Friday, 18 September 2009


Courtesy of the Coffee House comes notice of a party conference preview which, discussing the party leaders, contains some 'cutting' observations.

"This is Brown’s tragedy. It’s Labour’s tragedy too. The seeds were sown in 2007 when Brown was handed the keys to Downing Street without a contest, even though most Labour’s MPs knew in their bones that he lacked the psychological fibre for leadership. And they knew it back in 1994 when Blair was chosen over Brown to succeed John Smith. If Brown was wrong when the time was right, how could he be right when the time was wrong?
The Prime Minister goes to the conference not as yesterday’s man but as yesterday’s has-been. Already we can hear those gravelly and vaguely menacing platitudes tolling from the rostrum. Tough decisions. The many not the few. Our brave forces in Afghanistan. The global threat of Alkie Ada. My moral compass. One thing my father taught me. I didn’t go into politics to blah blah blah. He could write the damn thing in his sleep. He might as well. He’ll be delivering it in other people’s."

Oh the power of the English language - in the right hands, priceless!

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