Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vaclav Klaus - Cameron's Czech Mate?

A story in the Mail, which as far as I can see has received little comment, is that Cameron has written to Vaclav Klaus telling him that if he (Klaus) delays signing the Lisbon Treaty, he (Cameron) will then hold his promised referendum and 'scupper ratification'. Conservative Home also reports on the Mail story and, as usual where the EU is concerned, with some acerbic remarks in the comments.

This is political leadership? Firstly the Conservatives pin their hopes on the Irish repeating their 'No' vote and then, when that appears unlikely, switch their hopes to the Czechs? It would also seem that Cameron is still sitting on his 'EU fence' with the report that " a source close to the Tory leader as confirming that a letter was sent last month, but that it did not "explicitly" urge President Klaus to hold up the treaty." You bet that Cameron did not "explicitly" urge Klaus to "hold up the treaty". With Cameron's stated desire to remain a member of the EU the last thing he really wishes to have to do is grant a referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

No doubt it is quite possible that in the not too distant future we shall have the unedifying sight of Cameron wringing his hands whilst pleading that as the treaty is now ratified, there is not much he can do. If Cameron really wants to show 'leadership' - mind you whether he knows what the word means is another matter - all he has to do is promise, now, that ratification or no ratification, he will accede to the will of the electorate and arrange a referendum on (a) the Lisbon Treaty and (b) 'In or Out'.

Simples (as the ad says) but I won't hold my breath!

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