Monday, 28 September 2009

George Monbiot - Prat

To some, George Monbiot is held to be a major producer of crap - regardless of which orifice he uses - as witnessed by this article in the Guardian.

"Someone I know who hangs out with the very rich tells me that in the banker belt of the lower Thames valley there are people who heat their outdoor swimming pools to bath temperature, all round the year. They like to lie in the pool on winter nights, looking up at the stars. The fuel costs them £3,000 a month. One hundred thousand people living like these bankers would knacker our life support systems faster than 10 billion people living like the African peasantry." Two questions, George - whose £3,000 is it and have you paid the tax earned on that £3,000? No to both? Then 'Shut up'! Secondly, what do you want us all to do - live in mud huts?

On being challenged to a debate by Ian Plimer, who sent Monbiot some questions on climatology, Monbiot replied that "Fascinating as these questions doubtless are, I am unqualified to answer them. Unlike Ian Plimer, I make no pretence of being a climate scientist.", which sort of negates anything Monbiot might write, or say, on the subject!

According to Wikipedia, "His activities led to his being made persona non grata in several countries" and his article just underlines the point that it is a great pity he was not declared 'persona non grata' in the United Kingdom!

Is it any wonder his nickname is 'Moonbat'?

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