Sunday, 21 December 2008

Turbine Facts Start to Un 'Wind'

It is reported in todays Sunday Telegraph, in an article by Patrick Sawyer, that one of the government's quangos has been leading us up the garden path - or maybe gone into the production of pig fiction (telling porkies).

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) has been forced to scale down its calculations for the amount of carbon-dioxide that can be eliminated by using wind turbines for electricity generation.

It would appear that we have been led to believe wind turbines 'displace' 860 grams of carbon dioxide emission for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated - it now turns out that the truer figure is 430 grams.

This immediately means that this country will need 100,000 turbines if it is to meet the government's aimed for saving of 200 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2020. Yes thats right 100,000 - where would we put them all?

Now, what other facts have been misrepresented? Response please, Gordon - and please use as much paper as necessary for your answer

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