Saturday, 26 September 2009

Qualified For Position Held?

Amongst the letters in today's Daily Telegraph is one from Vice Admiral Paul Lumbert, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Capability) refuting the claim that our troops do not receive the best available kit.

It is all very well to state, as the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff does, that every soldier, sailor and airman recieves a helmet and body armour as well as a black bag,valued at £3,500, which contains all the other personal equipment required and that over the past three years equipment worth £10billion has been delivered - but if that equipment - and probably more importantly, the strategy - is not the best available (and if it were, why do the troops replace it out of their own pockets?) then, as with most other government departments, that £10billion has just been p'd up against the wall!

Statements by the recently departed 'senior officers' (Mackay, Butler and Tootal), armed forces personnel and Defense of the Realm would all seem to indicate that the attribute 'capability' is sorely lacking in the Office of the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff!

Just a thought..........

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