Monday, 28 September 2009


Came across this just a few minutes ago and thought it worthwhile responding to these 'tweety' people.

"Oona King we must have free Internet access on the 1000 poorest housing estates in Britain"
Why, and Gordon Brown is quite capable of dreaming up yet another 'stealth-tax' without your stupid assistance! 

"D Miliband tweeting is the biggest dialogue in the world"
Well I suppose it is for a little man in his own little world! 

" Bradshaw "I hate to spoil the party by bringing-up Hazel Blears..."
Ben, darling, no-one in their right senses would want to bring up the Poisoned Dwarf! 

"Ben Bradshaw "we're young and hip...well some of us are"
You speak for yourself love, we don't all have such odd queer ideas!

"Ed Balls malicious gossip made up by right wing bloggers shouldn't be broadcast to millions of people"
And the difference Ed, between that and "malicious policies made up by left wing socialist politicians shouldn't be broadcast to millions of people" is.......................? 

"Ed Balls authenticity is really important, people don't believe it's really me doing the twitters"
It is ok Ed, we know - only a complete idiot would be "doing the twitters"!

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