Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Charities Corruption

On 13th December I touched on the subject of government 'control' of what are thought to be independent charities in the post entitled 'Smoking: - Scare or Scam'.

On this topic of government 'control' I commend to you an article by Libby Purves in the Times today. Libby Purves makes the point that government insists on so much complex regulation and statistical reporting. This bears out my point about 'control', as they are in effect 'controlling' how these charities work. 

A more important point is that the government is using 'charities' to deal with social problems and, in so doing, it is also funding these charities with 'grants' (refer back to 'Smoking: Scare or Scam). As a result the charities are constrained from criticising any government policy and, as Libby Purves states in her article, some of the charities actions and publicity stunts are of a questionable nature.

In other words, would you bite the hand that feeds you?

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