Saturday, 26 September 2009

Practice What You Preach, Mr. Cameron

So David Cameron has stated that Gordon Brown needs to "get off the fence" and either accept, or refuse, a televised debate amongst the three main party leaders.

This is surely a tad 'rich' coming from the man who has sat on his 'European' fence for so long, on the question of when and if we will get our promised referendum,  who won't even debate the issue in his own constituency and who hardly shows leadership by hoping that the people of another country - the Irish or Czechs - might make the decision for him.

In today's Daily Telegraph William Hague is quoted as saying, on the subject of the Lisbon Treaty "We think it is bad for Britain in the long term and we want to give the British people their say." So, if it is 'bad for Britain in the long term and the British people should have their say', what difference does it make whether the treaty is ratified or not? Simple question Mr. Hague - and the answer is?????

In the same article William Hague also states that his old mantra of 'In Europe, but not ruled by Europe' is what he really believes in. In that statement Hague has committed himself to an irrevocable course of action. The phrase can only have one outcome - that the United Kingdom should be able to trade with Europe, but should not be subject to the political 'rules' of Europe and that in other words we should have the same 'trading arrangement' that Norway and Switzerland have. If the Conservative Party in any way deviate from that and compromise by saying, for example, that they would accept the Lisbon Treaty but that any other political integration would need the agreement of the British people, then the only course of action would be for Hague to promptly resign his shadow front bench position and that of his parliamentary seat.

The comment that, if the Treaty is ratified, Cameron would not wait any longer: "We would set out what we would do in that contingency and it would be in our manifesto to seek a mandate for it." is,again, prevarication by the Conservative Party. What exactly does that statement mean? I can well see the situation arising whereby the Conservative Party response will be one of 'wait for our manifesto'. 

All that this latest 'interview' with William Hague does is confirm that he, David Cameron and the Conservative Party are still 'sitting on the fence'!

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