Wednesday, 17 December 2008

General Description

Andrew Gimson, journalist with the Daily Telegraph, writes a commons sketch.

Writing in today's edition he said:

".....his manner is that of a pseudo-grandee: patronising, evasive, filled with admiration of own virtuosity and thin-skinned when anyone declines to take him at his own estimate. From the start it was clear ............. had no intention of using two words where two thousand would do."

Now, whilst this extract could well apply to most of the inhabitants of those famed green benches, oddly enough the MP in question was not Gordon Brown - although..............

On the subject of our revered Dear Leader, Saviour of the World, The Greatest Chancellor Who Has Ever Drawn Breath; Andrew Gimson paraphrases the words of the Duke of Wellington, which I, in turn, also paraphrase.

I don't know what effect Gordon Brown has on other countries, but, by God, he terrifies me.

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