Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Health & Safety Lay Down The Law

A class of 45 staff from Lancashire Police were forced to complete a two-hour course on climbing ladders, even though they were only 3ft above ground, according to a report in today's Daily Telegraph.

It would seem that although working at less than one metre above ground the staff needed to be sent on a ladder training course as "the risks associated with working at height were not fully appreciated initially". Not only were these staff taught how to climb a ladder, but they were also taught how to carry equipment safely.

As the report details, courses have involved the Police, Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Fire & Rescue, the latter being the body which manages the course. A total of 82 Parish council volunteers and two private contractors have also been on the course.

On the basis Health & Safety Officials advise that prior to any physical activity a Risk Assessment is carried out, do they adhere to their own advice prior to the activity of procreation?

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