Saturday, 27 December 2008

1984 Has Arrived!

Much as I hate the European Union and everything it stands for, I can ignore most of its own self-publicist outpourings. What I cannot ignore is the attempt to 'brainwash' the minds of children, leaving aside it has no grounds to, as yet, interfere with our education system.

A story in the Daily Telegraph today however shows that the EU will stoop as low as is necessary to control the future thought of its citizens - aka slaves. The story states that the EU's 'information campaigns' has a bigger budget than that for Coca Cola and that they are far from being fair in presentation.

One such campaign relates to free milk for school children.  Open Europe, a think tank has published a study showing, amongst other examples that the EU's School Milk Scheme comes with propaganda strings attached. "The scheme requires schools to display a European school milk poster which must be 'permanently situated at a clearly visible and readable place at the main entrance' of the school," finds the study. "It even specifies that the poster must be 'A3 or bigger, with letters 1cm or bigger'."

Orwellian indeed!

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