Thursday, 18 December 2008

Another Government U Turn

Today brings the news that Jacqui Smith, holder of the post of Home Secretary although not necessarily possessing the competence so to do, has announced that plans to directly elect some members of police authorities have been scrapped. It is reported that this followed opposition from senior officers and Labour council chiefs.

Two main points: Firstly, what is wrong with the idea that those enforcing the law should do so to a degree those living in their locale require. In other words, if the electorate required a zero tolerance policy to crime of any description then they should have their wishes respected. Secondly, what the hell do 'senior offices' and 'Labour council chiefs' believe gives them the right to dictate what the people are entitled to have?

The Tax Payers Alliance have a well-written comment here.

In a another comment Daniel Hannan makes a valid point, one which the present Home Secretary obviously did not engage her one brain cell to consider.

Police chiefs are already political; they're just not elected

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