' promises to win seats and breaking those aren't ok.

As a voter I didn't realise promises came in different grades.

banned said...

I don't see how the libdems lied. They promised a Graduate Tax.
Why have the coalition failed to get it across that no-one will have to pay upfront; the poor won't have to pay at all, those who fail to gain reasonable employment won't have to pay, at all. Those who do pay willl do so at £7.00 per month (week?) which is hardly onerous.

The 'debt' is not a 'debt' that will affect their credit rating or mortgage application, it is a future liability for tax. In fact the Graduate Tax that they promised so why have they failed to get this across ?

Witterings From Witney said...

jic: they are indeed beyond contempt.

Anonymous: yup just 3% behind - something tells me the positions could well be reversed in the months to come.

TBF: Montgomeries logic is really something, isn't it?

banned: You seem to forget that they are politicians and as I have posted before, they don't do logic, or honesty.