Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bercow Speak Er With Forked Tongue?

Following the report in the Sunday Telegraph (print edition) that £thousands of taxpayer's money was being wasted in the search for the mole who released the details of 'Expensegate', we now read in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph that Bercow has 'called off the hunt'.

Quoted as saying ''I have never been asked to approve the continuation of any such investigation which was started before I became Speaker and am deeply disturbed to discover that more resources may have been devoted to it,'' Bercow surely takes us, the public, for fools. 'And am extremely disturbed to discover that more resources may have been devoted to it' - come on Speaker Bercow, you knew nothing about this 'on-going' investigation? 

If he didn't know, then Bercow obviously did not know what was going on in Parliament and should therefore offer to resign! This is no more than a ploy to curry favour with his electorate and a poor attempt to 'spike the guns' of those standing against him in Buckingham.

Speaker Bercow is a little man who cannot even manage a big lie with any conviction!


Chris: said...

Bercow is an obsequious little tit...who sucks up more than a bull elephant at a waterhole.

Of course he knows about the hunt for the mole...if he doesn't then someone isn't doing their job!

Anonymous said...

If he didn't know, then why?

Cock up vs conspiracy, I'd say because he was never told. Martin showed that the House of Commons administration was inept, but this proves it.

Bercow needs to reign these feral bureaucrats in now or face the same fate as Martin.

Irony: the civil service fast stream for the houses of parliament states that political awareness is a vital characteristic for the job. Only someone who had lived in a cave for the last six months would think "mind your own f@@@ing business" was the right answer to the telegraph's queries.