Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More Brown Bullsh*t

The Coffee House, David Blackburn, 'gushes' over Gordon Brown's 'decision' to cut our nuclear Trident capability by one. The Daily Telegraph reports that the savings would be in the order of £5billion, but makes the proviso that "However, a recent defence study which examined Britain nuclear capability found "there may not be a proportionate saving". That is because the remaining three submarines will have to be adapted in order to ensure the same nuclear capability is maintained and Britain's security cover is not compromised."

Not being 'acquainted' with all the facts of the country's 'nuclear capability' and 'security cover' - no doubt Defence of the Realm will have something to say on this - it does seem that the projected savings will not actually amount to much anyway.

So Brown presents this idea as a gesture to world peace when we all know - and other countries will also know - that it is no more than a vain attempt to correct the disastrous effects of his 'spending splurge'!

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