Thursday, 10 September 2009

DoH, Oops! Sorry, Like The Treasury, We Got The Figures Wrong

Yet again, the Government has ASH 'all over their face' - if not 'in their pocket' - with this report that they have seriously underestimated, deliberately or otherwise, the 'costs' tobacconists will incur to implement the latest government dictat, one in the name of 'politically-correct, but unfounded', 'science'.

As an aside,I don't recall any estimate, by the government, of the 'costs' involved in employing the army of 'enforcers' that will be required to 'monitor' the implementation of this scheme - perhaps these 'enforcers' were as mythical as the government's estimate!

As an example of the 'lack of understanding' that this government exhibits to most problems, all that a spokesman could manage, in response, was: "the government remained committed to introducing the ban." (and sod the cost, because you, the supplier and/or consumer, is paying!)

We all know that arithmetic is not well taught nowadays, but even so there is one bloody great difference between £120 and £1,850, or even worse, £4,985!

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