Wednesday, 10 November 2010

EU Talking Turkey?

"The European Union said two Balkan states were ready to advance their membership efforts, while it admonished Turkey to move faster to settle its border disputes and to normalize relations with Cyprus"
On 20th July 1974 Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus to ensure the safety of Turkish Cypriots who had suffered at the hands of the Greek authorities. The events leading up to this invasion are covered in detail in a most admirable book "The Genocide Files" by Harry Scott Gibbons, a Daily Express correspondent at the time. (The title of Gibbons' book gives a clue about how the Turkish Cypriots were treated by their Greek counterparts) Turkey has always, to my knowledge, maintained that Northern Cyprus is Turkish and will never be ceded - and to this day maintains a full garrison there.

It is worth noting how attitudes to Turkey have changed, within the politcal world. Giscard d'Estaing, at a time when he was hoping to become EU President, is on record as stating that Turkey should never be allowed membership of the EU as it was non-European an Moslem. One should not be surprised at the change of attitude as 'Moslemism' is now 'all the rage', as is 'EU-expansionism'.

Seems it will therefore be a tad difficult for Turkey to "normalise relations with Cyprus"!

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