Sunday, 20 September 2009

Will He - Won't He?

Nothing seems to get the media into a frenzy than yet more rumours of Gordon Brown's demise as a result of 'Blairite' plotting.

Cannot the media find something more interesting about which to write? Do they, the media, really believe the 'man in the street' is that interested?

It can be argued that Brown will still be Prime Minister, come the General election next year, because:

(a) Contrary to what Blair may think, Brown does not have a 'reverse gear'.

(b) It is not that 'easy' to oust Brown when one reads Labour Party rules for the election of a leader.

(c) Even if (b) was 'followed-through' it would take us well into 2010.

(d) Should a new leader of the Labour Party be elected they would, on a moral basis, have to call an immediate General election as the public outcry about two leaders being elected without public involvement would be immense. This would mean an election in the winter months, something no political party would want as turn-out would suffer.

(e) Were Brown to 'run away' it would hardly do his standing any good when it came to him being 'offered' some surpanational job.

As a suggestion for the media, their time might be better spent on some 'investigatory' journalism - querying statements they are provided with by government, scientists etc rather than just reproducing them as 'gospel'. They may also wish to consider some research and then produce some 'journalism' into the UK's relationship/membership of and with the EU, the 'money-spinner' of climate change and/or global warming and the state of our democracy!

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