Friday, 18 September 2009

Independent To Close By Christmas?

Reuters is reporting that the Independent newspaper could be closed by the end of the year, according to Denis O'Brien who is the Independent News & Media group's second largest shareholder.

One has to question this statement though:

"Newspaper sales in Britain have been dwindling for years in the face of growing competition from television online news providers."

As there appears to be little difference in the quality of output by either television or newspapers, whether said output is televised or on the web, one has to ask what planet the two Reuters 'journalists' have been living on.

What has 'killed' the newspaper industry may well have something to do with the 'parroting' of pronouncements by government, 'scientists' and bureaucrats - as if it was the 'gospel truth' - to the extent that the public has become totally disillusioned with what they are being fed. It can also be argued that the blogosphere has also been partly responsible for the decline in newspaper sales, as there have been so many instances of newspapers playing 'catch-up' of which this is a prime example.

In an attempt to forgive the mainstream media, one might presume the newspaper industry is but making an attempt to appear green - as in 'recycling rubbish'!

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