Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Particularly Relevant Post

Prominent in the media today was the news that the government is considering privatising - for privatising read selling-off - part of the Royal Mail.

According to EU Referendum among those hoping to secure the stake in Royal Mail are TNT and DHL and needless to say it is also reported that heavily involved in the process of securing a deal is Lord Mandelson, he of the queer title Lord Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and the County of Durham.

In fact the sale of part of Royal Mail is not 'privatisation' per se but the act of selling part of what is a strategic business which is identified with the Crown, hence its title Royal Mail.

What is not made public and of which there is no mention in our media is this is driven by the EU's Postal Service Directives 97/67/EC and 2002/39/EC the aims of which is to 'get national monopolies to open up to competition'. Basically this will fulfill the EU's wish to destroy national services and create one with cross-border capability. Then, in the fullness of time, when the 'service' is partly, or mostly, cross-border the EU then steps in with a Directive thus giving itself the power to dictate the rules. It is intended that the introduction of competition for postal services is planned to be carried out between 2011 and 2013.

As usual, David Cameron refuses to acknowledge any hint that the EU may be behind this move and says "The Royal Mail faces a very much more competitive market" and presumably supports this move by adding "solutions that look at joint public and private sector investment so that the Royal Mail can get investment and get some of the changes in working practices that are needed." When will David Cameron, or any other Europhile politician come to that, start to tell his employers (thats us - the voters, by the way) the truth

When, oh when will this country wake up to the fact that everything we hold dear is being eroded and the sole reason for this is our membership of the European Union. I echo the final view on EU Referendum which asks the question how long will it be before our post boxes are painted blue - and I would add when that happens you can bet your last penny (if you still have a penny left by the time Gordon Brown has finished bankrupting United Kingdom plc) that the symbol of the Crown on our pillar boxes will be replaced by the Ring of Stars!

Afterthought: How convenient this 'privatisation/sell-off' will be as it will provide our national pickpocket (aka Gordon Brown) more money to waste on getting this country out of the hole he kindly dug for it in the first place!

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