Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Subject That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The agenda for the Conservative Party conference has been published and can be read here, the contents of which only contain one surprise - not.

Setting to one side the first two items - Introduction and Ready for change, both of which will no doubt be nothing but 'waffle' (mind you, just about everything they say nowadays is 'waffle'), let us consider some of the remaining topics.

Reforming Politics: Accountability and Transparency; Decentralisation; The Economy; Business; The Green Economy; Law & Order; The Union and International & Security; are subjects where any government's hands are tied by our subservience to the laws of the European Union. So how the hell can the Conservative Party - or Labour and the Liberal Democrats - discuss those subjects with any authority?

Is it not ironic that any party would wish to discuss 'accountability', 'transparency' and/or 'decentralisation' when they are the very subjects to which the European Union is, most definitely, not an advocate?

And the 'surprise - not'? Well obvious really - the one topic not on the agenda is the UK's membership of the European Union. In fact the European Union is not even mentioned on the agenda and what will be interesting is to see shadow ministers discussing their proposed governance of this country without once have to mention those two letters 'E' and 'U'!

It would be a subject for a humourous post, were it not so sad!

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