Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ed Spheroids Speaks!

So Ed Spheroids, erstwhile Secretary of State for Schools, Families and Children (don't forget the Chiiildren) has been working for months on plans to cut the eduation bill by £2billion. 


Perhaps he would care to produce the paperwork (dated) and screen-shots of any computer work (time and dated) to prove he has 'been working on this for months' and, if such 'savings' can be made, explain his logic of introducing policies and ideas that wasted the taxpayer's money in the first place - and then allowed the 'waste' to continue?

And he is going to make all this happen, commencing 2011, from the opposition benches?

Now that I must see!

Afterthought: Yvette Cooper may well still be interested - but someone needs to remind her that we, the public, have had more than enough of the little scrotum!

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