Monday, 21 September 2009

Non-Sensical Polling

It can justifiably be asked why (a) so many opinion polls are carried out, (b) ridiculous subjects are chosen, (c) limited options are provided for respondents and (d) pollsters believe that the respondents care one jot about the subject on which they are being questioned.

The poll carried out by BBC Newsnight is an example of ridiculous, inane polls, this one containing the question of who is Nick Clegg. In answer (a) who cares and (b) yup, who is he?

Even more stupid is the question which political leader most resembles Obama; apparently the majority (18%) answered David Cameron - which says quite a bit about the mentality of those questioned! Now, let one think - Cameron - is it his facial features, his hair, his voice - damn, the mind has gone black blank! More importantly, who the hell is this 'Obama' - the Irish candidate for President of the European Union?

When one also considers that this is licence-payers money that is being spent - WTF!

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