Thursday, 24 September 2009

Rhetorical Question Really

'Can things get any worse for Brown' ask the Coffee House in their latest post, yet there seems to be one aspect of the 'Brown demise' which, it would appear, has escaped the attention of the media, fixated as they are on 'personalities', 'scalps' (Scotland) and headlines.

In discussing whether or not Brown will go, voluntarily or otherwise, and the possible 'replacements', in their musings the names of Mandelson, Balls, Johnson, Miliband(s), Straw et all are considered. The media talk about the need for a new 'leader', which in itself is ridiculous when one considers that, so far, not one of the contenders has shown any form of 'leadership' in actually tackling a problem 'staring them in the face'. Maybe it is an injustice to believe that as it is quite possible all the 'contenders' are biding their time, hiding behind the skirt of Charles Clarke - something which can hardly be called 'Leadership'!

Just another thought...........

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