Friday, 31 December 2010

The three 'EU Puppets' New Year Messages

"A caged canary is safe but not free."
Walter Williams

David Cameron has issued his new year message, the podcast of which can be heard here and the text read here. Not to be outdone, the other two puppets do likewise and the text of Ed Miliband's can be read here - and that of Nick Clegg here. On the subject of the latter's, as an aside, the PR expertise in allowing the introductory freeze-frame must be a classic example, Not!
It cannot have escaped the notice of readers that there is one omission that links all three messages - besides the belief they all hold that they and only they have discovered the panacea to the nation's ills - and that is there is not one mention of the European Union.

Whilst Miliband and Clegg are Europhiles and make no secret of their aim to ensure this country remains a member of the EU, David Cameron is different in that whilst he has the same aims regarding membership the EU, he presents himself as a Eurosceptic. For that reason let us concentrate on the message of David Cameron:
"By nature I am an optimist – about people, about human nature and, above all, about the future of our great country.........As for politics, my approach is simple: politics is public service in the national interest.......But most important of all, particularly at times like this, is to deal with the real problem in front of us. And there can be no doubt what that is: the state of our economy and the budget deficit......But in the end politics is about national interest, not personal political agendas......We will shift power away from central bureaucracy and give choice to the parents, patients and local citizens who use public services. This will mean more open public services, more innovative, more responsive to what people want, and better value for money.......Fourth and finally, I want to say something about our national security.....But we must ask ourselves as a country how we are allowing the radicalisation and poisoning of the minds of some young British Muslims who then contemplate and sometimes carry out acts of sickening barbarity."
 Each and every one of those extracts cannot be solved by what are supposed to be our elected members of parliament due to one reason, which is this country's membership of the European Union.

1. Cameron may be an optimist about people, human nature and the future of our great country, but the future of all three do not lie within his remit, they lie within the remit of the European Union. Until Cameron deigns to allow the people a choice on EU membership, his optimism is a tad misplaced.

2. Cameron may well believe that politics is public service in the national interest, the only problem is that whilst the public pay for it there is no 'service' to speak of and what there is, is most definitely not in the national interest. There can be no national interest because the stated aim of the EU is that their policies override those of national interests.

3. Cameron is right that the most immediate problem is the state of the economy and the deficit, yet as our country's budgets have to be 'vetted' by the EU, whatever he might wish to do is constrained by what the EU will allow him to do.

4. For Cameron to maintain that politics is about national interests and should not be driven by ideology is a statement of the most blatant contradiction. How, in the name of all that is holy, can this man maintain politics is about national interests, whilst at the same time not admitting that it is driven by his ideology that the country's future depends on our continued membership of the EU? If that is not ideology, then what is?

5. Yet again Cameron talks with forked tongue by repeating the mantra that he will devolve power to the people. The Coalition's recently published Bill on devolution of power and the granting of local referenda specifically states that the results of such referenda will not be binding.

6. Cameron talks about national security and specifically about the threat of terrorism. Not one word about our national security being harmed by his decision to basically leave our country defenceless in the areas of naval and air capability; about integration of both with France, the latter point which can be seen as no more than a ploy to assist in the creation of one of the EU's dreams, that of an EU military air, sea and land force.

7. Finally, were Cameron to 'discover' the reason for the radicalisation/islamification of Britain's youth, what exactly can he do about it? Nothing, due to the impact of ECHR rulings on how we may treat those with whom we disagree through the judicial system.

8. Finally, in what bears a resemblance to the outpourings of the Soviet Politburo 'Head Honcho', there is not one wish for a Happy New Year!

As for the new year messages of Miliband and Clegg, the least said the better. However, a phrase from each, in the interests of fairness.
"It shows that political change comes because people make it happen."
Ed Miliband
And happen it will, when the public take to the streets!
"The next twelve months will be no different, because we will continue to build the Liberal, fairer, greener Britain that we all believe in."
Nick Clegg
Leaving to one side that he believes it quite acceptable for the tail to wag the dog, this is a statement from a man at the head of a political party that was not elected to form a government - and in that respect neither was Cameron.

As with so much in our lives today, if politicians cannot open their mouths to say anything of importance or which contains an element of truth, they would be well advised to keep them shut!


subrosa said...

I know the glaring omission. Alex Salmond's message!

Witterings From Witney said...

Do pay attention SR, the post is headed The three EU puppets........

I was not aware that Salmond was a puppet, a tad deranged maybe, but most definitely not a puppet!

James Higham said...

Nor a mention of a referendum to get out.

Anonymous said...

Well no surprise there then, three puppets on a string dancing to the same tune.
However I must just add that whilst I have seen many bad things done by what was the "conservative" party, I never thought that I would see them deliberately drive our people into poverty on the back of a myth.


Witterings From Witney said...

JH: Ieed.

Derek: Hate to say it but you have now!