Tuesday, 29 September 2009

That Speech

So Gordon Brown has spoken to the faithfull - Hallelujah!

"And so Conference even in today’s recession there are 29 million people in work.  2 million more men and women providing for their families than in 1997." And the population in 1997 was circa 57.5million, compared to 61million in 2007 - record immigration is fuelling the biggest rise in the population for almost 50 years, official figures show - sort of negates that claim of '2million more men and women providing for their families than in 1997' remark!

"And I say a party that makes the wrong choices on the most critical decisions it would have faced in government should not be given the chance to be in government." And I say a party that makes the wrong choices on the most critical decisions it faces when in government should not be given another chance to remain in government!

"Government should never try to do what it cannot do but it should never fail to do what it needs to do." So how come this Government attempts to regulate people to such an extent that our freedoms are curtailed? So how come our Government failed to retain some money to counteract the 'bad times'?

"So we will create a new national investment corporation to provide finance for growing manufacturing and other businesses." Here we go with the creation of yet another collection of public funded bureaucrats! And the annual cost is................?

"And so I can tell you that in the next five years we cannot and will not cut support to our schools. We will not invest less, but more." And where is the money coming from, for this?

"And our guarantee to parents is a ruthless determination to raise standards in every school. We will aggressively turn round underperforming schools so that your child will have a good local school no matter where you live." And for the last 12 years Labour have been doing what, that standards need raising in every school, that schools underperform?

"And friends let me talk bluntly; to pay for our schools, hospitals, police, and the change we want to make we have to make choices about taxation and public spending." Uh ho - if this is not foretelling tax hikes, then I don't know what is!

"Our deficit reduction plan to cut the deficit in half over four years, will be made law in a new fiscal responsibility act." Bit of pointless legislation, when you consider one Parliament cannot bind it's successor!

"So we will raise tax at the very top, , cut costs, have realistic public sector pay settlements,  make savings we know we can and in 2011 raise National Insurance by half a percent...." So what, exactly, constitutes 'the very top'? What 'savings'? If we owe £trillions, I fail to see how this will halve the debt in four years.

"In 1997 we held back spending............." Only because a promise had been given that you would adhere to Conservative spending plansfor two years!

"From now on all 16 and 17 year old parents who get support from the taxpayer will be placed in a network of supervised homes." What type of support? Is child benefit included - it is after all provided by the taxpayer? So they have to live in 'supervised homes? Welcome to 'state care'!

"And so conference, I can say to you today, in the next Parliament there will be no compulsory ID cards for British citizens." Typical politician's promise - what does it mean? That there will be no compulsory ID card in the next Parliament, but after that there will be?

"So I have been candid....." The day Gordon Brown, or any politician, is candid I will eat my hat!

"Britain – the four home nations – each is unique, each with its own great contribution and we will never allow separatists or narrow nationalists in Scotland or in Wales to sever the common bonds that bring our country together as one." And what collection of idiots created the situation whereby the four home nations wish to server the common bonds?

"And let me say what was once an aspiration – 0.7% of national income spent on international development aid, has become with Labour a promise, and will in future become a law. We will pass legislation that the British government is obliged to raise spending on aid to the poorest countries to 0.7% of our national income." Yet another law, to which any successive Parliament cannot be bound.

"And so where there is proven financial corruption by an MP and in cases where wrong-doing has been demonstrated but Parliament fails to act we will give constituents the right to recall their Member of Parliament." Very kind of you - but it is not up to Parliament to act on 'misdemeanours', Parliament having already proved it cannot regulate itself, it is up to the constituents to have the right by means of a set number of signatories, for any offence - even not voting as the majority of his/her constituents wish!

"I’ve been honest with you......" Which is exactly what you have not been.....! 

"because the only way to ensure politics serves the people’s values is to make all those who wield political power genuinely accountable to the people." So that will be the UK out of the EU then?

"And so I say to the British people the election to come will not be about my future – it’s about your future.  Your job.  Your home.  Your children's school.  Your hospital.  Your community.  Your country." And if the election to come is about our country, that will be loads of Ukip MPs then!

Gordon Brown must be the greatest lying, dishonest politician and Prime Minister that this country has ever had the misfortune to experience!

Oh hang on, we still have the Conservative conference to come...................

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