Monday, 21 September 2009

Better 'Lait' Than Never

Conservative Home are reporting that Jacqui Lait is standing down' at the next General election, followed by many 'gushing' comments to the news.

This was the MP who 'over-claimed' the small sum of £7,106 on her mortgage interest. How anyone could claim "the same interest cost, not noticing that these costs were reducing as the repaid capital increased" is another subject!

Maybe this was a pre-emptive move to her being 'called back' to answer some pertinent questions?

Anyway, the 'Conservative Panel', supposedly looking into their MP's expenses, seems to have 'died a death' so to speak - either that or they have lost their voice as nowt seems to have been heard from them for ages.

Perhaps they, along with the 'political elite', feel the public may have forgotten about MPs and their expenses?

Think again my friends - think again!

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