Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nadine Dorries In Need Of A Good Talking-To!

Writing on her blog today about the change in the law to assisted suicide, Nadine Dorries says:

"Any change to the law with regard to assisted suicide should be made by law makers in Parliament, not by Kier Starmer."

Whilst any change should not be made by one individual, neither should 'law makers' in Parliament have any say in the matter. Nadine Dorries, one of the Tory Totty Brigade, needs to learn one lesson and learn it bloody fast! Whe the time comes and I feel I have had enough of politics, politicians and the EU and wish to depart this mortal coil I will do so - and if someone is kind enough to help me I shall thank them.

Politicians appear to have decided, amongst themselves, they have the God-given right to decide how we should live our lives, how we should think, how we should talk, so it is only natural to suppose they believe they have the right to decide how we should end our lives.

Just one small problem that 'Mad Nad', as I believe she was christianed by the Devils Kitchen, seems to have forgotten - my life is just that; mine, not hers, not the states.

One other point that Mad Nad needs to remember - we the electorate are about to get rid of one collection of pontificating, vacuous control freaks by means of the ballot box. We do not wish to be forced to immediately get rid of another collection of the same by means of hemp and lamp posts, but if forced - we will! Politicians be warned - you are on borrowed time!

Update: this article by Archbishop Sentamu has appeared in the Telegraph. "Christians believe that their lives are given by God and that everyone has an important role to play in society. We do not believe that we own our individual lives and therefore we believe we should not choose to end them deliberately." And for those of us, Archbishop, who are not Christians.........?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

"as I believe she was christianed by the Devils Kitchen"?

"as I believe she was christened by Devil's Kitchen", perhaps.

Apart from that agreed. Although you might like to try running for UKIP leader before you do anything drastic.