Sunday, 26 December 2010

"it's actually possible in the 21st century to keep an airport open after a snowstorm."

"With the aid of vehicles called snowplows and stuff called de-icing fluid." So states the director of Alaska's Anchorage airport, quoted by Richard North, EU Referendum.

And the response of the person ultimately responsible for the debacle we have seen at airports - one who, unfortunately, does not feature any knowledge of aviation amongst his 'qualifications'?

Oh yes, another inquiry - which will no doubt cost £hundreds of thousand and be paid for out of our money! And the public reaction to that bit of news? Silent acquiescence!

So I don't think it is the politicians against whom the criticism "idiots" can be levelled.

Just a thought..............

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banned said...

My local airport, usually one of the least weather-troubled ones in the country, closed down after just half an hours snowfall Friday 17th Dec with no more than an inch of snow. It has been operating just sporadically since then.
Happily most of our students had already gone or come home; likewise business and other professional travellers who would otherwise have been trapped in local hotels over the holidays.