Saturday, 27 December 2008

Censorship - New Labour Style

In an interview published today in the Daily Telegraph Andy Burnham, Minister for Culture, Media & Sport, pontificates about regulation of the internet.

This is no more than censorship of free speech. Mr Burnham makes much of children being able to access material to which they should not be privy and states that he does not allow his children unsupervised access to the internet. Well Mr Burnham, good for you as you are acting as a parent should do and we do not need you to create yet another quango to monitor how other families act!

If websites (and I could name one or two in particular) wish to take you to task and in so doing describes you in the most unflattering terms using adjectives and/or nouns of questionable taste, then that is their right of free speech. If you don't like it - then sue them, or are you saying that, in effect, you intend stopping free speech by means of censorship?

Like the rest of your ilk in government today you are nothing more than a control freak. So now sue me for my opinion - Oh, we are not allowed to have an opinion now?

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